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After a year of taping his inappropriate behavior, she had enough evidence to expose him — but it wasn’t that simple. At the end of the day, Ailes got off more than lightly. An explosive bomb. Trumbo | The audience even sees a brief but disturbing scene in which Ailes asks Kayla to prove her loyalty to him by hiking up her skirt so he can see her underwear. Carlson knew that in order to defeat Ailes, she had to gather concrete evidence against him. Elizabeth tried to have the company’s media department release racy photoshoot images of Kelly to shame her. [20], Die deutsche Synchronisation entstand unter der Dialogregie von Ursula von Langen im Auftrag von Scalamedia. Fox News drama "Bombshell" shows how Megyn Kelly and others toppled alleged sexual harasser Roger Ailes. During Ailes’ tenure, Fox News cast doubt on where Barack Obama was born and accused corporations of “waging a war on Christmas,” among other inflammatory comments. I did not sell the rights to my story or book and only got my first look at the film once it was past the point of any possible edits, though there are certainly some I would have made. In dem fiktiven Charakter Kayla Pospisil wurden rund 20 reale Personen zu einer einzigen Figur verschmolzen, um es mit diesem Kunstgriff zu ermöglichen, auch die Erlebnisse von Betroffenen abbilden zu können, die eine Stillschweigeerklärung unterzeichnen mussten oder aus persönlichen Gründen nicht im Film auftreten durften. Bombshell delves into Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson and more Fox News women's efforts to expose Roger Ailes' sexual harassment, but just how accurate is the movie? Jay Roach mit Top-Schauspielern für Roger-Ailes-Kinofilm. The scene is lifted directly from Kelly's 2016 memoir "Settle for More," although the journalist refuted inferences by the New York Times and others that she was poisoned, tweeting that she contracted a "stomach virus" before the debate. A scene in Bombshell depicts what happened in real life when Baktitar, a Fox News correspondent, was reportedly sexually harassed by the then-Fox News D.C. Bureau Chief Brian Wilson in 2006. [21], In den USA erhielt der Film von der MPAA ein R-Rating, was einer Freigabe ab 17 Jahren entspricht. Elizabeth and Rogers Ailes married on Valentine's Day in 1998. Jess was "all made up,"Randolph says. On July 21, 2016, Ailes resigned from Fox News. The "Saturday Night Live" favorite is a scene-stealer as Kayla's savvy co-worker Jess Carr, a closeted lesbian and liberal who has complicated feelings about working at a network that preaches against her values and lifestyle. Notoriously, Ailes hand-picked blonde, skinny women for on-camera shows and—as depicted in Bombshell—demanded that their desks be see-through so that the audience could see their legs. To support those affected by Australia's devastating bushfire crisis, you can donate to the Australian Red Cross disaster relief and recovery fund. As noted by Intelligencer, he spent millions of network dollars quietly settling these harassment claims while also conducting surveillance and smear campaigns against those who risked exposing him as a monster. Elsewhere, Ailes’ team leaked information to the right-wing outlet Breitbart claiming that there would be a massive employee exodus from the company if he was removed, and they would form a rival network — the proposed Trump TV — together. Keep scrolling to see the faces and read the stories of the real-life people behind Bombshell. Before you read on about the true story that inspired this movie, you can check out the tension-filled teaser trailer below. In 2016, more than two dozen women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment. "You’re just this one person that’s about to go up against literally a machine.". In order to find out if that’s the case, she visits with a young aspiring anchor named Kayla, played by Margot Robbie, who reveals to her in confidence that Ailes is, indeed, harassing her. Find out where Bombshell (2019) is streaming, if Bombshell (2019) is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. “Bombshell” is a scalding and powerful movie about what selling, in America, has become. Bombshell, which is based on the real-life sexual harassment case that rocked Fox News in 2016, will be the movie that exposes humanity at its most corrupt. Make-Up Artists And Hair Stylists Guild Awards Nominees Set. If you wanted to be a Republican public intellectual, all avenues went through Roger Ailes' office, and that mattered in terms of his ability to prey on young people who had aspirations. Here’s the story of the real-life scandal that inspired the movie. Juli 2016 alle Funktionen bei Fox News nieder. One who is very attractive. Baktitar says Wilson met her in the lobby of her hotel and said he … Austin Powers – Das Schärfste, was Ihre Majestät zu bieten hat | Game Change – Der Sarah-Palin-Effekt | " Randolph says. The brothers were attending the Sun Valley Conference, an annual gathering of the rich and powerful, when the news of Carlson’s suit broke. Although Kayla is a fictional character, her experiences of harassment are drawn from interviews Randolph and Roach conducted with ex-Fox News staffers (some of whom violated their non-disclosure agreements to speak with filmmakers). "Megyn has a good ear for absurdist details."., Austin Powers in Goldständer | Charlize Theron plays Kelly, debating whether to risk the future of her career by coming forward with her own story.

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