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What to do, where to be and what to see, from. Denver TV news anchor Mike Landess, who marked a half-century in the business in 2014, sent a letter to his KWGN-Channel 2 co-workers last week telling them he was leaving his job at the end of November sweeps. “My wife is tired of having dinner alone, and I’m tired of eating lunch and dinner at my desk,” he told The Denver Post this week. There are some of us who like getting down there and slugging it out, but I have no interest in that. The news comes in the same week that KPRC 2 anchor Bill Balleza announced he's retiring in … That’s due in part to the general tumult of the TV-news industry, which has seen local-news ratings plummet across the board in recent years. A: There’s a can-do attitude here. I don’t post things to take a position, I just want to get people talking. Are you getting out of TV after this? But at one point it was rumored that Sinclair was talking about buying the whole thing and shutting down (Channel 2’s) news side because it was redundant,” he said. Q: You came out of retirement from KMGH-Channel 7 a couple years back to work for Channel 2. She currently serves as vice president of the Houston Association of Black Journalists. EMBARGOED FOR SOCIETY REPORTER UNTIL MONDAY DEC. 10 Take a sip out of the Shire Distilling Co.’s distillery... New Chrome extension can save you hundreds, A Florida man stole a bulldozer, knocked down a fence and stole Biden signs, police said, How the Astros can keep both George Springer, Carlos Correa for a long time, Trump privately tells donors it'll be 'very tough' for GOP to hold Senate, Texans, Cowboys are awful, but the memes are funny, People in pro-Trump caravan say DeAndre Hopkins flipped them off. I just sat in this little spot and was on with Tom Brokaw on NBC national news for about 9 ½ hours. By 1981, we had built that 40 share (at Channel 9) into a 52 share in this market. A: That night when bomb went off at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta (in 1996). That was “TV news.”. They came to me and said, “How’d you like to go to Atlanta?” And that’s when Adele Arakawa came in from Chicago, so it was the perfect transition. A: Certainly the volume has been turned up on a lot of rhetoric, with journalists being “the enemy” and so forth. Dayton had been with the station since 2009 and Koeppen had been at KDKA since 2011, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. ( Steve Gonzales / Houston Chronicle ). Q: What kind of moment is the U.S. news media at right now? Of course, the first TV station I worked for used to shoot things like a K-Mart opening, nine-car wreck or a flowing fire hydrant — and if they were trying to save money on black-and-white film, they’d shoot a Polaroid picture of it and put it on a card. I was there for about six years, and then went to WTTG (a Fox affiliate) in Washington, D.C. on the heels of the “hanging chads” and the 2000 presidential election, which went right into 9/11. An edition of The Denver Post. Can't decide between South American or sushi for dinner? But the Sinclair controversy, including that company’s conservative political bent, wasn’t the only reason Landess decided to leave KWGN. Jennifer Reyna is leaving the station. It’s challenging trying to carry a message across and do it in an interactive way. John Wenzel is an award-winning A&E reporter and critic-at-large for The Denver Post who has written about comedy, music, film, books, video games and other pop-culture topics. There were some 18-hour days for us in there. ( Steve Gonzales / Houston Chronicle ). In a statement, KPRC 2 General Manager Jerry Martin wrote, "After a long, good faith negotiation between both parties, we could not come to a new agreement with Jennifer. I try to engage people on social media, but whenever I post anything even slightly political — sometimes as simple as something Trump said — it gets ugly. Sargent joined CBS 2 Chicago in 2015 from WFOR-TV … Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Virginia Military Institute superintendent resigns amid call for racism probe, A New Website Tracks Broken McFlurry Machines, Because We've All Been Heartbroken Before. Mike Landess stands in the Papal Gardens outside the Vatican in 1993 prior to World Youth Day in Denver, which included a Colorado visit from Pope John Paul II. So when the whole Sinclair deal started falling apart I said, “Let’s do another six months and see where we go from there.” And that six months ends in December, although my last day on the air is in November. What about Colorado stories? Landess, who has covered everything from 9/11 and the Olympics to Pope John Paul II’s 1993 visit to Denver, also described his departure from KWGN — which operates alongside Fox’s KDVR-Channel 31 — as bittersweet. One Houston woman's inspiring battle against breast... 11 things I hope stick around after the pandemic. Despite our 52 share, they’d flip on the TV and see four white guys in suits and ties and say, “What’s this all about? She is a National Press Foundation Spanish Language Fellow (Mexico) and an Institute for the Advance Studies of Racism Fellow (Cuba).

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