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Call this my biased side. It won’t be easy on players. LINKS: Mixed Outlook for Georgetown in Season, Future, While many predict the Hoyas as basement-dwellers, others look beyond for potential, REED: ‘Playing at McDonough Will Save Rent’. (The CBA has 20 teams that are allowed two imports per roster but the Bayi Rockets, who are associated with the national army, don’t accept foreign players.) It just hurts them financially. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Moreover, the NBA has been the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in this country, its suspension of play the first major national signal that things were going to be very different for a while—and the testing of its players for the virus has been a flashpoint of national controversy. China’s economy was teetering even before the coronavirus outbreak and that was being absorbed into the CBA in terms of sponsorships and media rights. Company Offers Free Anti-Harassment ‘Toolkit’ for Chinese Firms, China Remembers Korean War With Volley of ‘Resist the US’ Films, How ‘Sacrifice’ is Making Old-School Patriotism Cool Again, Chinese Want Online Parental Controls — For Their Own Parents. Your email address has not been verified. In their first game of the season this weekend, the team suffered an especially lopsided defeat — not because they played poorly, but because they didn’t play at all. It’s been really cool. Take a look: Georgetown basketball exhibition in China ends in brawl | WASHINGTONPOST. There will also be a registration window between the beginning and end of the new season where teams are allowed to exchange players or signing free agents. It’s understandable. League president Yao Ming sent out the order to come back on March 12, coincidentally the same day that the NBA announced it was suspending its season. Lance Stephenson has indicated he will go back. There’s also the symbolism of playing out the season in the face of a pandemic, giving some hope that the country, after months of deaths and quarantine and economic pain, has turned the corner on the disease. Young had eight weeks in Texas. I am able to be in communication with people, but I just can’t see nobody.”. The league is hurting. If not, he’s just got to kill time in the room for two weeks. It’s important, and that extends to basketball, too.”. There, he was averaging 35.9 points, second-most in the league, for the Monkey Kings in the Chinese Basketball Association. Eight years ago, Hire Esherick clairvoyantly billed the exhibition game as huge: Support Our Troops: Hoyas to Play Chinese Army Team at Beijing Olympic Sports Center | CASUALHOYA. This is a clash of political ideologies, global policies and dinner utensils. Pages in category "Bayi Rockets players" The following 11 pages are in this category, out of 11 total.

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