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Transferbilanz: Trains go regularly in the direction of Leeds/Huddersfield or Sheffield and leave till around midnight. Oakwell is a multi-purpose sports development in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England used primarily by Barnsley Football Club for playing their home fixtures, and those of their reserves. It will be slightly quicker from a Northern city like Liverpool, again changing in the steel city. by Sander Kolsloot | Mar 3, 2017 | EFL Championship, Football, Sander Kolsloot, Soccer. On top of that, though, you’ll also get to see the head coach’s office, where he does all of his preparation for games; areas normally reserved for match day officials; the press room and even the hospitality suites. 23,5, Legionäre: Compared to Fulham for example, which is in London, has better seating and is in a somewhat nicer place, the return on investment isn’t one to die for. However, on 9 October 2018, the sponsor changed yet again, to Wakefield Audi.[3]. Oakwell Exterior, Photo Courtesy of Lee Taylor. Oakwell is a multi-purpose sports venue located in the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley, North England. Driving. On 27 December 1920, Horace Fairhurst, a full-back for the visiting Blackpool, received a blow to the head during the league encounter. Der Club trägt seine Heimspiele im 23.009 Zuschauer fassenden Oakwell Stadium aus. Although Barnsley came close on various occasions to gaining promotion in the early decades of the last century – notably missing promotion in 1922 on a -1 goal difference- the team somehow stayed alive in the Third and Fourth Divisions, being relegated twice to the latter and gaining promotion as many times. As there are multiple options in the area (most notably Leeds, both Sheffield clubs and even Huddersfield, Doncaster and Manchester’s giants further down the road) you will encounter people who love the club to death. Kadergröße: The West Stand will almost certainly be redeveloped at some point in the future, due to the fact that it’s the only original part of the stadium that is left. It has a garden, a restaurant, a 24-hour fitness centre and an indoor swimming pool. They have a flat rate across the stadium, with only the category of the match and your age dictating the different amount that you'll pay. 12  48,0 %, A-Nationalspieler: The original field belonged to another club, but the owner at the time, Reverend Preedy, succeeded in persuading the Oakwell owner to let his Reds play there, on the condition ‘that they behaved themselves.’. Oakwell Stadium is located quite centrally with the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley, approximately 0.6 miles south east of the city centre. While the name 'Oakwell' generally refers to the main stadium, it also includes several neighbouring venues which form the facilities of the Barnsley F.C Academy, an indoor training pitch, a smaller stadium with seating on the south and west sides for around 2,200 spectators, and several training pitches used by the different Barnsley FC squads. The name ‘Oakwell’ normally refers to the stadium itself, though officially it is also the name of the surrounding facilities that together comprise The Barnsley FC Academy. The team itself has gone through various times of promotion and relegation. Funded in part by the football trust, the stand has a capacity of 7,492 and replaced a large covered terrace known as the Brewery Stand. 25, Average age: A rather sleepy former coalmining and glassmaking town, Barnsley rests easily aside the beautiful Peak District in South Yorkshire. Nearby Sheffield offers the bright lights of a bigger city, but Barnsley is not without some decent hotel options of its own. Here are some details about some of the options open to you: As is the case with the majority of clubs that have excellent hospitality options, Barnsley allow their function rooms and suites to be used for private hire purposes, should you require it. It hasn’t got the flair of Fulham, or the ooze of Anfield. Bus - Because the stadium is so close to the centre of Barnsley and the train station in particular, there isn’t really a need to get the bus to the ground. This adds to the atmosphere, as fans will be singing and shouting before and during the game. By Air - Robin Hood Doncaster-Sheffield Airport is less than thirty miles away from Barnsley, whilst Leeds-Bradford Airport isn’t much further than that. It’s all very reasonable, but of limited choice. The drop-down menu above the basic facts allows you to look at former stadiums (clubs) or other home grounds (national teams). There is another one at the nearby Metrodome Leisure Centre and visiting supporters can park at Queens Ground. OakwellGrove StBarnsley, England S71 1ETUnited Kingdom, $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["ee898457-2a7c-47bb-8b81-bfe0f8d6114c"]); }), becoming a supporter of Stadium Journey on Patreon. Foreigners: 13 38.2 %. The stand is made up of two tiers, with only the upper tier covered, but at the expense of several supporting columns for the roof structure. During the 1990s, most of the stadium was renovated, but the West Stand was left untouched. No one can hear you. Dating as far back as 1887, today’s 23,009 capacity ground bears little resemblance to the original set of facilities with Barnsley F.C’s home ground undergoing numerous renovations between 1992-1999. Historically Barnsley have spent more seasons in the second tier of English football than any other club, and not withstanding the solitary season in the Premier League during the 1997-1998 season, this has also been very much true of the modern era. However the club entered into a period of financial difficulty at the start of the millennium, eventually falling into administration. Plates are filled with loads of good meat at very reasonable prices. Click the thumbnails above to enlarge an image of each stand and to read a more detailed description of each part of the stadium. In spite of the restricted views and modest facilities, the West Stand remains a popular vantage point for many fans. The seats are the originals from the early 1900s, and from here you get a decent view with moderate legroom. This place is welcoming to both home and away supporters. It's popular with home supporters and shows live sport, and it's also dog friendly. Some wheeling and dealing, a ballot vote and nailbiting later, Arsenal gained a spot in the First Division and Barnsley was sentenced to another 80 (!) After the first World War, the team was in the Second Division of English football and had high hopes of gaining First Division status.

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