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Provident Metals isn't just a top seller of precious metal coins and bars,. For silver, spot price represents the price of one ounce of the metal. If you're new to precious metals investing, a great way to start your portfolio is to buy silver at spot price. Variables such as condition, purity, and the producing mint can vary widely. Browse our inventory to determine which one is best for your budget. You will also have your choice of a variety of weights, ranging from fractional weights to 1-kilo or more. Although junk silver is another popular method of obtaining silver at lower prices (close to the melt value of silver); the purity of silver in these products makes comparing junk silver to other instruments like comparing apples and oranges. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. When seeking to establish a substantial fund, bars become an extremely attractive option, as they are the easiest to stack and store. You can buy silver coins with a fineness of .999 or more in a Precious Metals IRA. Smaller PurchasesPeople with more limited capital to invest in precious metals cannot divest as much as they would desire. bar, Bullion Exchanges has all the silver bars to satisfy every purchase. Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. To this day, silver coins are manufactured and used in everyday life, so even though most silver coins are not created to function as a form of currency, they are stamped and recognized as legal tender. Also, another reason why coins command a higher premium is – they hold the prestige of being the only government-minted precious metals instruments and thus, enjoy a strong demand in the precious metals market. If you have any questions, please send us a message using our convenient website messenger and we will be happy to assist you. Mints produce silver coins with dies that forcefully strike a blank piece of metal. Whether as an investment or just for collection purposes, silver will always stay a prominent and sought-after precious metal. Silver rounds are customarily minted in one-ounce sizes. Brand and/or SeriesThe name or series of a bar, round, or coin plays a significant role in the demand for the product. Also, federal governments guarantee the face value, weight, and purity of sovereign coins. A silver coin is a round that is minted and backed by the government. Browse our outstanding collection where you can buy silver online. However, it remains in high demand due to its affordable prices in comparison with other top precious metals. Which type of silver is best? Take the coins from the famous American Silver Eagle program for example, with obverses featuring Weinman’s beautiful Walking Liberty and the reverses depicting Mercanti’s rendition of a Bald Eagle and a shield, a symbol of American strength and pride. Today, this white metal continues to hold allure and value as one of the world's most popular and affordable Precious Metal investments. At Bullion Exchanges, we’re proud to offer you an extensive collection of silver coins so you can buy silver easily and unmatched by your local gold and silver shop. Silver Prices Updated Every Minute. We offer a full range of Silver Bullion, Proof and Uncirculated coins, as well as NGC or PCGS Certified investment coins. Most cast bars are stamped with only a simple refinery logo and the weight, purity, and metal content. Some of the most common coin sizes include 1-ounce, 5 oz, and kilo. If the checkmark is not present on the page, that product is not eligible for inclusion in precious metal retirement accounts. Rounds resemble coins, but do not carry legal tender value. Smaller portable investment vehicles such as silver coins and rounds are usually preferred by these types of investors. If you are wondering if silver is a good investment for you, discover some Questions to Ask Before Buying Bullion, get started on the right foot with A Beginner's Guide to Precious Metals Investing, learn about some Common Gold and Silver Buying Mistakes, and more in our Knowledge Center. We offer both live and historical market data available on our website's Live Market Prices page. Our market feed integrates live up to the minute market prices from worldwide markets. It's this scarcity that makes them extremely desirable (and more valuable) to collectors and history buffs. There's no one answer. Many investors choose to buy silver rounds over coins simply because rounds get them more metal for their money. Browse our collection of Buy Silver Coins. Privacy Policy. With so many products to choose from at industry-leading prices, your only challenge will be deciding which one best suits your style. The spot price of silver is driven by the going rate for the metal figured per troy ounce. Whatever your investment strategy, we have a product for you. They come in weights as high as 100 troy ounces, making storage relatively easier when compared to other instruments such as rounds and coins. Bullion Exchanges offers live feeds of the market, as well as, graphics of the historical evolution of silver prices, from a microscopic view of one hour, up to a year - providing our customers with precise information to make the best decision when buying silver bullion. Just as a whole is more than the sum of its parts, the value of some bullion products is higher than their intrinsic worth, depending on the minting source, age, and rarity. Best place to buy silver since 1949. Buy Low Silver Prices on Silver Bullion, Silver Coins & Silver Bars at BGASC. Many investors like to accumulate bars for their investment potential. Mints produce cast silver bars in a rugged style by melting silver in a large vat and then pouring it into prefabricated molds. So when you're ready, you'll find that it's as easy to sell to Provident Metals as it is to buy with us. Bullion bars are easily the most stackable and store-able precious metals product, offering substantially more amounts of silver per square inch. Other government and private mints around the world have been cranking out coins, rounds, and bars at record-setting levels. We carry a wide variety of silver bullion coins and silver bars from international mints, popular minting companies, and recognized refineries that produce coins, rounds, and bars that are worthy of any collection or as part of a sound investment. KITCO buys & sells low price Silver Coins and Silver Bars. We take great pride in offering a wide selection of precious metals products at market-leading prices. Many sovereign-minted products carry legal tender, such as coinage.

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