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Please help me to excel on my upcoming English test and get a grade 8/9 my nan gave me this and a small angel when i bought my car and i took it to my test with me and i passed! St Joseph of Cupertino described the Saint this way: “He was absent-minded, he was awkward, he was nervous; a sudden noise, such as the ringing of a church-bell, would make him drop his schoolbooks on the floor. Please please please ask St. Joseph of Cupertino to intercede for you, especially when you have exams! Thank you so much for hearing my prayer! Remember…the person giving you the test, once had to sit in your seat… they had to pass their driving test too. Thank you St Cupertino. Even after being admitted to  the Order, St Joseph of Cupertino had a difficult time. God grant you confidence and calm as you undertake this test…successfully! Please help me to have This as a time of self improvement for my grades and my mental wellbeing In Jersey all I took was public transportation, but then I became an army wife and there was none of that were we were sent . Amen. You brought my success in my first exam and I’m praying you give me the same for my next. Thank you St Joseph of Cupertino for helping me in my University Exams. You can purchase the “Reluctant Saint” DVD format here. Thank you saint Cupertino for intersection for me! His humility was so deep that he thought himself a great sinner and earnestly prayed God to take away the remarkable gifts he had been given. SHe is struggling and trying very hard. Thank you almighty God! I know you will help me succeed in this final exams…Thanks in advance and I know you won’t let me down. This explanation seems dubious as hell, but it's the best I could find. Please be my council again. So thankful to St. Joseph! Please pray for my father to succeed in his interview. The results came out and i passed all my papers including the difficult one. I passed my Board Certification exam today on my first attempt. To God be the Glory. And may this year 2019/2020 would no be a difficult one but she will really enjoy the drive. Thank you St. Joseph of Cupertino for helping my son get through his nursing exams. I have told many people about you St. Joseph of Cupertino and continue to make you known and cause you to be invoked! Thank you so much for interceding for me so that my first quarter in college would go smoothly! Amen. In Jesus name, Amen. Please help me to go to Secondary 2 Express stream and not get deprecated to Normal Academic stream. Thank you for the success. I said the prayer before the exam and felt more calm as I was taking it. Please help em to get straight 8’s and 9’s on all of my subjects for DF1/2 and excel in my history test, Dear st Jospeh of Cupertino thank you for helping me to get an amazing score in my history test . I have not yet received my scores but I pray I will. Even luckier is that I'm friends with Colin Dickey, a bona fide saint expert and the author of the terrific book Afterlives of the Saints. I used it for a difficult certification exam years ago and I passed. St. Joseph if cupertino pray for my result of CPNRE. Largely because no one thinks he was real. I need your guidance as I answer the questions, give me the knowledge and understanding to calmly answer the test. I will make your name known. The traditional saint invoked to deal with cars has long been St.Christopher, the patron saint of travelers and traveling. Thank you St Joseph. Thank you for answering my prayers always. St Joseph of Cupertino the exam helper I Thank God and all the Saint for their help. This helped his family survive and prosper during harvest time. How can i thank you enough. Help to just clear her exams. Saint Martin, I come to you for help and blessing as I prepare to be tested for fitness to drive. Amen. Passed the two papers I wrote using these prayers. Thank you St Joseph for helping my son pass his nursing exam!! Thank you St. Joseph. Thanks a lot St. Joseph of Cupertino. And to you st Joseph of Cupertino for interceding for me. He journeyed through many places at the command of the superior of the Order and of the holy Inquisition; finally, at Osimo in Piceno, in the sixty-first year of his age, he made the last journey, to heaven.”. I ask you for the wisdom, patience, knowledge and calmness to sit thru the exam and pass. Saint Martin, I come to you for help and blessing as I prepare to be tested for fitness to drive. Thank you for interceding on my behalf. History paper I ) examination. God is indeed great. Pray and all your worries gone . Just sat for my last 2 papers last week and I have faith that God who did it in March/Apr will give me good news and cause me to share good testimony in 5 weeks time when my results would be out IJN. Thanks to St Joseph Cupertino! This is all I asked all Honor and Praise to Your Name & I LOVE YOU, in the name of Jesus Christ the power and grace of Almighty. Amen. Amen, St Joseph you really do work miracles Thanks be to God. I had a very tough two years in the IB program and did not manage to finish studying for some subjects. And they did. These prayers really work and to God be the glory! Work as though everything depended on you.”