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2e Javelin. When the empyreal lord Asmodeus found a simple, darkened shrine in Hell when wandering the Great Beyond, the serpent that would become Geryon appeared and asked him who he was. [1], Geryon's origin story in the Codex of Betrayal portrayed him as a champion of He Who Was, the goodly deity Asmodeus himself supposedly worked under. It wasn't sentient like Sever, but the mouth area housed a red tongue that would quickly lash out like a whip at the wielder's command, potentially paralyzing the target for a short amount of time, and could let loose a fear-inspiring roar to terrify its wielder's foes once a week. [5] He was still an incessant being that persistently pursued his quarry but he had become more jealous after being overtaken, applying his determined hunter attitude to regaining his former authority. [3][15] His greatest rival was Levistus; the two had always been fighting over Stygia and had managed to defeat each other numerous times. His baliff, Gorson, also died but his magistrate Herodias managed to live on. Served By Snake-Tail. Serves He had become much more heinous during his time serving Asmodeus and wicked deeds that could once be attributed to a twisted sense of loyalty or vengeful fury were done solely out of malevolence. Power Attack. In addition, Geryon can use a bonus action to make one melee weapon attack after he uses a melee weapon to reduce a creature to 0 hit points or scores a critical hit with it. Worshipers Serves Change ), Animal Handling +5, Investigation +3, Perception +5, Persuasion +4, Religion +3. Outside of those reserved for the Blood War, devils of Stygia were constantly battling for either Geryon or Levistus. Senses passive Perception 20 If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 14 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone. View all posts by Mike Myler. Geryon, Lord of Stygia Asmodeus [1][4], Geryon's iconic item was his Horn of the Bull, a powerful magical artifact he always kept close that acted as both a dangerous weapon and a symbol of his dominion. He carries three weapons and three shields. Hit Points 210 (20d10+100) Hit: 4 (1d4+2) piercing damage plus 4 (1d8) poison damage. Served By His arms are strong and hairy and end in paw-like hands, and allow him to use his horn, the Horn of the Bull. Alignment [1][9][10] Despite his mismatched bodily structure, the Wild Beast had a kind of raw, animalistic presence that made him weirdly alluring and his head boasted a strangely handsome visage. [9], Clerics of Geryon were to wear red or dark green garments and snake-like jewels. Adult geryons are about 13 feet tall and weigh 5,200 pounds. [8][7], For some indiscernible reason, Asmodeus had done nothing to stop the power-struggle and indeed Geryon still harvested souls and served the archdevil in hopes of being returned to power. 5E RPG: Ancient Adventures. [1][8][10] The exact nature of the summoned monsters was questionable, with some sources claiming that they were stolen from Baphomet and enslaved while others stated they weren't minotaurs at all but rather a breed of extinct devils that happened to resemble minotaurs. [1] Asmodeus did indeed play upon Geryon's desires in order to convince him to raid the Temple of Neheod, resulting in the construction of Coldsteel. Geryon attacks three times. Copyright 2020, Mal and Tal, LLC; Author Michael Tresca. Hit: 7 (1d6+4) piercing damage plus 4 (1d8) poison damage. The serpent recognised Asmodeus and remember… Amon Power Level Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Fighter Playtest! [3] Another was that the energy stolen from Geryon when he fell was not given to Levistus but granted to Glasya to fuel her ascension into an archdevil. Lawful evil Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. [1][8] His gaze could strike terror in his enemies and he was delighted by the sight of his enemies cowering before him, whether a natural response or not. 2nd Edition Statistics[9] | Here Be Monsters Geryon cannot suffer from frailty of old age, die from old age, or be aged magically. [4], Geryon was also known to possess two enchanted armaments for situations where weaponry was needed. Large giant, neutral Lawful evil Master Page for D&D 5E Ancient Greece/Monster List. An Intelligence (History) check reveals the following information: 9—The monster Geryon had a two headed-dog named Orthos, litter-mate of the beast Cerberus. Orthos served the monster Geryon and was killed by Heracles when Heracles tried to take Geryon’s cattle. [8], Although Geryon typically stood 10 ft (3 m) tall, his serpentine body stretched to 30 feet (9.1 meters) in terms of length and ended in a venom-dripping barb. | GumshoeSRD 22 [3][9], Geryon's primary motivation was to regain his lost authority and retake Stygia, so most of his time was spent designing nefarious plots against Levistus. Though monstrous, he was civilized, and content to live out his life herding cattle in a far land. Infernal Glare. [4], The reigning archdevils of the Nine Hells had been putting the final phases of their plans to conquer the plane into action and had chosen their allies in the coming war against each other before they would battle Asmodeus and try to usurp him. Hercules was commanded by Eurystheus to fetch Geryon’s oxen. Alignment Asmodeus learned much of beings beyond Heaven, and he in turn shared many of Heaven's truths and innovations to the asuras and velstracs before returning to Heaven. Which is less worthy: The archdevil who leads a