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Also had to order a side dish of mashed potato for the kids. Really by the book if you are a fine cuisine aficionado but hasn’t found its singularity yet. Sanitation measures were in evidence.More. I like it very much. menu is ala carte but $ 7 for steak sauce really. The majority of the group ordered the Waygu cap steak which was as good as it would ever get. I’ve never tasted risotto before but it tasted like mac&cheese but replace the macaroni with puffy rice... lastly, We tried the beef Wellington...not my favorite but had to order it...since I see it all the time being cooked at Hell’s Kitchen show. I got the pan seared scallops with risotto. Very friendly atmosphere.I wanted to love it as much as I was expecting to. Took my family because like many we enjoy the TV shows and want to experience a dinning experience of a master chef. The other aspect to three star dining that you absolutely expect is the miraculous, the incredible, the picture perfect plates that should be on display at Tate Modern! Not the cheapest, but you are guaranteed unmitigated quality on all fronts. We order at least 1 of every side with exception of the fries. All lovely, but they come and go and change all the time so it can feel overwhelming at times. A lot of items are al la carte. Is Restaurant Gordon Ramsay currently accepting reservations? World Famous TV personality and accomplished chef Gordon Ramsay serves his famous dishes in an exceptional fine dining atmosphere. But the service and hospitality was the best I have ever encountered in London, which made the meal wonderful. But the staff was attentive- not pushy, the decor is nice, drinks are tasty and meat cooked as desired. A must try when in Vegas! I can’t get anyone to return my calls or emails. Welcome back! Maybe my expectation was too high, I was not impress, will never go back again. The signature starter dish of the ravioli was fabulous as was the beef with leeks.More, Had a wonderful time dining at Restaurant Gordon Ramsey. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly. the food was just average, so I canceled the Hell's kitchen's resevation. I know everything on is ala carte but $ 7 for steak sauce really. Ceasar salad was not very fresh, croutons were great. The food was ok. With Covid I know a lot of the better steakhouses are still closed so not much to choose from. I personally had the porterhouse and the flavor and crust...on it was outstanding, with some earthy notes from the dry aging. Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Limited uses cookies to store or access information on your device to help us understand the performance of the website and to personalise your experience when browsing our website. You know....the plate that appears before you and makes you gasp, knowing full well that an army of chefs used tiny tweezers to precision place every minute detail. The american wagyu rib cap...$85 for a 3”x2”x 0.5” (my estimate) but never tasted a steak like juicy, tender and lots of flavor. and we tried all 3 desserts! The journey the food takes you on is extraordinary and the staff team are charming, knowledgeable and professional. After all of that we did order dessert, apple cheesecake, and the famous pudding. But thats because they were even more exceptional than the other dishes. The best steak was the Rib Cap and best dessert was the STP (sticky toffee pudding). To get more information, ... All prices are inclusive of VAT. I don't want to say too much because I respect chef Ramsay, still had a great time with my family experiencing the resatuarant.

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