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financial support letter for tourist visa

If submitted without a request, consular officers may consider the affidavit of support as evidence of the applicant’s inability to pay for the proposed trip. Financial Consideration B-1/B-2 Visa. The sort of letter necessary for a specific application depends on the type of visa it supports. Since finance is an important part of this process, we do not recommend that a family member or friend submit an affidavit of support for a B-1/B-2 visa applicant unless a U.S. consular specifically requests a Form I-134. Leaf Group is a USA TODAY content partner providing general travel information. I am enclosing the application and the documents herewith for the extension of stay for my parents who are currently in the U.S. on a B-2 tourist visa. Think of a visa application cover letter like the cover letter for a job application. If an applicant is traveling with a medical condition that could require care in another country, he should detail this in the cover letter and include supporting documents or records along with the insurance information. To avoid rejection, the applicant requesting a support letter from any individual or entity will need to make absolutely certain that the letter writer has all up-to-date personal details and spellings. The purpose of this inquiry is to determine whether the applicant has the financial means to afford the extensive costs of the trip. Therefore, I respectfully request you to approve their extension of stay and provide us with an extended I-94. The application for B-1/B-2 asks about the financial state of the person or entity financially responsible for the trip to the United States. In some places, like the United Kingdom, a host might need to submit accompanying proof of address, such as a photocopy of the tenancy agreement or a letter from the landlord. Career Opportunity (Immigration Legal Assistant), DHS & DOL: H-2B Visa Program Expands for FY 2019, Presidential Memo on Visa Overstay: B-1 & B-2 Visitor Visas, USCIS Director Resigns: Trump Administration Seeks New Leader, CBP at the Port of Entry Refuse to Adjudicate L-1 Renewal Petitions, USCIS Challenged: Court Considers Restrictive H-1B Policies. The consular officer makes a determination by focusing on, amongst other factors, applicant’s social and economic ties to his/her home abroad. During their extended stay, they will continue to stay at my house located at 123 Park Avenue, Iselin, NJ 08830, and I will continue to provide all financial support to them during that time. You also need to include information about what financial support you will be offering your visitor. Home » Visas » Visitors Visa Extension » Cover Letter, Rahul Gupta123 Park Avenue Iselin, NJ 08830 USAHome: 732-391-9293Work: 732-733-4087, Subject: Visitors visa extension for my parents. For example, if applying for a short-term tourist visa … To make things even easier, many embassy websites have templates of exactly what they're looking for. If you wish to “sponsor” a friend or family for a B-1/B-2 visitor visa, filing a Form I-134 may cause more harm than good. This typically includes the exact reason, address and duration of the stay, where the host is studying or working in that country and photocopies of substantiating documents. They have their business, other children, grand children, and other family in India. The letter includes the amount of money this person will be providing, with supporting evidence of their relationship to you. Please find the following documents enclosed herewith:* Copies of Form I-94* Copies of all pages of passports* Copies of Return airline tickets* Proof of financial support including Form I-134, bank statements, employment letter, recent paystubs and account verification letter from the bank. PHONE: 404-348-2829 | FAX: 877-414-8765. For information about your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. © 2020 USATODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc. By continuing to browse this website, you agree to our use of cookies. For visitors, travel, student and other international travel medical insurance. Katherine is a freelance journalist who has been based off-and-on in Nashville, New York, London and Barcelona for the past four years. In addition, consular officers often examine the applicant’s financial information during the interview to determine whether the applicant is an “intending immigrant,” or that the applicant intends to stay in the U.S. permanently. However, there are provisions applicants can take to lighten the burden and increase the application’s chances of being successfully passed through the system. Not affiliated with any government agency. However, they are yet to see many other famous tourist locations in the western United States, such as Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, Disneyland, San Francisco, etc. All rights reserved. The information contained on this site has been prepared by Sharma Law Offices, LLC for informational purposes only and is not a legal advice. Please note that my parents have strong ties to India. According to their current I-94, their authorized stay expires on 07/31/2019. Given the nature of the B-1/ B-2 visitor visas, an affidavit of support is not considered by consular officers because the foreign national is not expected to be in the U.S. for an extended period. Moreover, my work schedule and commitments don’t allow me to take multiple longer vacations in a short duration. They have absolutely no intention to stay permanently in the USA. She’s currently based in London and spends her time traveling the world and writing stories about it while working away at her first travel book. Since they are getting older, they may not be able to visit us again. From ensuring all the correct documents are notarized and in perfect condition to waiting anxiously for news of approval, it has the potential to be complicated and nerve-racking from start to finish. Visit or call +1 (866) INSUBUY or +1 (972) 985-4400, Visit or call 1 (866) INSUBUY or +1 (972) 985-4400. Therefore, I would like to show them tourist destinations in the western United States during this visit itself. I assure you that they will promptly return to their home in India before the end of their authorized extension of stay. Schedule Consultation with an attorney who can answer your questions. For example, if applying for a short-term tourist visa to visit a friend in a different country, that friend can submit a detailed letter of invitation on the applicant’s behalf. Important Documents Needed When Applying for a Tourist Visa, Schengen Visa Info: Schengen Visa Application Cover Letter – Samples for Tourist, Medical and Business Visa Applications, How to Get a Copy of a Child's Birth Certificate, How to Write a Letter to Support a Visa Application, Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights. * Proof of financial support including Form I-134, bank statements, employment letter, recent paystubs and account verification letter from the bank. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this application, please feel free to contact me at any time at 732-391-9293 (Home) or 732-733-4087 (Work). • Letter of Support If you depend on someone financially, that person can provide proof that they have sufficient funds to support you in Canada by writing a letter of support. Sharma Law Offices, LLC limits its practice strictly to immigration law, a Federal practice area, and we do not claim expertise in the laws of states other than where our attorneys are licensed - presently State of Tennessee. immihelp®.com is private non-lawyer web site. Readers are cautioned not to attempt to solve individual problems on the basis of information contained herein and are strongly advised to seek competent legal counsel before relying on information on this site. This information is intended to educate members of the public generally and is not intended to provide solutions to individual problems or to create an attorney-client relationship. During their current stay, they have seen several places on the east coast. Rejected applications, even for small errors, can mean weeks of appealing and reapplying – not to mention weeks of being without a passport – so any tactic to make sure it gets processed the first time is worth looking into. If you do not wish the person to see this affidavit, it may be sent directly to the Embassy/Consulate with a cover letter giving the applicant’s full name, date and place of birth and case number. It's no secret that the visa application process for access to another country can be grueling at best. Describe your financial support. Since they are elderly, they have not been able to make extensive travels as it would be very exhausting for them. © 2020 Sharma Law Offices, LLC.

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