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Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), the newest member of the team with killer instincts, humor and smarts. Help bring programs like Independent Lens to your PBS station... You must have flash 8 or above to view video. CHICAGO 10 moves from the streets of Chicago to the courtroom at an accelerated pace, giving the audience a ringside seat for one of the most controversial trials of the period. If you have on your business lens, whether you're a gang member or not, your first thing that you look at day after day is profit. Trump TV ad: You have reached the 911 police emergency line. Darian: Me and my friends be like chilling outside, wasn't doing nothing, bothering nobody and the police that pulled up like a couple cars deep feeling like we doing something just cause it's a group of us like outside. Click here. At the 1968 Democratic National Convention, anti-Vietnam War protestors who were denied permits for demonstrations repeatedly clashed with the Chicago Police Department. Ruzek Witnesses an Abduction - Chicago P.D. DOWNLOAD OUR APPDon't Miss CBS Chicago's Award-Winning News ... Top 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots In Downtown MinneapolisWith thousands of ... CBSN ChicagoWatch Now. Am I making profit? So if I could push you out there to sell more, you’re going to go out and sell more. Atwater Can No Longer Stay Quiet When It Comes to Racism - Chicago P.D. Dated: October 11, 2020 by Sharyl Attkisson 1 Comment. Another contributing factor, when the stay-at-home order was lifted in Chicago, those who lost money and business were anxious to get back to work. Taliaferro: We needn’t look no further than 2007 in the city of Chicago. Scott: Despite anti-police protests and their feelings about some officers, it may then be surprising to hear, they don’t want police taken off their streets. Taliaferro: I don't agree with many things that our president has spewed or has said but his ad was very effective. He will do anything to bring criminals to justice. The trial’s defendants represented a broad cross section of the anti-war movement in the late Sixties, from counterculture icons and Yippie leaders Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin to renowned pacifist David Dellinger. Burgess Learns if She's Lost the Baby - Chicago P.D. Many of them want to shoot. That's what defunding the police looks like. Chicago may not have the highest murder rate in the country, but Scott Thuman reports the violence is staggering. Your email address will not be published. Halstead Comes to Blows with a Woman's Abuser - Chicago P.D. Multiple web sites keep constant track of the carnage: From the snarky Heyjackass and anonymous secondcitycop blog to the homicide trackers the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune feature. We went from 13,500 officers to approximately 9,300. Burgess and Roman Discover His Missing Sister - Chicago P.D. At least they keep a running count of the grim numbers and hopefully that is a thorn in the side of City Officials to stay focused . Desk Sgt. Dive Into the New Season with These Seven Things You Need to Know. That’s worse than Afghanistan I hate to say it. Your email address will not be published. Roman Delivers His Sister's Eulogy - Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. Many Chicagoans called for more police and the department rebounded to 13,000 officers. The Chicago Bears will travel to Carolina to face the Panthers in a game between two teams quietly having success through the first five games this season. Scott: Oliver, the daughter of a former gang member, says avoiding gang life and the all-day drug dealing in their communities has become increasingly tough for kids. is produced by Wolf Films in association with Universal Television. Burgess, Rojas and Ruzek Work Through a Hostage Situation and a Cold Case - Chicago P.D. Sharyl (on camera): Have police announced any changes in the way they do things to combat the violence? (Episode Highlight), Shots Fired! CBSN Chicago. Scott: So the average dealer on a street corner is making between 13 and $18,000 a week?

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