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And with a throughput two to four times higher than CO2, hydrocarbon is the clear winner. OUR FEATURED HYDROCARBON SYSTEM KITS. Welcome to your one stop shop for all BHO information. What is A BHO extractor? In the fast-paced and lucrative extraction industry, time is money. While other extraction methods can produce a few great products, hydrocarbon is the only method that can produce all of them. Our engineering team can troubleshoot process issues in real time, from anywhere in the world, through our remote-access portal. UK based column and closed loop BHO Extraction Specialists. From Open Blast Extractors, to Closed Loop Extractors. BHO Extractors. When it comes to safety, a professional closed loop BHO extraction system in a controlled lab environment is extremely safe. What To Know Before Buying Cannabis Extraction Equipment, Inline Contaminant Remediation of Light Hydrocarbon Extracts, How To Harvest Hemp Without Drying or Trimming. BHO extraction has won the most HighTimes Cannabis Cup awards, more than all other extraction methods combined. While butane and propane are combustible, when used in a regulated Class 1, Division 1 lab, with certified extraction equipment, and proper operation, BHO extraction is extremely safe. It produces an oil that abounds in whimsical flavors darting about and the word most often used to describe it by panel members, was the word "fresh." Glass extractors are known to crack or chip, so you can be sure of a safe hygienic extraction process with Willy’s durable quality stainless steel extractor. Passive and active recovery. A Class 1, Division 1 room (which is spark free and rapidly exchanges air) will cost less than $15,000 for the operation of a certified 5 lb BHO extraction system. Email: In addition, hexane solvent can be used to extract fish protein, shea butter, and a variety of flavor extracts. Best Value, Most Reliable, Highest Yield! One full day of operator training at your extraction facility. How to Make Butane Hash Oil. BHO extractors range greatly in price and complexity. MINIFECTA BHO and PHO Extraction Platform. You attach a micron to the bottom of the tube, followed by a rubber gasket and attach it to a tripod. BHO Extraction is the Most Efficient and Cost Effective Method. • ASME BPVC Sect. Furthermore, what may be left over is cooked off during post processing. Support: Butane results in one of the cleanest extractions of any solvent, making it an ideal method for…. The longer it takes to produce extract, the less profitable your extraction business will be. The solvents strip the plant of its essential oils, including THC, CBD, terpenes, vitamins, antioxidants and other good things, creating a highly potent oil. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: Don't rely on the same old garage-designed extraction equipment for your top-shelf extracts. BHO Hardware are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of high quality herbal oil extraction systems. Now, I am confident I can take any one of our growers, trimmers, packagers, or salespeople, sit them down in front of the IO Extractor, and they will make fire extracts on their first run. Compare that to CO2 extractors, which require pressure often well in excess of 1,500 PSI and as much as 8,700 PSI. BHO Extraction 05/06/16 - BHO - 6 Comments. Compared to a comparable supercritical CO2 extractor costing over $100,000, a BHO system represents significant savings and lower startup costs. Butane Honey Oil(BHO), essential oils extracted from cannabis, is one of the many uses for butane extraction systems. Passive and active recovery. While specifics may vary from product to product, but setting up a BHO extractor is pretty easy across the board. Hydrocarbon extraction is nothing new and it is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved extraction method. While you may not have the capacity to purge your extract with an inert gas (e.g. Our certified technicians will get you up and running as quickly as possible. • California, Oregon, and Washington Fire Codes. And with a throughput two to four times higher than CO2, hydrocarbon is the clear winner. UK based column and closed loop BHO Extraction Specialists. Add to cart / Details. BHO commonly refers to “butane hash oil”, a cannabis or hemp extract made with hydrocarbon solvents such as butane, propane or a mix of both. Compare that to an average 8 – 10 hour comparable CO2 supercritical extraction cycle. While other extraction methods can produce a few great products, hydrocarbon is the only method that can produce all of them. Hydrocarbon extraction is the only way to produce true full-spectrum products at a commercial or industrial scale. This is because if there is no spark, there is no risk of combustion. The absolutely most flavorful BHO extract to me personally and to the test panels thus far, is fresh picked buds, that are immediately frozen to tie up the water, and extracted while still frozen.

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