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fifty shades of grey ending

Hard cut to credits. And we know about the weird non-disclosure agreements and sex contracts. I understand that the ending of the movie is the same as the ending of the book, in broad strokes, but different in the details. In … In other words: How does the Fifty Shades of Grey movie end, and is it the same as the book? (Which, if I can editorialize here for a second, is totally not cool.) EL James insisted that Anastasia say "stop" instead of "red. She made the decision to leave. All rights reserved. Hier wird das Filmende von Fifty Shades of Grey behandelt. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. I know I'm offering you some instant gratification, but if Fifty Shades of Grey has taught us anything, it's that there's at least some degree of pleasure in anticipation and waiting (um, among other things). Images: Chuck Zlotnick/Universal Studios and Focus Features; Giphy. We know about the kinky sex in Fifty Shades of Grey. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson wanted the last word to be "red," but ultimately, James won. Everyone still here? They couldn't mess around with the book too much, could they? I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away. In the book, Ana also decides to leave Christian, gives back the gifts he gave her, and gets the money for the Beetle. (Again, spoilers for the book ahead.) Was passiert zum Schluss von Fifty Shades of Grey? He tries to convince her, but her mind is made up, and she gives back the car and asks for the money for the old Beetle he sold without asking. To me, that's all way better than watching her bawl in bed. Not only am I a sucker for the whole elevator-callback thing, it ends on a moment of strength for Anastasia. I like it even though EL James insisted that Anastasia say "stop" instead of "red," which is her safe word. Even if you've read the books, make sure you don't want to be surprised by the movie's ending before you continue reading — it may or may not be different (something I won't yet confirm nor deny). OK, the movie ends like this: Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), having experienced the worst that the "Red Room of Pain" has to offer, decides she can't be with Christian. Regardless, the ending was basically my favorite part. Personally, I happen to love the ending of the movie. English: This video presents the alternate ending of Fifty Shades Of Grey, followed by some scenes of the movie that everyone saw on the big screen. Then, as the doors close, he says, "Anastasia," and she says, "Christian" — mirroring the way they parted at the elevators when she first meets him — and that's it. Damit nicht gleich zu viel verraten wird, zeigt dir über Symbole die Tendenz des Endes von Fifty Shades of Grey: gut oder schlecht, traurig oder nicht, offen oder abgeschlossen. After spending two hours establishing the relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, Fifty Shades of Grey caught many viewers by surprise with its rather abrupt ending. She has agency. "Red" would've been even better that "stop," IMHO. It follows her all the way home, and ends with her crying in her apartment. OK, the movie ends like this: Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), having experienced the worst that the "Red Room of Pain" has to offer, decides she can't be with Christian. Wie endet Fifty Shades of Grey? After all, there are some sequels on the way, so the movie has to end in a way that it feels satisfying, yet also tees up the next film. But does it lead to anything, or is it all just an excuse to see Jamie Dornan shirtless and Dakota Johnson biting her lip over and over again? It's abrupt, and she stands firm. I know a spoiler warning should go without saying here, but I mean it: I'm about to spoil the end of the movie. But the book doesn't stop at the elevator. He follows her as she heads to to his private elevator to leave his apartment, and tries to follow her inside, but she stops him with an emphatic "No!"

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