New Easy-Out™ Front Rigging

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PDG is proud to introduce its new Easy-Out™ front rigging options. The new architecture will enhance user experience through improved performance, quality, and aesthetics. The Easy-Out™ plug-in design has been applied to the Swing Away (SA) and the Elevating Leg Rest (ELR), improving ease of removal and refit on all options. (more…)

Updated Power Tilt on the Fuze T50

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The Fuze T50 power tilt has been updated with a series of improvements.  The power tilt option is now offered with 2 battery modules providing a modular swappable battery system.  Chair adjustability and accessibility have been improved by the controller being mounted on the upper frame crossbars and the battery mounted on the lower frame.  This new setup allows for a discharged battery to be easily removed and swapped with a fully charged unit. (more…)