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how many tornadoes were in the 2011 super outbreak

Numerous trees were downed as well. A mobile home was destroyed and roofs were removed from homes and barns in Rockingham County. Trees were downed sporadically, with one large hardwood tree being snapped at the base. During April 25–28, 2011, the local weather forecast offices of the National Weather Service … Only the 2011 Super Tornado Outbreak from April 25-28 produced more tornadoes in a 24-hour period. A few homes sustained minor damage and numerous trees were downed. Numerous other small towns including Smithville, Mississippi; Cordova, Alabama; Rainsville, Alabama; Ohatchee, Alabama; Cullman, Alabama; Trenton, Georgia; Ringgold, Georgia; Apison, Tennessee; and Glade Spring, Virginia sustained devastating, direct hits from intense tornadoes, with several producing death tolls well into the double digits. Tornado Talk is a great place to get swept up in twister history. Several homes sustained minor to moderate roof damage and numerous trees were downed by this tornado as it tracked northward through neighborhoods just west of. Brief tornado over open country caused no damage. Two homes were destroyed and several barns and outbuildings were either damaged or destroyed. In Jefferson County and near the county line, an outbuilding was destroyed and dozens of trees were downed, resulting in damage to several homes. Several chicken houses sustained significant roof damage, and numerous large hardwood trees were downed. Moving northeast into Blount County, the tornado strengthened and moved along the western edge of, Tornado moved through the Cahaba Heights neighborhood, knocking down many trees, several of which caused significant damage to numerous homes. Numerous trees were downed, one of which fell on a house and caused minor roof damage. The tornado crossed the Tallahatchie/Leflore county line twice and lifted northwest of. The north end of a concrete road bridge was lifted and dropped back onto its supports, causing damage to the concrete sides, guard rails, and asphalt. Numerous trees were downed, and a home sustained partial roof loss. A farm was impacted, with two large empty grain bins being destroyed and several smaller bins being damaged, four metal sheds sustaining minor roof and door damage, and a radio tower being collapsed. Weak tornado caused roof damage to a home, destroyed a storage shed, and downed numerous trees and power lines as it moved near. Part of the second-story was removed from a house, barns and outbuildings were damaged, and numerous trees were downed, with some landing on a house, a mobile home, and a vehicle. Very brief tornado downed tree limbs and small signs. The tornado lifted north-northeast of, Many trees were downed and a power pole was blown nearly to the ground. 27, EF3), List of United States tornadoes in April 2011, "20110425's Storm Reports (1200 UTC − 1159 UTC)", National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "Heavy Rain/Severe Weather on April 23–27, 2011", "20110426's Storm Reports (1200 UTC − 1159 UTC)", "Severe Weather Hits the Four State Region April 24–27, 2011", "Damage Survey Results For Ft. Campbell, KY", "Tornado Tracks From 4/25/2011 & 4/26/2011", "Damage Survey Results For Tornado Damage Southeast Of Hopkinsville Kentucky", "Damage Survey Results For Wayne County Missouri Tornado", "Damage Survey Results For Clubb Missouri Tornado", "Damage Survey Results For Bollinger County Missouri Tornado Damage Near The Community Of Sedgewickville", "Results Of National Weather Service Storm Surveys", "Damage Survey Results For Southern Graves County", "Damage Survey Results For Brief Tornado Touchdown In Rural Calloway County Kentucky", "Damage Survey Results For Warrick County Indiana", "Damage Survey Results For Spurgeon Indiana", "Tornado Confirmed Near Williamston In Martin County North Carolina", "EF-0 Tornado Confirmed in Allegan County", "Damage Survey Results For Tornado Damage Along The Caldwell–Trigg County Kentucky Border", "Damage Survey Results For Tornado Damage In Hopkins County Kentucky", "20110427's Storm Reports (1200 UTC − 1159 UTC)", "Environment Canada confirms tornado hit Fergus area on April 27", "April's wild weather produced first tornado of 2011", "Summary of North and Central Georgia Tornado Outbreak April 27th and 28th", List of tornadoes in the 2011 Super Outbreak,, 2011 natural disasters in the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Many trees were downed, several of which fell on homes, causing minor damage. From the 27th to 28th, a series of devastating, long-tracked, violent tornadoes killed hundreds of people throughout an area extending from Mississippi to Virginia. This tornado merged with the 0640 UTC EF3 tornado near. Hundreds of trees were downed along the path, some in large swaths. About a 100-foot (30 m) section of one barn was uplifted and collapsed, and a 50-foot (15 m) section of the roof of another barn was torn off. Numerous trees were downed along the path just west of. Numerous trees were downed through East Ridge. In Saline County, more trees were downed. The front end of a church was shifted 4 inches (10 cm), the metal trusses in the roof were twisted, and much of the siding from the front of the church was ripped off. Five homes and a business garage were damaged, three mobile homes, two brick homes, and another business garage sustained roof damage, and a storage shed was destroyed. 