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ghostbusters: sanctum of slime

With 4 new playable characters and a whole new team of Ghostbusters, get ready for a fast-paced battle against the evil spirits that lurk in New York City to take down Dumazu the Destroyer! [21] [22], On May 31st, it was announced a Challenge Pack will be released on June 1st via Xbox Live and PC. At Parkview, the Ghostbusters fight the previous bosses (except the Subway Smasher). In the final cinematic, Ray says the famous "Who you gonna call?" On March 20, 2018, the 9th Virtual Trading Card for the promotion of Crossing Over was Bridget Gibbons. In those driving sections they're all on the back of the Ecto-4WD chasing and being chased by lots of different types of ghosts. It features two new modes of difficulty. Release Date(s): As seen in Ghostbusters Annual 2017 page 48. [16], On February 28, 2011, it was revealed the familial connection will be between Janosz Poha and Alan Crendall. In 1954 A.D., New York City maintenance workers unearth one of the fragments; it is placed in a museum. Story Writer(s): The street collapses, and the Ghostbusters continue on foot through the sewers where they fight Arachnid Manifestations (ghost spiders) and a Spider Queen. Soon after, they were one of the teams that came to help recapture entities missing from the Containment Unit. They return to headquarters but find, to their horror, that the four shards they have collected have assembled by themselves. The car breaks down, but they continue fighting. After the events of the movies and the game, the Ghostbusters have hired four new cadets to defend New York City. They go back to Parkview in search of Tesmon. On March 1, 2018, the 4th Virtual Trading Card for the promotion of Crossing Over was Alan Crendall. 4.2 5. There he meets Ismael, the self-proclaimed last member of the cult of Dumazu. [2] Samuel tries to figure out the name of a spider movie from the 80s. They discover that Dr. Tesmon is Ismael McEnthol, the Cultist seeking to reunite the Relic of Nilhe, and that the boss monsters they have twice defeated were actually trying to stop him. [4][7] the PlayStation 3 version 42% and 42/100[5][9] and the PC version 38% and 43/100. Ghostbusters Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. There are 24 reviews 24. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. The Ghostbusters fight The Subway Smasher, a monster formed from subway trains. [12]. Atari . Samuel Hazer mentions an interdimensional rip. More. The Ghostbusters analyze the shard, and clear out some of the ghosts. Tom Waltz, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is a video game based on the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II and is published by Atari. They're hidden in breakable props within the levels. The entire junior team, in a separate parallel dimension, based on their designs in the video game made a brief appearance in two issues of the Ghostbusters: Get Real mini-series. And that's where you come in, guiding the rookie team in their first adventure to find the truth behind Ismael, the Relic of Nilhe, and Dumazu the Destroyer! Geoff drives the Ghostbusters back to headquarters, but along the way, they fight more ghosts that are attracted to the shards, including gargoyles from the cemetery, and the mood slime that have oozed through the cracks in the streets. Fast forward to 1989, when museum curator Janosz Poha is sent to a mental institution following the events in Ghostbusters II. Atari went ahead and used the Ghostbusters license one more time. On May 3, 2018, the 22nd Virtual Trading Card for the promotion of Crossing Over was Samuel Hazer. [7], A demon has been resurrected in New York City which also causes a surge of ghosts to be drawn to New York from all over the world. Janosz also arrives and apologizes for his actions. It is reconfirmed there are 12 levels in the game, not 14. However, when facing larger entities, the trap will be the main solution. Disintegrated ghosts will usually leave a small trail of ectoplasmic residue that can be absorbed by the team's Proton Pack built-in Energy Syphon. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? In Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, the story begins 4000 years ago with a strange cult mourning the death of Dumazu, an ancient demon of death and destruction. [34] After one of their first cases, the junior team took on "Sanctum of Slime" and "SOS" as their call sign. These new weapons along with the enhanced Proton Stream can completely disintegrate minor entities and reduce the need for traps. Egon's and Ray's studies on paranormal entities have revealed that ectoplasm can be charged with different sub-atomic charges and make entities weaker to different energy frequencies. Marketed and distributed by Atari, Inc., New York, NY. There are 30 total. One indicates the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will at least appear as a power-up or collectible of some sort. They then go to Parkview, where they meet Dr. Tesmon, who explains that Janosz has gone insane after taking possession of the shard. Ismael McEnthol is admitted to the Parkview mental hospital for suffering bizarre delusions and horrifying hallucinations of Dumazu. McEnthol keeps the shard, and goes under an alias: Dr. Michael Tesmon. [19], On March 18th, 2011, Jonathan Moses reveals the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are icons for hidden relics. As the player progresses through the levels, Egon invents new technology for the team and in the cut-scenes, presents new weapons to use that become important as they progress and meet new ghosts. One of the reasons for this is, Egon has discovered certain entities have specific colored auras around them and they are weak to certain types of energy. Share this Rating. Ismael seeks a Shard of the Relic of Nilhe, a mystic artifact that possesses the power to bring Dumazu the Destroyer back to life, and he tasks Janosz with obtaining it. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime brings paranormal activity to PC Download!

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