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do homemade wasp traps work

What You'll Need. It can be tricky to prevent them from nesting in your yard or around your home. Flip the top part upside down and insert it into the bottom half so it looks like a funnel. To keep the line straight, you can tie a string or put a large rubber band around the bottle as a guide, then mark the line with your marker. To bait the trap, you'll be putting an enticing food source into the bottom of the bottle. Read on for easy steps to create an effective homemade wasp trap with basic supplies you may already have sitting around the house. Permanent marker Knife Materials. To catch wasps and hornets you need the right kind of bait. Wasps help to fertilize gardens and keep harmful insect and parasite populations in check, but when they build a nest in your mailbox, interfere with your backyard barbecue, or sting you repeatedly, it makes more sense to find a way to keep them at a safe distance. The main difference between and wasp and bee is that wasps feed on other insects, and bees feed on a mixture of pollen and nectar. I absolutely hate pesitcides of any kind, as they poison our world, but I just love some of the new traps – the one that looks like a bee hive works on wasps, who love my gas grill more than I do. Empty or discard your trap once a week and reset the trap. Safety is always first. Save yourself and your family from stings this summer by crafting this homemade wasp trap from a a plastic pop bottle. DIY Halloween Crafts, Recipes and Decorating Ideas, Goth Christmas: Halloween Decor you Can Keep up Till New Years. In fact, a very effective one can be made out of old soda bottles! It uses the concept of using a large plastic bottle with a special mixture inside. If you're trying to keep wasps away from your picnic, set up a bottle a short distance from the table, so they'll hopefully be attracted to the trap, instead of your food. We recommend you to go for the soda and dishwashing liquid as a bait. This homemade wasp trap will work for all types of wasps and hornets and best of all- it’s safe for bees! In early spring the queen will be out on mating flights so this is a good time to try to catch as many of them as possible. You can empty the trap and refill it or just throw the whole thing out and make a new one. This is a good use for those plastic soda bottles, plastic milk jugs, or any other plastic container that has a cone-shaped top. Thank you for being part of Crafty Little Gnome. Add about a cup of juice or pop into the trap. Check for any live wasps, and then remove dead wasps from the trap regularly, and rebait the bottle at least once a week so that you continue to attract wasps. In spring, add a little bit of hamburger meat or a piece of hot dog to the soapy solution. Spray wasp and hornet killer to kill the entire nest. Add a cap full of vinegar. It was awful. Poke a hole in each side of the trap and insert the string or wire for hanging. The perfect lure is dependent on the season. You might want to use some tape to keep it in place. You can easily create a DIY wasp trap at home using a two letter plastic bottle. If you want to hang your wasp trap in a tree or on a structure, use a hole punch to make two holes across from each other at the top of the trap. They were building a huge nest in the ceiling above our bed! Treat at dusk or dawn when the insects are less likely to be active. In early spring, when wasps are reproducing, they are looking for protein; later in summer, they want sugar. The full printable DIY instructions are at the bottom of this post. This homemade wasp trap will work for all types of wasps and hornets and best of all- it’s safe for bees! How Well Do Wasp Traps Work? A well-made homemade wasp trap can get rid of a whole nest if is used properly. This hornet has made it’s way over from Asia and poses a huge threat to the honeybee population in North America. Cut the top of the bottle off and remove the cap. Mark Where You Need to Cut . Next, squeeze a drop of dish soap into the liquid (the dish soap will break up the surface tension of the water and aid in drowning the wasps.) Always exercise care when dealing with wasps, and avoid contact if you're allergic. Although you can buy ready-made traps at the store, you can also save your cash and make your own. Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are extremely attracted to the sugar in some beverages. Use a permanent marker to draw a line around the neck of the bottle, just below the taper. I want women to realize they don't have to "wait for hubby" to do renovation projects around the home. Take care while doing this step. Set your traps out on the ground or hang them about four feet high to attract and catch more wasps. There is only one way to find out and know for sure. Are you skeptical about this wasp trap and think it will not work? Yellow jacket nests are often hidden underground, so carefully check your lawn and mulched areas. Supplies. Place your trap (or traps) outdoors in areas where you see wasp activity or want to prevent wasp activity. Click on my photo to learn more about me! Use the buddy system or ask someone else to treat it if you’re allergic to stings. They don’t like the smell of the vinegar. When the wings of a wasp are touched by the soap they lose the ability to fly. If you have a wasp nest near you then you should do something about it. The Spruce / Sarah Crowley. Build this homemade wasp trap and get rid of them in an effective and