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As tensions grew between the Autobots and Ascenticons, Greenlight initially suggested taking Gauge offworld aboard an outbound Reversionist vessel: a suggestion that Arcee initially disagreed with, fearing that uprooting Gauge at this crucial stage might impact her developoment. Yes, Rodimus Prime managed to contain Unicron again, but at what price...? Quick witted and formidable in battle, Arcee is compassionate to her allies but utterly merciless to her enemies. A figure that really captures the gist of G1. Not really sure the reason for it though, aesthetic? Despite Windblade's doubts, the plan worked, and Fortress Maximus was restored to full functionality, his alternate mode reconfigured into a copy of the Enterprise linked to Kirk's own consciousness. 16 During Halloween, she dressed up as a maid and set out alongside Windblade and Chromia to stop Megatron's trick-or-energy scheme, only for the three to be webbed up by Megatron's new minion, Blackarachnia. Despite her injuries, Arcee was soon back on her feet and assisting Hot Rod in a last-ditch effort to thwart the invaders' plans. Joined by a series of custom-built mechanical suits, the Autobots leapt into action against Megatron and his allies, and though they were paralyzed by one of Soundwave's sonic frequencies, it would be the Klingons themselves who successfully thwarted the attempted invasion. The Autobots were unaware that the Decepticons had done the same until they were attacked by the Decepticon Titan Trypticon over the barren moon of Cygnus Seven, and in the ensuing battle the damaged Fortress Maximus crashed into the surface of the planet, knocking him and all of his passengers—Autobot and Decepticon alike—into stasis lock for some two hundred years. Kup led Hot Rod, Arcee, and the Dinobots on a special mission to take supplies from Earth to a space station on Cybertron's second moon. Says you. However, before the trio could leave, Soundblaster arrived, having caught on from the start, thanks to surveillance from Buzzsaw. So be expected that she can do a lot of hoo-ha pose without worrying the figure to fall. (C) Robot Mode 25, While acting as cheerleader at a soccer game, Arcee found herself targeted by the prank-loving Wheelie, who flipped her skirt and kicked soccer balls at her. That could be basically anyone if not for the colors. Transformers: Earth Wars, Arcee was one of the Autobots pulled from her universe by the Quintessons and forced to fight. Megatron and his troops were eventually driven away, but at a steep cost: Optimus had been fatally wounded in battle against his nemesis. She was aboard the Ark when it flew into the space bridge. Joining a small Autobot detachment, they destroyed the drill and returned to Autobot City to face the greater threat: a timestorm that threatened 20 years of history with destruction. Here are some size comparison with different versions of Arcee (From left to right: Animated Arcee, Generations Arcee, Perfect Effect DX 01 Arcee and Transformers Prime Arcee.). A side by side comparison with MP10 Optimus Prime. Rodimus Prime and the Autobots desperately coordinated with the Quintessons to use a timeslip device and travel back in time, preventing Shockwave from ever getting his hand on Zel Quartz. Period. Your email address will not be published. Transformers: The Ultimate Guide She became a member of Hot Rod's underground rebellion team headquartered in the Wastelands during the reign of Shockwave. But when they returned to Cybertron, it had changed during their absence into a technorganic paradise by the Great Transformation. Now we have something very special to share with you. Also, the file names Hasbro sent are: I ordered this figure off of Ebay back in early February 2020, and it arrived around  the first week of March. Shop for transformers generations arcee online at Target. Primal Prime, Apelinq, Ramulus and Tigatron left them to find Cryotek, leaving Arcee and the others to take their injured to safety before joining the counterattack forces on the ground. