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Forget the fact that his songwriting and musicianship influenced EVERY other act from the sixties on. She isn't pop or country or RNB... She has her own - let's see - style of singing. He is, in my opinion one of the best singers of all time, if not the best (I can't say the best since I haven't heard all the singers in the world) We live in a world of Justin Bieber, One Direction and about a hundred other popular, yet near-talentless bands when compared to Sinatra. Whitney had great range, great dynamic, beautiful tone and great power. I like Freddie Mercury. Last year I found a station that played nothing but Mr. Presley's music, including the several takes required to make a master that satisfied him, his live concerts, and informal recordings of his in-studio and at-home jam sessions. If there's any problems you have, you keep trying, maybe you'll succeed. I'm 64 years old, and I've never heard anything like Mr. Presley's voice. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Top 10 Most Influential Women of Country Music, The Top 100 Country Love Songs of All Time, 25 Best Country Pop Crossover Songs of All Time, Country's Top 10 Most Influential Artists, The Top 10 Classic Female Country Singers, The Best Country Music Albums of All Time. The Best Songs Ft. Beyonce Beyoncé Is... Lady Gaga. He is an inspiration and continues to impress me with each album. He didn't have much of a voice, but buggered if he didn't know how to use it!I always like this fellow, & that can't be said for any other artist. So I wouldn't know the artists before that but Kurt is my top artist. Step away from the keyboard, right now. It's about the singing. How appalling! Okay, that's sweet, but look at Adele! Chester is the best singer I've ever heard.He definitely deserves first. I looked up top 200 most famous people of all time and this guy was even more famous than William Shakespeare. The long list of celebrities who visit Graceland every year is mind-boggling. WITH ALL THAT IN MIND, my actual evaluations of many singers voices has led Chris to the top. In any world where you actually are worried about the best SINGER Frank Sinatra is a once in a century voice. Debbie Gibson has been so underrated before she retired from her music career. Ever. They are all fine singers but they do not have enough of a track record to be worthy of top ten on an all-time list, and have influenced nobody, although they probably will in time. Chris is by far one of the most talented vocalists and he has the best range in music besides maybe, MAYBE Sting. Sign up for our newsletter. Take Pink Floyd for example. Each Pop singer has left behind a legacy and even today there are many singers who mesmerize their audience with their musical virtuosity. Music wouldn't haven't been the same without Lennon. This comment seems like it's been filled with a lot of hate so I'm sorry but it deserves to be told. Just go listen to "You've got to hide your love away". ABOVE CHESTER?! Rob won't ever place high on any top whatever list because these things are popularity contests, not true evaluations of vocal skill and ability. Time of the Ancient Mariner9. Compassion, power, and rhythm are essential in her music. A "great voice", to me, is one that is unique and therefore instantly recognizable. Born Anthony Dominick, Adele net worth and career earnings: Adele is an extremely popular and successful British singer/songwriter who has a net worth of, Janet Jackson net worth: Janet Jackson is an American singer, actress, producer and choreography who has a net worth of $190 million. I am surprised Adele is as high as she is because she's awesome, we need Amy Lee to get just as high please. Chester is an incredible vocalist and artist in general, he should be higher on this list. I even remember him trying some ''jazzy'' vocals on one of the first Priest's records. His vocal opera is something that isn't easy to forget.Layne Staley has saved many people by giving them a voice to relate to. Whoa he's such a good singer actually he's not good.. Whatever it is, it is the most amazing thing ever recorded and nobody will ever be able to pull it off. Utterly pathetic, voters. She has a five octave voice and has a belted note ranging from lower C5 to higher C6. Listen to his range that sings true both in the studio and live. 19? He was the leader of the band who is considered the god of the music. The rankings are based on several factors: each artist's album sales; the number of Top 40 hits, No. Taylor Swift has a limited vocal range and her voice is too soft, innocent, and weak. You believed what she sang, experienced the story she told through her songs. She could make you cry or dance with joy. Not only that, but he's been singing for more than 15 years and he still sounds amazing! And the fact that he's behind Bruno Mars and Katy Perry is INSANE. They are an educated people think he's so talented because an uneducated corporation told them he is. Katy Perry's music is the inspiration of my life I always thank her for my success and happiness in my life and she taught me how to be true to myself be brave and always have light and happiness in my heart and I hope everybody can know Katy perry and her beautiful music and I want to share my happiness with everybody so we can live in a peace love able world ...more. Jesus never said that you should always live in abstinence and away from pleasure".Songs of that time were pure poetry. So there you go a little history lesson for you. Slash once described the sound of Rose's voice in slightly different terms: It's like "the sound that a tape player makes when the cassette finally dies and the tape gets ripped out, " he said, "but in tune. " Tough to understand, but a true joy to listen to. She also expresses herself with every song and makes the message powerful. A panel of 179 experts ranked the vocalists. Read a gosh darn book and stop being stupid for concert tickets. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Justin Bieber is rated higher, in 5 years Justin will be another, "What ever happened to" while Paul... Huh... Why am I even comparing the two. Or can she do even half the things with her voice like the vocalists I mentioned above can including Opera? Funny I don't give a damn about the new artists either except a handful bunch who can sing n touch. Just imagine his lovely, bright character, his sweet sense of humor and is adorable, unique voice. She doesn't either, and neither does she cake on makeup or wear revealing clothes, she truly is unique. Madonna Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Mark Arm, Mark Lanegan, and Kurt Cobain have all commented on the sheer brilliancy of Layne's vocal abilities. Moonchild11. John you are magical and you will never be forgotten. Her voice, her song style, even her looks! Michael Jackson songs describe about his soul and emotion singing with passion dedication.No-one even close to him. Sure, his voice is probably edited in the albums, but listen to him live. Also her career was tainted with numerous controversies regarding her behavior. Trust me iv been a heavy metal freak for 15 years and I have never heard a voice so powerful, beautiful and skilled and never seen a presence so out of the world. I feel like he should be in the Top 10 alongside John, Paul, Freddie, and Michael in the sense of "classic vocalists." And thus choose to vote against the rather more popular artists.The style of his songs. Layne's voice is one of the unique and powerful voices of this century and many vocal chords have been shredded in an attempt to emulate what came naturally to him. It's ironic how all the well known pop artists are also ranked high for "Worst singers of all time". Brighter than a thousand Suns17. Taylor Swift net worth: Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $400 million. The difference between Chester and Eminem singing wise is that Chester actually sings and has real talent. I don't know why I made this comment ...more. He screamsLive unlike most other bands, because theyUsually need to tune the voice before usingThe song in an album. Our 2008 list of the best vocalists ever, as voted on by a panel of 179 experts. However, this is a list of the best singers in the world and Stevie is without a doubt worthy of the top five. Who else could do that? Kurt is so down the list because of a few simple reasons.Majority of the youth doesn't know who he is. Lord of Light19. John Lennon may not have had the range of MJ or the power of Whitney Houston but when it comes to raw emotion and a beautiful tone, he has no match. One of the most unique singing voices ever. Self proclaim don't leave that out. She has also a vocal range of Head Register fom G5 to Eb6 or E6. Michael Jackson could sing anything. Madonna shouldn't be in here. Yes, I am pretty young compared to probably most of the other people here, but I still do think that Adele is top tier, one of the best singers. He has an AMAZING voice and AMAZING songs. Tim Rice was born in Amersham, Tina Turner net worth: Tina Turner is an American singer and actress who has a net worth of $250 million.

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