. Dear st Joseph of Cupertino thank you for helping me during times of difficulty. Amen. I prayed this prayer before going into a test that I had failed twice before. Thank you St Joseph I had an exam and was so scared of failing. She got a diagnosis and started medication a few days before her exams. Thanks because you will help me to be tested on the questions I know and I will pass FAR at my second try and the other three exams at first try with your help because you know I need to work, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit, amen. Thank you st Joseph of Cupertino for helping me in my journey to peace and success. Thank you st Joseph of Cupertino for helping me to excel in my exams amen, Dear stjpseph of Cupertino I pray that I will have excelled on my chemistry test The past two days I had been praying for St.Joseph of Cupertino to intercede for me, and Thanks be to God my prayers were answers. !Thank you for interceding Father Cupertino , My so passed his test for a college which was much prayed . Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for St Joseph of Cupertino and the Holy Spirit for guiding me. You can watch it watch if for free on YouTube below. Even his mom was ashamed of him and gave him lots of grief. Thank you, Saint Joseph, of Cupertino. , Lord God Almighty the creator of heaven and earth, mother of St. Therese mother of St. Claire and St. Joseph Cupertino ❤ I am expressing my “FAITH” in your Higher Power to hear me to answer me despite of many disappointments,  trials, failures, I wanna say thank you for all the miraculously saved me in everything,  for all the good people that surrounds me for all the bad,  sinful, sorrowful, from the malicious enemy YOU defend me – lessons was learned and you enlighten me more through your forgiveness through your words through your action through your will through your holiness. This is a list of patron saints of occupations and activities or of groups of people with a common occupation or activity. Frances of Rome "Legend says that when she went abroad at night, her guardian angel went before her, lighting the road with a headlight-like lantern, keeping her safe in her travels." Please saint Joseph of Cupertino intercede for me in my exams which will be due in June 2019 CPA .Without success I have not been able to pass my two papers which have really frustrated me so much which are my last papers .I promise to let other people know of your love for people with difficulties in their studies. A friar came into the village begging for bread. A very important placement test. Luckily, there's many, many saints, and a surprising number of them traffic in cars and driving-related work. I pray that you will help me to have excelled in my maths exam and I pray I will get an 8 in maths Saint Joseph of Cupertino please intercede on behalf of my husband in his IELTS exams so he can pass as follows; Listening: 8.5, Reading: 8.5, Speaking: 8, Writing:7.5. O St Joseph of Cupertino….Pray for us all!!! St. Joseph of Cupertino, Patron Saint of examinees. This is why he is known as the “flying monk”. Thank you St Joseph for praying on behalf of my son for success on his nursing tests. Help me to answer correctly the exam . It was a miracle. Thank you. Thank you St Joseph of Cupertino I will forever be grateful. Thank you Jesus for giving St. Joseph of Cupertino the power to help us during our exams. I thought it wasn’t possible to pass, but my belief in your prayer gave me the strength to try just one more time. Glory to God. Today is your feast day and my daughter’s results are out today!!!! I am so grateful. And to cause you to be invoked. When you buy a product through one of our links, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Saint Richard Patron of NASCAR. I promised you I would post this if you helped her pass this exam and I will tell others of you. I pray for help and inspiration. please help my son Kenean A A Gulled pass his examinations, i thank God for what he did for me last semester, i used to get the worst second class lower but after reciting this prayer, i improved my performance and now i pray that God opens for me the doors of blessings and i get a very good class. We will make your name known. After having attempted for a exam for 14 times , finally i prayed to St Joseph of copertinho and my prayers were answers with excellent results. Thank you for the research program. Mother of God, Amen. Thank you God. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes -- anything that is important to us. I love you Lord God and St. Joseph of Cupertino. You faced such obstacles in your own life and I thank you for your inptirations now. My prayers weren’t answered even when I needed them most. Dear st Jospeh of Cupertino I pray that you will help me to excel in my physics test tomorrow and also excel in my English.

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