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Copyright Ethical Design Co. © 2020. Share it with us in the comments so we can all feel a little more inspired moving into annual report design season. It has a consistent color scheme and accurately encompasses the company performance using visuals, making for an engaging read. Overview of the business (eg. You need to start thinking about it now. A Global Leader in Horse Racing and Breeding. It adopts the imagery of the horizon, creating a sense of opportunity and goal-setting. (And even used language to support this, such as “Read this story.” The report is designed to be absolutely engaging and is a piece that contains information for people vested in the company and customers. Not a designer? This does not include cost of image purchases, only time spent. Consider the Amundi 2014 annual report design. Have you taken on a project like this in the past with success? How can this story impact or predict or make shareholders and employees think about the year to come? Whether it is a quarterly or year-end annual report, you want to show and convince your stakeholders of your remarkable business results. From the color scheme and typography to the layouts and use of motifs, you must create a visual consistency to deliver a meaningful and comfortable reading experience. Your annual report needs to have a cohesive look and feel. They make for powerful visual communication tools because of their ability to communicate ideas easily and quickly. Annual reports are a window into your company. You can get started with annual report design templates to create reports that keep readers interested. You can get started with annual report design templates to create reports that keep readers interested. Take a look at this financial projection report that makes use of three different types of charts (pie chart, bar chart, and tables) to present data accurately. The included infographics are all editable. Here’s an annual shareholder business report that uses icons to differentiate between the different categories of shareholder returns. (This will also give shareholders a place to make notes about the content.) In short, his free annual report has it all. All it takes is the right tools. Start by establishing an overarching theme that reflects your company’s objectives and milestones. With a document as information-packed as an annual report, information needs plenty of room to breathe. With twenty unique pages to choose from, this annual report design offers so much to work with! A table of numbers can be boring. No design is complete without the right use of color. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. With twenty unique pages to choose from, this annual report design offers so much to work with! What’s nice about chunk-style thinking is that is creates distinct visual organization. There are different types of data visualizations such as: For example, you can use a timeline template to showcase the milestones your company achieved over the year or a bar chart to show the growth in different product categories. Let us, and our design community, know about some successes and failures you have had in designing annual reports. You can buy premium annual report templates on marketplaces like Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Like it or not: most reports are judged by their cover page. And you don’t need a degree in design to create stunning production values and professional looking layouts. A healthy record of all the business achievements for the year – goals, missions and key performance indicators (KPIs) met; Compilation of the quarterly financial data and other vital data and statistics, Help with content writing and/or content editing, Development of digital or summary reports, Development of a sustainability strategy to ensure your report is produced in an ethical way. They are however often text heavy documents with financial data that can often be overwhelming to stakeholders. This is why it’s important to use data visualization techniques to visualize data, letting readers understand and interpret it with ease. Start the conversation early about the annual report this year. Read through data and information and develop ways to showcase that data visual. The takeaway: create an appealing annual report design Annual reports are important documents that give you the opportunity to showcase your company in a positive light and influence perceptions. If this is the case, consider a design that focuses only on the “front of the book.”.

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