cheap way with household items. To keep wasp nests away from your house and immediate yard, set traps in the early spring when the queens are looking for nesting sites. Use a few inches of sugar water, water with jam, soda, fruit juice or another sweet liquid in the summer and fall months. Use a knife, box cutter, or a sharp pair of scissors to cut the top off of the bottle at the line you made. The shape of this homemade wasp trap avoid will provide easy access to the bottle but won’t let them fly out of it. The following are affiliate links. Different baits work at different times of the year. Then, thread a piece of wire or string through the holes to serve as the handle for hanging. Many people try to get rid of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets to no avail. Once inside the bottle, they crawl down through the narrow opening, can't figure out how to get back through it and eventually die, drowning in the liquid if it is present. Make sure all door and window cracks are sealed, Inspect window screens to make sure there aren’t any holes, Keep garbage containers sealed and away from entrances, Rinse recycling materials before putting them in the bin. I found this out the hard way when I went into the woods near our house to dig up some ferns to plant in my garden. Somehow I accidentally dug right into a wasp. Check out the video below and then read on for more helpful tips to get rid of wasps. Make a DIY wasp trap with a pop bottle, juice, vinegar and soap. My husband and I noticed that there was a weird crackling sound in the ceiling of our bedroom. The build is very similar to our previous homemade fly trap. They were extremely close to breaking into our bedroom! My mission is to help women to tap into their creativity and gain the confidence they need to tackle DIY projects around the home. Pour the juice into the trap followed by the vinegar and dish soap. These insects are attracted to sweet foods or decaying materials, so eliminate any food source. Two-liter soda bottle A piece of wire for hanging your trap (optional) Something sweet (sugar, jam, juice, wine) Instructions. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. It uses the concept of using a large plastic bottle with a special mixture inside. Some good wasp trap bait may include: Now just like in some of our other homemade insect traps, you need to take the plastic bottle and cut the neck off. When spraying, make sure you stand away from the nest and not directly underneath. To complete your trap, unscrew and remove the cap of the bottle. The build is very similar to our previous homemade fly trap. Will you try making your own homemade wasp trap this year? Make sure that you punch through both the top and bottom portion of the bottle. Erin Huffstetler is a writer with experience writing about easy ways to save money at home. A wasp is an insect that could result by combining a bee with an ant. But the lure inside is really what draws them in. A simple homemade trap can eliminate this hazard without resorting to chemical sprays. They do not produce honey but their poison is more powerful than the one of a bee. Read on for easy steps to create an effective homemade wasp trap with basic supplies you may already have sitting around the house. Unfortunately I was wearing shorts and I got stung about 20 times in the butt. These easy-to-assemble traps simply catch the wasps and drown them. In the late summer and early fall, they are seeking sweets. A well-made homemade wasp trap can get rid of a whole nest if is used properly. These are not only painful but potentially dangerous if someone is allergic to wasps. Never attempt to treat nests alone. Make a Fly Trap With Common Household Items, The Best Ways to Rid Your Yard of Groundhogs, What to Do When Your Mouse Bait is Repeatedly Stolen, 20 Genius Ways to Reuse Empty Plastic Bottles, Get Rid of Rats and Mice with Traps and Baits, 12 Common Questions and Answers About Mice in the House, How to Get Rid of Ants, Mice, Flies, and Spiders. Hi, I'm Adrienne. They are used as pest control in the agriculture but in residential areas, they are nothing more than a latent danger. Remember that the wasp is still really dangerous for a human being if the problem seems too big for you to handle then go and contact an expert that will handle the problem for you. plastic soda bottle; scissors; string for hanging; tape; bait (balsamic vinegar, flat soda, fruit, beer, wine, or fruit juice) a few drops of dish soap, optional; Directions. One day he was outside and saw the wasps flying into a hole on the side of our house the bedroom was on. In the spring and early summer, wasps are looking for sources of protein. This year there is a new foe on the block- The Giant Asian Hornet. Equipment / Tools. What are your best tips to get rid of wasps? Then, flip the top over and tape it in place. Leave an inch or so underneath the funnel so wasps can enter. When wasps build their nests too close to a home, though, it can lead to stings. Wear gloves and long sleeves to avoid being stung. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. A modification for this homemade insect trap includes the addition of a rope or a hook to the bottle, allowing you to hang it close to a nest or the area that you would like to protect. Find a good tree limb or fence post on your property—one that is at least 10 yards away from your family’s play, work, and gathering space and hang up your homemade wasp trap!

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