27 outbreak – American Weather Forums. An outbuilding was destroyed and several trees were downed. Moving into Morgan County, several dozen homes were heavily damaged, many around. A fence and some signs were damaged, and numerous trees were downed as well. Very brief, weak tornado downed a few trees and tree limbs. One person was injured, with the injury occurring in Morehouse Parish. An outbuilding sustained roof damage and several trees were snapped northeast of, Six aircraft suffered minor to major damage at. In Hinds County, a well built home had a large section of its roof removed and an adjacent carport was blown apart. Brief tornado from a secondary circulation occurred just south of the previous tornado, downing several trees and power lines. The tornado then moved into Hot Spring County, where more trees were downed and outbuildings were damaged, and then into Garland County, where even more trees were downed before the tornado lifted just north of. Forecasters have said residents were told these tornadoes were coming. Numerous trees were topped or completely uprooted in. Several outbuildings and barns were destroyed, and two chicken houses sustained minor roof damage as well. While the tornado count for April 2011 is a good deal higher, 1974 was also pre-Doppler radar days and it’s possible some tornadoes were missed. At a horse ranch near Clubb, wall panels were lifted from a horse arena, a segment of roofing was removed from a house, and a 111-year-old barn was heavily damaged. - The combined tornado damage path length in Central Alabama was 691.02 miles. On April 27, 15 violent tornadoes rated EF-4 or higher (including four EF-5s) struck the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. 27, EF2), Lake Guntersville S.P./Martling (Apr. Two people suffered minor injuries. 27, EF1), Chattahoochee National Forest/Lake Burton (Apr. A few homes sustained minor roof damage, and several trees were downed in the southern part of town. Many trees were downed along the path. Two wood-framed homes were pushed off their foundations, with one being destroyed, and three to four mobile homes were heavily damaged as they were pushed off their foundations. Though this several day sequence gets lumped together as one outbreak, it was — at least in my opinion — more accurately one outbreak on the 25th into the 26th followed by a larger outbreak that developed back over the southern Plains late on the 26th before rolling eastward through the 28th. Intermittent tornado touched down northwest of. Three homes sustained mostly minor roof, window, and garage damage, however one of the homes had a portion of its garage picked up and thrown over the house and about 75 yards (69 m) away, and a brick was thrown through the home's back window. The tornado clipped northwest corner of Clay County before moving into Allen County, were several more barns and outbuildings were destroyed before the tornado lifted. It was the largest outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded; preliminary estimates suggested that It is counted as an EF0 in this table. Many trees were downed along the path before the tornado lifted just after crossing. In downtown Cordova, brick buildings sustained significant roof and, Numerous trees were downed and the roof was blown off the main dining hall at the. - There were 29 confirmed tornadoes in Central Alabama on April 27th. One house had a gutter ripped off and one of the eaves damaged by a falling tree. Two chicken houses were destroyed, with a third sustaining major damage, and several barns were damaged, one or two of which were completely destroyed. The tornado touched down at the Decatur Industrial Park, causing roof damage to an industrial building and snapping numerous hardwood trees 20 feet (6.1 m) from the base. The tornado touched down on the north side of the. Brief tornado in a wooded area snapped a power pole and downed numerous trees. In addition, a house was damaged, four power poles were snapped off, and many trees were downed, some of which landed on houses. Weak tornado downed some trees before crossing into Coahoma County, where a church sustained roof damage, a few road and advertisement signs were damaged, irrigation pivots were knocked over, and numerous trees and several power poles were downed. A house had half of its roof torn off, and a mobile home was thrown into a shed, with both being destroyed. Three homes sustained minor damage, and many trees were downed. One mobile home was destroyed, with its frame being wrapped around a tree, several other mobile homes were damaged (either by falling trees or directly from the wind), a store in a mobile home-like structure was destroyed, several homes sustained major roof damage, numerous outbuildings and barns damaged or destroyed, numerous trees were blown down, and 15 power poles were snapped.

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