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Michael E. Ulyatt (1983). It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Complete list of Hull Kingston Rovers players. Trinity, 3-tries for Hull & Ouse XV versus Northern (Yorkshire?) Full Back. Scratching Shed Publishing Ltd. David Bond (6 October 2018). Pages in category "Hull Kingston Rovers players" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 340 total. Hull Kingston Rovers is an English rugby league club, and prior to the 1897–98 (being elected to the Yorkshire Senior Competition for the 1899–1900), it was a rugby union (RU) club, who have had numerous notable players (1,261 (excludes pre-1895 season Rugby Football Union players) as of 31 October 2018) throughout their history, each player of the rugby league era who has played (and so excludes non-playing substitutes) in a competitive first-class match (including those matches that were subsequently abandoned, expunged or re-played, but excluding friendlies) is included.[1][2][3][4][5][6]. Position: Full Back D.O.B: 13.11.1992 Place of Birth: Culburra Beach, Australia Height: 5 ft 7 in Weight: 82 kg View Full Profile #2. Hutton Press Ltd. Michael E. Ulyatt (January 1996). I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Ben Crooks. Hull Kingston Rovers can confirm their 21-man squad ahead of Sunday's trip to the Mobile Rocket Stadium to take on Wakefield Trinity. "The Robins: An Official History of Hull Kingston Rovers". The following 23 files are in this category, out of 23 total. "20 Legends: Hull Kingston Rovers". The club name was also changed to Kingston Rovers as they entered the Times Cup in the 1885–86 season… To install click the Add extension button. #1. "Hull Kingston Rovers - A Centenary History 1883-1983". Vertical Editions, "Hull Kingston Rovers Statistics at", "Jordan Abdull Statistics at", "Jonathan Adams Statistics at", "Danny Addy Statistics at", "Danny Addy Statistics at", "Makali Aizue Statistics at", "Makali Aizue Statistics at", "Mitchell Allgood Statistics at", "Mitchell Allgood Statistics at", "Chris Anderson Statistics at", "Peter Anderson Statistics at", "Dean Andrews Statistics at", "Dean Andrews Statistics at", "Colin Armstrong Statistics at", "Jon Aston Statistics at", "Jon Aston Statistics at", "Chris Atkin Statistics at", "Chris Atkin Statistics at", "Gary Atkins Statistics at", "Greg Austin Statistics at", "Ryan Bailey Statistics at", "Ryan Bailey Statistics at", "Dwayne Barker Statistics at", "Dwayne Barker Statistics at", "Julian Barkworth Statistics at", "Andreas Bauer Statistics at", "Andreas Bauer Statistics at", "Malcolm Beall Statistics at", "Richard Beaumont Statistics at", "Richard Beaumont Statistics at", "Matty Beharrell Statistics at", "Matty Beharrell Statistics at", "Kyle Bibb Statistics at", "Kyle Bibb Statistics at", "Mike Bibby Statistics at", "David Bishop Statistics at", "Maurice Blair Statistics at", "Maurice Blair Statistics at", "Mark Blanchard Statistics at", "Mark Blanchard Statistics at", "Tony Botica Statistics at", "John Boudebza Statistics at", "John Boudebza Statistics at", "Kerry Boustead Statistics at", "Jamie Bovill Statistics at", "Jamie Bovill Statistics at", "Shaun Briscoe Statistics at", "Shaun Briscoe Statistics at", "Mark Broadhurst Statistics at", "Matty Brooks Statistics at", "Alex Brown Statistics at", "Alex Brown Statistics at", "Colin Brown Statistics at", "Daniel Brown Statistics at", "Gary Brown Statistics at", "Greg Burke Statistics at", "Greg