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homemade extraction tube

Your exactor will have a hole at the end for the cannabinoids dissolved in the butane to exit into your Pyrex dish. If you allow the bats to LEAVE your house, but prevent them from RETURNING to your house, they will have no choice but to find another, more suitable place to live. These valves are one of the most successful methods of getting rid of bats.

google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5934856223046488"; This project isn’t strictly for small sailboats or for boats in general. Pour the used oil from a drain pan through a funnel into a different container for disposal?

Above, you can see an extraction tube filled with ground bud being flushed with the butane. That’s very true for labor-intensive jobs. If your oil extractor tank has a drain valve, sit the extractor on something so that you can place an empty disposable jug under the valve.

It would also be really cool if you could post a video this baby in action! ( Log Out / 

If you want to get rid of the bats that have taken up residence in your house, you MUST completely prevent them from being able to get back into your house, again, because they will most certainly make every effort to do so. You’ve just got to love doing it. When I decided that I would make my own oil extractor and I was thinking of a suitable tank to hold the oil, that old air compressor tank came to mind and it was a perfect choice: If you have a similar tank on hand, chances are you can adapt it to work as an oil extractor too. If you have a more serious problem with getting rid of bats, and / or have tried some of the other bat removal ideas and techniques and have not been successful, you will want to learn about one-way bat removal valves.

They don’t waste time doing it the old-fashioned way, why should you? Following is …

That means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links. Attach the end of the polyethylene tubing nearest the valve to the 1/8″ barb of the reducer you made. The 3/8″ vinyl tubing only needs to reach from the dip stick tube of your largest vehicle to the oil extractor tank.

Additionally, if the valves are correctly installed, you won’t even have to see, or handle the bats that leave your house. Note:  keep in mind that if you DO have to handle bats for any reason, be sure and wear protective gloves and take precautions against being bitten.

There will also be some holes at the top. Bats are quite territorial. It’s finished when you hear sounds like you make when you’re sucking the last drops from a milk shake through a straw. If building this oil extractor doesn’t appeal to you but you still like the idea and don’t want to spend a hundred bucks for a commercial-made extractor, consider getting the Topsider 5060 Multi-Purpose Fluid Removing System from Air Power America. Savings: $56.55.

of air pressure to the oil extractor and the used oil will squirt out in seconds.

If you’re using an existing air compressor or similar tank, empty the tank of any remaining fluids and remove all existing fittings that you won’t reuse. Connect the male coupler of an ordinary air hose to the female coupler on the inlet side of your air compressor. At some point, the money you pay yourself by keeping the cash in your wallet isn’t worth the time you spent. The oil flows through tubing to a reservoir from which you can conveniently empty it.

You don’t want the air compressor to build pressure on the outlet side when you are using it as a vacuum pump.

The idea of a one-way bat removal valve is to allow the entire colony of  bats and easy avenue to get OUT of your house at dusk, but prevent them from returning back INTO your house again at dawn. They both pull air in one side of the pump and push it out the other side.

When the find a place to live, the will reliably return to the same place over and again to roost. However, it is is absolutely imperative that this step be completed correctly. How to Make and Instal One-Way Bat Removal Valves. The owner of will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Why a Stuck Swing Keel Pivot Pin is a Good Thing, 15 Outboard Motor Maintenance Blind Spots You Can’t Afford to Miss, Topsider 5060 Multi-Purpose Fluid Removing System.

One of the popular ones is the Mityvac 7300. google_ad_height = 280; Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I rarely use that tool and when I do, the amount of vacuum usually doesn’t matter, so I replaced the vacuum gauge on it with a plug and attached the gauge to my oil extractor where it’s more useful.

Before I continue, a bit of legal housekeeping.

Would you like to be notified when I publish more posts like this? And if you don’t have brakes on your trailer, you really should have them too.

Running it continuously like that may damage the compressor.

After about a minute or when the vacuum level at the gauge stops rising (somewhere between 15″-30″ Hg, close the ball valve and turn off the compressor at the same time. Nice details, $tingy Sailor! I am very interested in building my own oil extractor.

Extraction Experts has many tubes to choose from. Then, before dawn the next morning, temporarily seal the bats out of your house, again.

What would be the best way to do an extraction with this?? You'll also receive occasional newsletters with exclusive info and deals only for subscribers and the password to the Downloads page.

Do you still stoop down or lay on your back to remove the drain plug?

( Log Out /  Then the tubing should slip onto the barbs of the cut-off valve. An oil extractor makes a vacuum that pulls the oil out through the dip stick or fill hole. One of the simplest forms of a one-way bat removal valve could be a piece of screen or netting loosely covering the outside area of the location where the bats enter and exit your house. To learn why and how to install them yourself, see my post titled Trailer surge brakes solution.

Gently knock the tube to settle the leaf matter but do not push it down because it will become to compact. Following is an overview of the steps to build your oil extractor. Use nipples as necessary. Into Your House. Before dawn in the morning, TEMPORARILY seal the the bats’ entrance holes in your house, so that the bats cannot get INTO your house. So why not use the inlet side of your air compressor as the vacuum source for your oil extractor?

3. Close.

Run the motor that you want to remove the oil from until it reaches its normal operating temperature.

If I ever need the gauge for the tool, I can borrow it temporarily from the oil extractor. Improve your sailboat's performance, safety, comfort, and appearance!

Those commissions help to pay the costs associated with running this site so that it stays free for everyone to enjoy. The last step in getting rid of your bats is to clean up the bat excrement. Because your oil extractor has a cut-off valve on the inlet side and a ball valve on the outlet side, you can close the cut-off valve, charge the tank, close the ball valve, and then carry the extractor to small jobs where you only need one charge worth of suction. ( Log Out / 

If you’re like me, you’ll wonder where they were all these years. A one-way bat removal valve could be as simple as a short length of PVC pipe, an empty tube of caulk, a piece of mesh netting or wire screen that partially seals the outside of the bats’ access areas, or a commercial device that might look something like a long, rectangular, country road mailbox with one-way openings on both ends. ( Log Out /  Do you change your own motor oil, not just in your outboard motor but in all your vehicles and power equipment?

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After you see the first of the used oil come out of the motor and into the reservoir, it’s kind of boring as there’s nothing more to watch. I have …

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