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I believe it is my past.” Jennifer suggested that David go to see the pastor again after he completed his bible study series. When David prays, Jesus continues to heal tens of thousands; those born blind see, those who are paralyzed walk, the sick are healed, and many are delivered. To see the full story of the history and birth of, SUBSCRIBE FOR EMAILS/PRAYER OF THE DAY/RHEMA INSPIRATIONS. That’s not what David is selling today. While bringing a revival to this nation (America) and sharing the gospel of Jesus in India and throughout the seven continents, David has built a ministry rooted in loving Jesus and loving people through sharing the gospel of Jesus and demonstrating the living word through healing, miracles, deliverance, signs, and wonders. David Turner had his first job at age nine. He struggled with pain as he extended his foot out, until David Turner prayed from his. David graduated high school after 11th grade, leaving early for college on an Advanced Placement Program. • How to pray for others to be healed At the age of 19, David, driven to be a success, poured himself into a restaurant business. Through the power and provision of God, David travels internationally doing crusades, sharing the Gospel, and praying for the sick. Driven by a desire to help make a difference in the lives of his employees, David started an office bible study. SUBSCRIBE FOR EMAILS/PRAYER OF THE DAY/RHEMA INSPIRATIONS. Fox 5 Atlanta's exclusive interview with David Turner. Click here to order your copy of Seeds of Faith & Walking in the Miraculous by David Turner: To see the full story of the history and birth of David Turner International Ministries, watch the video below. Now he walks in miracles and gets doctors to back it up. I love seeing you guys and so many others going and making disciples of all nations. Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. David is supported in ministry by his wife Jennifer and his two children, Sarah and Christopher. Jesus said, “Whatever I whisper in your hear, proclaim from the roof tops.” These devos and messages are just a few of the whispers I have heard in the Secret Place with Jesus. Order your copy of Seeds of Faith & Walking in the Miraculous by David Turner: Mailing Address: 2035 Garraux Rd. Determined not to repeat his stepfather’s hypocrisy, he tried his best to live a good Christian life and to apply the principles of integrity in following the Lord to the best of his ability. In December 2003 David told his wife, Jennifer. David Turner is an international businessman and healing evangelist, traveling the world at his own expense to pray for the sick in the name of Jesus Christ. David draws on his breakthrough experiences with Jesus to help you examine your own relationship with God and get it into focus. ORDER THIS EPISODE ON DVD - “I believe God wants to do something with my life, but it seems as if something is holding me back. Watch as Isik Abla and David pray to remove any … “No disrespect intended, but. That all changed in November of 2003. Watch as David Turner shares about his ministry, businesses, and how Jesus led him to Buckhead, GA. David Turner is available to minister at your church or event. Over the next 30 years, he built two other companies from start-up to over 100 million in sales. That all changed in November of 2003.

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