Burke Statistics at", "Travis Burns Statistics at", "Travis Burns Statistics at", "Chris Burton Statistics at", "Dave Busby Statistics at", "Jake Butler-Fleming Statistics at", "Jake Butler-Fleming Statistics at", "Darren Callaghan Statistics at", "Terry Campese Statistics at", "Terry Campese Statistics at", "Keale Carlile Statistics at", "Keale Carlile Statistics at", "Justin Carney Statistics at", "Justin Carney Statistics at", "Todd Carney Statistics at", "Todd Carney Statistics at", "Omari Caro Statistics at", "Omari Caro Statistics at", "Len Casey Statistics at", "Joe Cator Statistics at", "Joe Cator Statistics at", "Mike Cator Statistics at", "Richard Chamberlain Statistics at", "Tich Chamberlain Statistics at", "Anthony Chambers Statistics at", "Jason Chan Statistics at", "Jason Chan Statistics at", "Chris Charles Statistics at", "Chris Charles Statistics at", "Adam Charlesworth Statistics at", "Gary Charlton Statistics at", "Josh Charnley Statistics at", "Josh Charnley Statistics at", "Gary Chatfield Statistics at", "Chris Chester Statistics at", "Dane Chisholm Statistics at", "Dane Chisholm Statistics at", "Dean Clark Statistics at", "Garry Clark Statistics at", "Chris Clarkson Statistics at", "Chris Clarkson Statistics at", "Joel Clinton Statistics at", "Joel Clinton Statistics at", "Chris Close Statistics at", "Steve Cochrane Statistics at", "Steve Cochrane Statistics at", "Ben Cockayne Statistics at", "Ben Cockayne Statistics at", "Liam Colbon Statistics at", "Liam Colbon Statistics at", "Graham Cook Statistics at", "Matt Cook Statistics at", "Matt Cook Statistics at", "Paul Cooke Statistics at", "Paul Cooke Statistics at", "Neville Costigan Statistics at", "Neville Costigan Statistics at", "Mick Coult Statistics at", "Damien Couturier Statistics at", "Damien Couturier Statistics at", "Jordan Cox Statistics at", "Jordan Cox Statistics at", "Mick Crane Statistics at", "Mike Crane Statistics at", "Ben Crooks Statistics at", "Ben Crooks Statistics at", "Steve Crooks Statistics at", "Garret Crossman Statistics at", "Will Dagger Statistics at", "Will Dagger Statistics at", "Rob Danby Statistics at", "Andy Dannatt Statistics at", "Rob D'arcy Statistics at", "Colin Dixon Statistics at", "Kieran Dixon Statistics at", "Kieran Dixon Statistics at", "Mike Dixon Statistics at", "Mike Dixon Statistics at", "Michael Dobson Statistics at", "Michael Dobson Statistics at", "Steve Dobson Statistics at", "Zach Dockar-Clay Statistics at", "Zach Dockar-Clay Statistics at", "James Donaldson Statistics at", "James Donaldson Statistics at", "Dane Dorahy Statistics at", "John Dorahy Statistics at", "Graham Douglas Statistics at", "Allan Dunham Statistics at", "Allan Dunham Statistics at", "Ged Dunn Statistics at", "Luke Dyer Statistics at", "Luke Dyer Statistics at", "Paul Eastwood Statistics at", "Greg Eden Statistics at", "Greg Eden Statistics at", "Phil Edmonds Statistics at", "Andy Ellis Statistics at", "Jamie Ellis Statistics at", "Jamie Ellis Statistics at", "Asuquo Ema Statistics at", "Zook Ema Statistics at", "Kane Epati Statistics at", "Kane Epati Statistics at", "Ryan Esders Statistics at", "Ryan Esders Statistics at", "Sonny Esslemont Statistics at", "Sonny Esslemont Statistics at", "Bob Everitt Statistics at", "Bob Everitt Statistics at", "George Fairbairn Statistics at", "Stuart Farr Statistics at", "Craig Farrell Statistics at", "Dale Ferguson Statistics at", "Dale Ferguson Statistics at", "Ben Fisher Statistics at", "Ben Fisher Statistics