layer while being trapped in a block of ice, or the archdevil that can't outmaneuver a frozen adversary? [8][1], Cultists of Geryon were as unerringly self-centered as he was often times forming bandit gangs or mercenary groups where the weak were plundered and rule was established by proving oneself strongest. Unable to properly save all of them, He Who Was supposedly used the essence of the weaker two to save Geryon, hence his later portrayal as a three-headed being with a fragmented personality. The minotaurs summoned served until death but disappeared the next time the horn was used. Geryons are herdsman by trade and are experts at monitoring their sheep with their three sets of eyes. Geryons are leaders of men and are often valued as national treasures by city-states where they rule. 3e [1][8][10] He would begrudgingly use weapons if necessary, although he had a tendency to lose his composure and descend into an animalistic frenzy when seriously injured, crushing his foes beneath his fists rather than using any kind of plan. Although willing to see the task through upon discovering it, he was mortified at the idea of an action not only incompletable by a duke of Hell, but one so fearsome not even the King of the Nine Hells would speak of it. Lawful evil Orthos is a two-headed snake-tailed dog, a smaller and weaker version of his brother Cerberus. 15—Heracles killed Geryon and his two-headed dog Orthos as part of one of his heroic labors. Geryon targets one creature he can see within 60 feet of him. | d20 Anime SRD Nine Hells [3][15][4] In fact, Geryon had encouraged his nemesis Moloch to join the battle through the mouth of Malagard. New Pages | Recent Changes | Privacy Policy. Masculine Challenge rating He theorized that Asmodeus wanted him to do something so unspeakable that simply being associated by proxy would be devastating and that it was left to him to decipher what it was. Geryon’s Cult. In exchange for their obedience, Geryon granted raw physical power and enhanced durability to his followers, who were normally found among barbarians and rangers. [1][8] He had carefully crafted a secret army of fiendish mercenaries and renegades and, like Zariel, spawned cambions to act as leaders in his legions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nine Hells Despite his powerful ancestry, Geryon has little experience in combat and normally charges into battle with all of his weapons and loyal Orthos at his side. Evil [3] With some caveats, every treacherous lord besides Moloch, who had been convinced by Malagard at Geryon's request to remain defiant after defeat, was reinstated,[15] but for some unfathomable reason Asmodeus also deposed Geryon as well despite his loyalty. [1], Of the few creatures that worshiped Geryon as a deity, lawful minotaurs were the most common. | d20HeroSRD Geryon was the monstrous giant son of the rain-goddess Callirhoe and a mortal son of Medusa named Chrysaor. Skills Animal Handling +3, Perception +9, Persuasion +7, Survival +3 Senses passive Perception 19 Languages Common, Giant Challenge 6 (2,300 XP). Although his consort Cozbinaer, typically shortened to Cozbi, managed to survive for some time using dark magic and machinery to keep her alive, she eventually perished as well. Speed 35 ft. The granite outline, similar to a cave painting, showed Geryon cutting off right hands and replacing them with powerful, fiendish versions, requiring the wielder to commit evil and lawful acts to retain their power. Serves Writer, Magicianeer, Game Designer, Space Marine Languages Common Swift Sting (Costs 2 Actions). [14] It was through his unfaithful consort Malagard, that Geryon manipulated Moloch and eventually deposed him. Orthos makes two bite attacks and one snake-tail attack. [1], Geryon himself didn't see it as a positive[1] and once came to the conclusion that it would make no sense for Asmodeus to banish him unless the exile was simply a complicated ruse. Of the two, Moloch was Geryon's greater nemesis as opposed to Belial and without Baalzebul's presence Moloch would have suffered from the Wild Beast's incursions. [1] A kind of reverse chapel existed within Coldsteel, used to meditate upon the divine energy he gained from reverence. Orthos has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks and on saving throws against being blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, stunned, and knocked unconscious. Skills Animal Handling +5, Investigation +3, Perception +5, Persuasion +4, Religion +3 Hit Points 30 (4d8+12) Stygia 7 (1d6+4) piercing damage plus 4 (1d8) poison damage. [9], Even before he first ruled Stygia, Geryon was summoned by mortals on the Prime Material Plane, an unwise move as he normally took the chance to go on long expeditions looking for rich and powerful opponents. 4e Ageless. Stygia 1st Edition Statistics[10] [5] Although no longer a true archdevil he retained the power to make devilish deals with mortals often through his agents. [1][9], Sometimes he took the form of smaller beings to make movement easier, preferring the shapes of monsters like ogres and minotaurs or beasts like tigers. Although nowhere near close to ascending, reaching godhood was a goal that Geryon still strove towards and believed he would accomplish. Latest 5th Edition Products in the Open Gaming Store! Three Heads.The geryon has advantage on Wisdom checks and on saving throws against being blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, stunned, and knocked unconscious.

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