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Cookies help us deliver our Services. However, I feel like Harry would never leave it at that. Anything that takes skill will still work or fail depending on that person's ability (including harry), but chance will favor the carrier of the spear. I think true immortality would be a bit OP even with the rules already in place regarding immortality. The character needs to have challenges that promote growth. I think that is a definite possibility, though why it would end up as a knife blade seems a little beyond me at the moment. Reddit's Home for the Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher. Press J to jump to the feed. I like the idea of costs for keeping the items balanced. Even better is the fact that Joyeuse in Fate has the head of Longinus stored in it's pommel which makes it similar to the Swords of the Cross, and possibly related to them in this shared universe. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Considering that the two artifacts are very different symbols of power, I’m gonna say nothing good. So, heck, maybe you're right. Just because that's popular lore about the Spear of Destiny doesn't mean it will be so in the Dresdenverse. The cup was the Holy Grail (obviously), the placard was the one that hung above Christ reading "The King of The Jews" while on the cross, the thorns was the Crown of Thorns, the cloth was the possibly the true burial shroud (as Harry postulated) or possibly even Christ's clothes that the soldiers bet on while he hung on the Cross. Well, yeah. Crown - I like your theory, but my guess is it's closer to thorn manacles, but only the one who placed it can remove it (or if they were to die), as opposed to the manacles being removable by anyone with the right tools/key etc. Joyeuse's status is similar to the Shroud of Turin. So the five relics in Hades Vault. The spear tip that stabbed him is the logical answer here, and Nic would be interested in it because the lore says that whoever commands that spear's army could not fall in battle or some such. That the blade was reworked into a knife from being a spear, just seems to follow a common idea with these 'Christian' artifacts like the Swords. The sword Peter cut the soldier's ear off with? It wouldn't be in Hades' vault. I think he's gonna need it. Jesus was in the line of David who was in the line of Abraham, who did this huge thing where he cut a bunch of animals in half...The knife that was going to sacrifice Isaac with? Jesus was crucified approximately 30-33 AD. Its not my staff dammit, that's still firmly attached. Going off the "knife" from Hades' vault indeed being the blade for the Spear of Destiny, and my expectation that Ebenezer's time with us is nearing an end (I love his character but he's the next step in Harry's progression) I think he'll do something to protect Thomas and his not yet born Grandchild. Like him having pop culture knowledge from the Future and the ability to speak to animals. The Spear of Destiny is an ancient weapon, supposedly forged by the equally ancient Hebrew prophet, Phineas. These holy objects may be cut from similar cloth. I think that's a bit OP, on the other hand it makes sense and is thematic. Possibly one of the knives or swords used for Old Testament sacrifices? The Red Court of vampires. Soldiers might carry one as a sidearm, but they're going to carry a rifle as their primary weapon. Not sure how that works out as technically there are now Two Winter Knights to one Summer Knight bringing the balance in jepoardy. Now I don't have to be "that guy" lol. Press J to jump to the feed. It is only since Changes that Harry has really started to understand that there are consequences to his actions (both in what got him to Changes and the fallout) and until he really knows that in his bones, he won’t be ready. WoJ: The Black Athame was Morgan La Fay’s athame. ), Slightly off topic but spin-off starring Michael and the servant version of his ancestor. (Compare to Harry and Elaine's telepathic communication channel which necessitated the two to previously invite each other into the other's mind and to not retire the invitation. We don't see the whip now do we. It is my opinion that the Blackstaff was developed (by Jim, but likely based on Irish legend of the staff that could kill or resurrect) as the symbol of true power of wizardry, the only thing restraining this wizard is their own hand; no moral codes, no laws, no threat of turning to the dark side. Was Jim clear that it is the Blackstaff or the Blackstaff that picks the next wielder? Swords can be upgraded with shields to make them more viable, and some ancient armies did choose sword and shield over spears, but the vast majority chose spears. Also, spoilers for Skin Game. Spear of Destiny: Really, really sharp... pierce any hide or armor dispels illusions, casts holy light, can channel power from the Christian God at times. The one where Harry and a whole bunch of others go to war.. Ethniu, daughter of Balor and the last of the Titans, has declared war on Chicago. She wields the Eye of Balor, who was her father and the Celtic mythological leader of the Fomor,Footnote 2 along with a bronze skin made by Greek Hecatoncheires.1Footnote 1 She first appears in Peace Talks, but is mentioned as early as "Bombshells" and has influenced world events since the fall of the Red Court in Changes. At the very least there was a killer rabbit that took out a couple of her knights that isn’t named Fou, which means some of the other stuff might have happened too. Maybe you enchant it with a ward and wherever you place it has that ward applied to it no threshold required? It's a holy object, not a cursed one, and chances are that if misused (conquer the world, eliminate specific group of people etc.) Aditionally, does this imply Winter still has power over him? Not sure if Saber would appreciate Python's take on her life or not though, so who knows if she would like the joke. If that were the case it would essentially serve as an "I win" button for Harry. You really need 3 nails for crucifixion, hand, hand, feet, and a lot of icons are portrayed that way. Which is not to say they become intelligent or anything, but they become very extremely dangerous tools. According to the Hebrew Bible, Phineas (פִּינְחָס) was a High Priest of Israel during the Exodus, the grandson of Aaron and son of Eleazar the High Priest (Exodus 6:25). However, the knife also matches the description of the knife used in changes to kill loyd slate. He would find some way to magic-hack it so that he could use it as a focusing device to supercharge soulfire constructs or something. A knight in full armor might opt for a longsword rather than a spear since he's damn near invulnerable (and they were pretty damn invulnerable, people talk about weak points and chinks in armor but in actuality if a guy was in full plate and you weren't you were going to die - especially if you didn't have a weapon that was engineered specifically to defeat plate like a Warhammer) but two handed swords are historically not preferred over a spear. Spear was ether held by a person, making that person extremely dangerous for Nic, given that it might kill him even through the noose, or it was missing, presumably in the Vault 7. Maybe they play by the rules of some of the other Christianity flavoured artifacts and characters in the series and can only be used at certain moments. Maybe it has something to do with Warding (since its something you hang somewhere)? As he deemed a majority of modern mankind stagnant and without purpose or worth, compared to those in Uruk who lived their lives to the fullest. Though even a fraction of the Lance's true potential is still frightening. Press J to jump to the feed. How can you keep tension when at any moment Harry can discorporate into a billion atoms and fly around to reform hundreds of yards away? That being said, it is totally Butcher's prerogative to ignore all the legends and craft his own history of the Spear, but I would hope he wouldn't ignore all the neat legends. This page has a lot of the places where it has figured into comic books. The relationship between swords and spears was similar to the relationship between handguns and rifles today. People are thinking its the spearhead from the spear of destiny (the spear that stabbed christ on the cross). Q: What is the Black Athame, and what is it’s relation to Medea’s Bodkin? So I think the real question is whether those different elemental Powers are going to want to Play Nice with each other enough to become a single artifact. That could potentially result in a wildly powerful, non-holy artifact. Command seals or the Winter Queens orders to the Winter Knight. "Brother Emiya, bring out the Holy Hand Grenade!". Because magic. However, it is more likely that the spear Harry has in the cover art is the Spear of Longinus, aka the Spear of Destiny, since it is (most likely!) Outsiders are like these guys but inside your head, absolutely no sense of humour, crappy vocals and generally discordant orchestration. So those are my likely wrong and way overthought wild ass guesses. Harry has stood the weight of the almost the entirety of the senior council in open defiance (Proven Guilty).

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