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Reinventing civil defence for the 21st century. Basic Certificate Course in Self-Defence & Civil-Defence. We have regular classes for stunt professionals and Self Defence classes for ladies. After doing either or both courses, you may decide to at least get the old US Civil Defence pen dosimeters, a dosimeter charger and a dose rate survey meter. 1 (or a similar model) which also can often be purchased on Ebay for $10 or $20. 2020 Nigeria Navy Exam Result | Nigeria Navy Result Checker 2020/2021 Recruitment Exercise. All Aspirants of Nigeria Civil Defence (NSCDC) Jobs are to get prepared for the general Screening Examinations which will take place as soon as possible. Fill in the information needed and crosscheck it before submitting. There are companies that provide calibration services for some of the digital meters like the Rados Rad-60 or Canberra meters. All rights reserved. These were manufactured in very large numbers in the 1960s and 70s to equip all the community fallout shelters. During 1990, under the management of K.I.S.A. Civil Defence is an Irish volunteer based organisation that supports the front line emergency services. 36 After six months, the OCDP You will, in fact, better understand what you need these instruments to do after either course. Lectures, practical classes & demonstration for civil defense, civil riots, theft, robbery, natural disasters, fire fighting skills. a dose-rate survey meter would need to measure, in its upper range, at least 300 Roentgens per hour, rather than the peacetime levels of milliroentkens or microroentgens. We encourage broad public education in personal safety know-how for nuclear attack scenarios. Nigeria Civil Defence (NSCDC) Training Date and Locations for 2020/2021 | UPDATED, Civil Defence (NSCDC) Screening Date and Venue for 2020/2021 | UPDATED, Nigeria Civil Defence (NSCDC) Recruitment Form 2020/2021 Application Form, Civil Defence (NSCDC) List of Shortlisted Candidate 2020/2021 | UPDATED. iwant to know if am shortlisted as civil defence officer. The League is a non-governmental civil defence initiative promoting citizen-centric civil defence in a world where major nuclear warfare is again a credible threat. Neither is a prerequisite for the other. Duration: Full-time course – 6 weeks – 8 Hrs per day – 6 days per week, apprx. also Check the  Nigeria Civil Defence Training Locations for the 2019/2020 Recruitment Exercise. It is possible to manufacture a simple homemade instrument (designed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory) that will allow you to calculate with reasonable accuracy levels of gamma radiation after a nuclear attack. Civil Defence Training Ground, Fairfield, circa. Demonstrate knowledge of the administration of a CDEM volunteer group. Their entire focus is survival in a nuclear war scenario, especially in the vital few days immediately after an attack. The Radiological Defence Officer Course also teaches the use of the Radiac Calculator No. And obviously, if you enter any comments, we save those as well. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There is also a company in Texas that will calibrate old US civil defence dosimeters and survey meters. Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) List of Shortlisted Candidate 2020/2021 | Download PDF. All non-technical & physical training will be taught and only essential technical training will be covered. This course involves some basic math skills like plotting graphs.

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