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Glad we don't have to look at terrible uniforms the entire time. Here are the NBA's best uniforms for the 2019-20 season. It doesn’t get more MIA than this ☀️Our #ViceWave intro set in the three-oh-five presented by @AmericanAir CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Share. Some are great. It just all looks right. NFL Expert. Another throwback, this time to 1994-95, the Cavaliers may well be terrible this season, but at least they’ll look good doing it. 1 in merchandise. The 10 most beautiful jerseys of the 2019/2020 NBA season The main theme of the upcoming season is: back to the past. The Bucks are hoping to end their wait for a title this season, and the team finally has a notable jersey fit for champions. The 15 Best-Selling NBA Jerseys from 2019-20. Take a closer look at our new uniform!: 2. 1 in merchandise]. Nothing will ever beat the “Miami Vice” colorway for me. This year, I may just have to … They’re fine. The 2019-20 NBA season relived history with a collection of throwback jerseys and 12 teams re-created jerseys. The main theme of the upcoming season is: back to the past . Don’t fret. 1 and the Cavs are No. While there were relatively few changes under Adidas' sponsorship, Nike has made drastic alterations to a number of home and road jerseys, and teams around the league have also sported a variety of limited edition uniforms that have focused on the history of each franchise. Whether Kyle O’ Quinn can or not, we’re still waiting to see. However, following two years of missteps by Nike, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the rest of the Milwaukee roster has an excellent jersey in the latest version of the 'Fear the Deer' uniform. 11. While not the most complex design, Nike nailed it with the striping across the chest, while the additional blue line also brings much needed extra color to the uniform. Congrats, Vlade Divac. Kevin Durant is No. The reason this isn’t higher is that it’s a straight replication of the squad’s 1977 uniforms, but they look fantastic. Nothing will ever beat the “Miami Vice” colorway for me. BUY NOW: $110. Last year, I bought the Dwyane Wade “Miami Vice” City Edition. PHOTOS: 2020 NBA jersey rankings Ranking the best uniforms in the NBA. ), but although I’m not totally sure what Nike’s going for, it works for me. So here they are—the best new jerseys for the NBA in 2019. The jersey is part of Nike's 'Statement Edition' range, and the Bucks will sport the design in 16 games this season. Which Of The 2020 Head Coaching Vacancies Is The Best? The Special Edition uniforms undergo design changes on a yearly basis, and Nike has produced a number of striking designs for the current season. The Vancouver Grizzlies throwback is the best retro jersey in the NBA. Senior Writer and Editor. Earlier this year, I wrote about which NFL throwback jerseys should make a comeback for the 100th season. In the past week, we’ve been shown the newest “City Edition” jerseys for the year. It also helps that Fred VanVleet’s hair and beard look almost identical to the rapper himself. It may be the best in sports. The 10 most beautiful jerseys of the 2019/2020 NBA season. And once again, Steph Curry is No. This is a big year for the Kings. They can put it on literally anything, and I’ll love it. Kevin Durant is No. 10) Golden State Warriors. I’m always pro a reference to a mythological Greek God on basketball uniforms. Not every jersey for the upcoming season has been announced yet, but I'd be hard-pressed to find something worse than this. That’s the way it should be. It also goes well with the base color looking a little like “cream” or “eggshell” white. Klay Thompson is No. Pin. If you completely ignore the fact that this jersey just flat out says “Cream City” on the front, this is pretty cool. Toronto is really going hard with this Drake thing. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. 2. 3, followed by Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving. When it comes to team merchandise, the Warriors are No. A Comic-Sans knockoff that's supposed to look like grafitti, but is more recognizable as an NBA 2K create-a-jersey replica, everything about this uni is off. Gaze in wonder at the best shade of purple to ever grace a basketball court. However, I still think it looks great. The font is menacingly silly, which makes sense for the second most popular team in LA that also may have two of the top ten players in the league. NBA media services contributed to this story, Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders and a Web Producer at NBC Sports Bay Area. The "infor" brand box in the top corner is hideous and the look of the numbers doesn't match what's right above it. Another throwback to the 70s, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons pull off these jerseys. We're gonna see this team and Giannis Antetokounmpo a lot this year. However, there is some the Knicks being terrible. 1 and LeBron James is No. This year, I may just have to grab a Tyler Herro. Others were just downright bad. © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Ranking the 10 best new jerseys ahead of the 2019-20 NBA season, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. 10 and Draymond Green is right behind him at No. The Miami Heat’s “ViceWave” rounds out our 2019-20 top-5 NBA city jerseys. Cue the music! This Statement jersey has a random blue stripe leading into what seems to be a spider-web (? I mean, look at the beautiful highlighting of the bold number on the back of the uniform. Both of these kits are picture-perfect and the Vancouver text on the light blue makes me want to buy one immediately. The Heat will likely continue to cycle through the main colors of blue, pink, black, and white forever on their “City” products. Also, the font of, "Los Angeles" is a perfect font to complement the sky blue color on the jersey. Still considered the best player or one of the best players in the league, #23 for the Los Angeles Lakers has had another spectacular season; leading the Lakers to one of the top records in the league. I don’t know what else to tell you here. San Francisco on the front is a nice touch and I enjoy a good bold, block lettering for the numbers. Here are the NBA's best uniforms for the 2019-20 season. The numbers are based on sales from from April through June. Boston. Tweet. [REWIND: Curry's jersey most popular again; Warriors No. Inspired by the game, culture & community that shapes our City.The City Edition Jersey drops on Nov 27th Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller, Curry's jersey most popular again; Warriors No. It only makes sense that we get to roll out their historical teal unis. So, with a huge number of designs to choose from, here we will take a look at the five Best NBA jerseys for the 2019-20 season. The Miami Heat’s “ViceWave” rounds out our 2019-20 top-5 NBA city jerseys. On a more positive note, at least you're not the New York Knicks. The OVO gold and black/white combinations comes off so clean; whether it’s these jerseys or any of his OVO Jordans. © 2018 Per Sources- Per Sources Misses Nothing. How Was It? 1 and LeBron James is No. One of the best jerseys in history (the best is the Raptors’ with a raptor, no arguments allowed), the purple Jazz top with the mountain range behind the team name and the player number is returning at the perfect time. At least it’s not a dating app insignia, which brings me to the... Twitter’s still in its initial reactions to this jersey, which ranges from the incredible to garbage (incidentally a good summation of Twitter), but I have to say that I like these video game inspired black-and-white kits. Last year, I bought the Dwyane Wade “Miami Vice” City Edition. Maybe one will be good. The baby blue is a great color that goes very well with the Clippers red. The off-kilter orange text is stylish next to the light blue midriff section. Probably not, but anything is possible! Klay Thompson is No. Ja Morant is bringing in a new era of Grizzlies basketball, and to do it in these beauties is a real treat. which NFL throwback jerseys should make a comeback for the 100th season, The Clippers Can Win The Championship With Paul George As Their Best Player, How The Minnesota Timberwolves Can Win A Championship. Nike's sponsorship deal marked the end of Adidas' 11-year association with the NBA, and the American sportswear giant immediately set out to shake up the state of jerseys. I’m always a fan of anything that reminds me of Bill Walton’s late-70s hair and this is as good a reason as any to post it. Finally, Sacramento has won something. It’s unfathomable. 10 and Draymond Green is right behind him at No. No surprise that LeBron James had the best-selling of the 2019-20.

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