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Saltmarsh Sparrow: Small sparrow, pale-streaked gray back, white throat, heavily streaked buff breast and sides, white belly. Often seen on prairies in the summer. Black bill is short, wide, and slightly decurved and forked tail is short to medium in length. Cape Pygmy-Owl: Very small owl, mottled brown upperparts, buff spots on head, brown streaks on white underparts. Vesper Sparrow: Medium sparrow, black-streaked gray-brown upperparts, white underparts, and streaked breast and sides. Wings have white stripes visible in flight. Last sighted in Canada in 1982. Face is gray with brown crown and a thin, dark line extending back from eye. Note the contrast between the inner and outer primaries. Medium-length wings with brown-black flight feathers. The head is richer brown and the bill is heavy and dark. It feeds on grains, seeds and scraps. Forages on the ground and in low vegetation. Face is buff with black stripe behind eye. Little Stint: This medium-sized sandpiper has scaled-brown upperparts and white underparts. Fast low flight with rapid wing beats. They are medium-sized with yellow-orange legs and feet, and dark gray-brown to sooty black in color. Baikal Teal: Small dabbling duck, head pattern of pale brown, green, white, and black. Feeds on insects, fruits, berries, seeds, leaves and buds. Osprey (Palau): Large raptor with dark brown upperparts and contrasting white underparts; faint breast band, speckled brown necklace. Alternates rapid wing beats with a glide. Diet includes insects and worms. The bill is long, dark and dagger-like, and the legs and feet are yellow-green. Great Knot: Medium sandpiper with brown upperparts showing dark spots on crown and back, and white underparts with black spots on breast and sides. Gray head, rufous cap, and white eye-ring. Permanent resident in parts of south; mostly migratory in north, but small numbers may remain far north around feeders or in thickets with many berries. kumlieni. Golden Eagle: Large raptor with dark brown body and golden-brown feathers on back of head and nape. Legs and feet are brown. Bill tapers evenly to a sharp point. In 2014 the American Ornithologist Union split the Clapper Rail into three species, the Clapper Rail, Ridgway's Rail and Mangrove Rail (not in North America). Face, flanks, and breast are plain buff-brown. Legs and feet are Pale pink to gray. It has a long pink bill with a black tip that is slightly upcurved. Sexes similar, juvenile has more pale spots above, and finer streaks below. Dark wings have white-edged feathers and large yellow patches. Ruffed Grouse: Medium-sized grouse with crested head and scaled brown upperparts. Bill is short, heavy, and hooked. Get Instant ID help for 650+ North American birds. In addition, we briefly mentioned 12 similar species that are also possible. Lincoln's Sparrow: Medium sparrow, dark-streaked pale brown upperparts, white underparts with dark streaks. Head has brown crown with gray central stripe, and nape, pale eye-ring, and brown streak extending behind eye. Alternates several quick, shallow strokes with wings pulled to sides. Wings are olive-brown with two white or pale bars. Long-billed Murrelet: Small seabird with dark brown upperparts and darker brown barring, paler throat and white eye-ring. Both parents feed nestlings. Tundra Bean-Goose: A medium-sized goose with brown upperparts, tan underparts, and a white belly and vent. Wings show bright patch of orange-brown on coverts. The eyes are dark with a small black spot beneath. Our email newsletter shares the latest programs and initiatives. Black bill with yellow-orange saddle. Black tail is notched. As the name implies, most are insectivorous. They are small to medium-sized birds with compact bodies, short thick necks, and long, usually pointed, wings. Bill, legs, feet are olive-green. Body is chestnut-brown with black head and neck, and flashy yellow-green flight feathers. 3. winter probable Iceland Gull. Black undertail coverts. Order: Procellariiformes   Family: Oceanitidae. Order: Ciconiiformes   Family: Ciconiidae. Are the Trump Administration's Environmental Rollbacks Built to Last? Underparts are white with dark brown mottled flanks. Strong deep wing beats. The tail is white-edged. Dark gray legs and feet. Juveniles of all forms are heavily streaked brown with darker heads, white bellies, and white outer tail feathers. Black legs and feet. Sinaloa Wren: A small wren, gray-brown above, white-gray underparts and distinct black and white barring on side of the neck, red-brown tail, barring on vent, red-brown legs, brown eyes, sexes similar. Young: Both parents feed nestlings. It feeds mainly on fish and squid. Head and neck white and pale gray with black streaking. Flushes in a zigzag pattern. Tail is black with white undertail coverts. Females are duller in color. Sexes are similar. The 2. winter birds have puzzled many observers including myself during this invasion. Tail dark with white undertail coverts. Sexes are similar. Eats worms, aquatic insects, crustaceans and mollusks. Straight, thin black bill, and yellow-green legs. Short brown tail with some black and white barring. Scaly-breasted Munia: Small finch, brown head, throat, back, and wings. Bill is long, red-brown, and curved down. Flap-and-glide flight, also soars on thermals. Gray eye-ring is indistinct. May be the most rapid flying North American bird, has been seen fleeing from raptors at estimated speeds of over 200 mph. Strong powerful direct flight. I will not harp on the fact that I was right over and over and over again. Brown on sides of breast, brown streaks on white underparts.

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