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365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4. Hmm…a false-flag right-wing politician accuses a left-wing politican of doing something that right-wing politicians do routinely. They have to win elections to do anything at all, and the “Liberals” are one recession or one gasoline tax away from winning another election. Great place for “regular blogging”! It shouldn’t even be unexpected, especially for a minority government. Allowing the Greens to elect their new leader before calling the snap election was probably less altruistic than a political courtesy: Horgan knows she’s hardly had time to put her stamp on the party yet —an impediment for her he can take advantage of. I suppose if the kids are back in school and most businesses are open, surely we can also safely manage an election. Liberals B.C. Outrageous!—thundered red-faced conservatives, but the Governor granted Chrétien’s request to dissolve parliament early on a very sound basis: the loyal opposition—the ‘government-in-waiting’— must be prepared at all times to assume power at moment’s notice and, with a substantial part of Day’s caucus sitting as “independent conservatives” in protest over his antics and ineptitudes, Chrétien could reasonably argue an early general election was required to rectify the opposition’s obvious unreadiness. So now’s the time, he argued, so get a mandate to carry the province, steady as she goes, through the continuing storm. People should look at a map sometime…google earth is very revealing. "It tends to be rally around the flag. Better than the Liberals…absolutely, but still a big disappointment. Alberta’s United Conservative Party Premier Jason Kenney will doubtless be a good sport and try to find a way to support the B.C. We have seen the big disaster the UCP has made in Alberta. So then the question is, why did it not happen to Jason Kenney?" Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. But I suspect he’d be just as happy if Mr. Horgan’s New Democrats won another term — a conservative would be just as hard to work with on the pipeline file, and it could get considerably more embarrassing if a fight erupted between Alberta and a right-wing B.C. has a premier who is not only competent, but likeable. Breadcrumb Trail Links. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. The fact that he's trying to be the one who is steering the message consistently … hasn't really resulted in solidifying the base or getting more people who maybe didn't vote for him in the last election to look at him as somebody who has handled this in a very compelling way.". As a former NDP supporter (votes and $) resident in BC, I disagree with this opinion. Maybe when the North Shore forests burn down to the water, people will smarten up, but then it will pretty much be too late. The Constitution sets an upper limit on the life of a Parliament or a provincial legislature of five (5) years, although Canada’s electoral history tends to demonstrate that voters punish governments that try to stretch their mandates to the outer limit of that cap — viz. If something embarrassing happens in Alberta, he may even slip away to British Columbia to do a little fund-raising for the Libs, as he did in 2017 when too many Albertans started asking tough questions about the UCP’s call to out students in gay-straight alliances. I suppose this also applies to BC, but not as much to the Federal situation, so perhaps these three provincial elections will be all we get this year. at 36 per cent, and Quebec at 29 per cent. Bratt said in times of crisis, citizens tend to support their governments, regardless of where they fit on the political spectrum. There have been 7,076 cases of COVID-19 in Alberta and 143 deaths; 344 cases were still active as of Wednesday. That must never happen again, now that the New York Times has declared B.C. Sorry I can’t be more optimistic about politics in Alberta in 2020. Not only does Kenney’s stridently zealotry make him throughly unlikable, his relentless desire to torture and punish his enemies, both real and imagined, moves him into the realm of sociopathic leadership. "It's quite striking when you look at Justin Trudeau's [disapproval] numbers dropping 11 points and Jason Kenney remaining relatively stagnant," Canseco said. Premier Jason Kenney is pushing ahead with his government’s ambitious and controversial agenda. We are approaching the point where Liberal corruption is so bad they need to be put on the sidelines for awhile but none of the other parties have presented leaders.

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