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details for Enemy of My Enemy Part Four follow. I can't wait to get my hands on her. #1. She accepted, much to Hot Rod's annoyance. Dark Awakening Arcee, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus and Springer were trapped in human bodies by Victor Drath and Old Snake, but still managed to foil the pair's plan to destroy Autobot City. Retail Price: $24.99/Available at HASCON): A close associate of Hot Rod and Springer, Arcee fought in both the Battle of Autobot City and the Unicron War in 2005. Despite this moral victory, the Autobots' resistance movement was quickly crushed, and they were forced to leave their homeworld. Well, back kibble. Arcee is here a faithful recreation of her original Generation 1 design, as seen in 1986’s Transformers the Movie. Arcee was accosted, wounded, and strategically placed as bait so that Rodimus would see her upon investigating the attack on the outpost. more "shaped" version of her earlier model, TransFormers Philippines: Interview With Floro Dery, Replica Microman Series; Reissued Lady Command M181 Ann, M182 Alice, M183 Annie & M184 Ai (11/1999) at Microman Forever, Replica Microman Series; Kodashan Takara SF Land Book Prize - Microman Lady Command Arcee (?/00) at Microman Forever, New Info About War For Cybertron and More from the Hasbro Preview Breakfast, Post by Verity Carlo on the Allspark Forums, 2017/02/12, Tweet by Alex Milne (@markerguru), 11 August 2020, Prime warned Arcee to stay back, lest she get hurt in battle, but the female Autobot, rightfully annoyed at the Autobots' lack of faith in her equal ability, singlehandedly forced the Decepticons into a retreat. It's an interesting idea to fuse dinosaurs and robots together. Various Junkion ladies and the. Arcee is a merciless and deadly warrior who's an expert in hand-to-hand combat and one of the best sharpshooters on record. After showing him the Ark's weapon locker and conducting a perimeter sweep, unaware that he'd surreptitiously scattered explosives around the area, Arcee responded to Bumblebee's call for reinforcements at a Cyberdyne Systems facility. She didn't worry too much about that, though, as Rattrap was late for work, so she quickly made him lunch and personally drove him to work with her new car mode. (D) Transformation Less Than Zero, Arcee was part of the crew of an Autobot ship that was studying the Universe. The figure though……ehh. They came to Earth, and fought back against the Decepticons when they started trouble. Form Follows Function, When Metroplex was attacked by the Decepticon-Cobra alliance, Arcee, Inferno, and Seaspray took some Joes to Fortress Maximus to free U.S.7 from within the giant and bring him to his senses. Otherwise just set it aside if you’re not going to attach it to her. Arcee also has a pair of swords, jointly inspired by her Animated toy and her current comic persona. Arcee is not Bumblebee, folks. I will say that (say it with me now) MUCH LIKE THE GENERATIONS VERSION the sculpting with Arcee’s hands worry me. Demoralized, Arcee and the Wreckers left Archa Nine and headed to another planet at the insistence of their divinely-inspired leader, Primal Prime. So it is definitely a no-brainer for me to buy it on the spot without hesitation. This was evidently a proposal for a redeco of the toy as Headmaster Arcee from "The Rebirth". cant wait for bbts to fill my preorder for her. Arcee and Rodimus quietly bonded as they battled the Sharkticons; it was just like old times. Prime's Rib! After Arcee had loaded the captured Decepticons into Optimus' trailer, the Autobots returned to the Ark only to find the volcano destroyed. Following Vigilem's destruction of the Tether, however, the three tried to help with rescue efforts until a confrontation with Gutcruncher and Singe at a nearby energon storage field made up Arcee's mind, and the three raced to board the Reversionist starship Exodus on the outskirts of Iacon. Despite Kup's warnings, the Dinobots loaded too many supplies onto the ship, and the ship crashed on a planet. Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances. Hmm, I'm not sure if I want to get this one or wait for the Dot Matrix repaint in the Spaceballs line. Arcee became Defensor's... er, crotch. I said I had a daughter who loves this stuff. Again, missing waist joint. Unit:E, Known as the guardian of Plasma Energy Chamber, Arcee was a Rescuebot, and one of the Autobots stationed in Metroplex under Grimlock's command when a patrol brought back several captured G.I. At Landing Platform A, after they were done loading baggage, Arcee was lost in thoughts, of which a few she shared with Springer when he asked what was on her mind: she wasn't sure of her purpose in life and if she belonged on Cybertron. Rodimus's Wreckers were followed by Megatron's new Vehicon generals, Quake and Blastcharge, causing a battle that resulted in Fractyl's near-death. One day in 2008, she decided to be a bit adventurous, rationalizing that ditching her duties and returning before anyone noticed wouldn't amount to any harm.

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