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In the spring, the emerging queens establish new nests in aerial cavities, deposit eggs in cells they have constructed, and feed the first batch of larvae. All other colony members produced in the current year will perish. It has a large, robust body with a characteristic black and orange striped abdomen. Vespines, like V. crabro, are known for making intricate paper-like nests out of surrounding plant materials and other fibers. What people were seeing is not the Asian giant hornet — it is not in Pennsylvania — but the European giant hornet that also can grow to 2 inches and is … Workers are smaller (1.5 inches long) and can be confused with two similar-sized wasps found in Pennsylvania: European hornets and cicada … The European hornet (Vespa crabro) is the largest eusocial wasp native to Europe. Each fall, the colony produces males and females that mate, and the females become next year's queens. The European hornet is easily distinguished from our common yellowjackets. Only the overwintering queens survive in protected sites such as under loose bark, in tree cavities, and in wall voids of buildings. Unlike most other vespines, reproductive suppression involves worker policinginstead of queen pherom… It is also the only true hornet (genus Vespa) found in North America, having been introduced by European settlers in the 1800s. The head, parts of the thorax, and front of the abdomen are patterned in reddish brown coloration. The larvae mature, pupate in their cells, and then emerg… V. crabro is usually regarded as a pest by those humans who come into contact with it.

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