at", "Daniel Fitzhenry Statistics at", "Daniel Fitzhenry Statistics at", "Adam Fletcher Statistics at", "Mike Fletcher Statistics at", "Paul Fletcher Statistics at", "Paul Fletcher Statistics at", "Byron Ford Statistics at", "Peter Fox Statistics at", "Peter Fox Statistics at", "Nick Fozzard Statistics at", "Nick Fozzard Statistics at", "Ben Galea Statistics at", "Ben Galea Statistics at", "Tommy Gallagher Statistics at", "Tommy Gallagher Statistics at", "Jim Gannon Statistics at", "Jim Gannon Statistics at", "Adrian Gardner Statistics at", "James Garmston Statistics at", "James Garmston Statistics at", "Stanley Gene Statistics at", "Stanley Gene Statistics at", "Luke George Statistics at", "Luke George Statistics at", "John Glancy Statistics at", "Sean Gleeson Statistics at", "Sean Gleeson Statistics at", "Jonathon Goddard Statistics at", "Jon Goddard Statistics at", "Alex Godfrey Statistics at", "Alex Godfrey Statistics at", "Troy Goldman Statistics at", "Lee Gomersall Statistics at", "Lee Gomersall Statistics at", "Andy Gotts Statistics at", "Darrell Goulding Statistics at", "Darrell Goulding Statistics at", "James Goulding Statistics at", "Kevin Gray Statistics at", "Blake Green Statistics at", "Blake Green Statistics at", "James Green Statistics at", "James Green Statistics at", "James Greenwood Statistics at", "James Greenwood Statistics at", "George Griffin Statistics at", "George Griffin Statistics at", "Josh Guzdek Statistics at", "Josh Guzdek Statistics at", "Steve Hadi Statistics at", "Nick Halafihi Statistics at", "Carl Hall Statistics at", "Carl Hall Statistics at", "Craig Hall Statistics at", "Craig Hall Statistics at", "David Hall Statistics at", "Graeme Hallas Statistics at", "Macauley Hallett Statistics at", "Macauley Hallett Statistics at", "Ian Hardman Statistics at", "Ian Hardman Statistics at", "Craig Hardy Statistics at", "Paul Harkin Statistics at", "Neil Harmon Statistics at", "Chris Harrison Statistics at", "Dave Harrison Statistics at", "Des Harrison Statistics at", "Steve Hartley Statistics at", "Phil Hasty Statistics at", "Phil Hasty Statistics at", "Rich Hayes Statistics at", "James Haynes Statistics at", "James Haynes Statistics at", "Andrew Heffernan Statistics at", "Andrew Heffernan Statistics at", "Chris Heil Statistics at", "Chris Heil Statistics at", "Tyla Hepi Statistics at", "Tyla Hepi Statistics at", "Mark Hewitt Statistics at", "Kevin Hickman Statistics at", "Danny Hill Statistics at", "Danny Hill Statistics at", "Howard Hill Statistics at", "Howard Hill Statistics at", "David Hodgson Statistics at", "David Hodgson Statistics at", "Josh Hodgson Statistics at", "Josh Hodgson Statistics at", "Sean Hoe Statistics at", "Phil Hogan Statistics at", "Dale Holdstock Statistics at", "Roy Holdstock Statistics at", "Stephen Holker Statistics at", "Graeme Horne Statistics at", "Graeme Horne Statistics at", "David Hosking Statistics at", "Steve Hubbard Statistics at", "Ian Hughes Statistics at", "Ian Hughes Statistics at", "Carl Hutchinson Statistics at", "Rob Hutchinson Statistics at", "Chaz L'anson Statistics at", "Chaz I'anson Statistics at", "Jimmy Irvine Statistics at", "Wayne Jackson Statistics at", "Lee Jewitt Statistics at", "Lee Jewitt Statistics at", "Leroy Joe Statistics at", "Leroy Joe Statistics at", "Josh Johnson Statistics at", "Josh Johnson Statistics at", "Nick Johnson Statistics at", "Nick Johnson Statistics at", "Lindsay Johnston Statistics at", "Peter Johnston Statistics at", "Mark Jones Statistics at", "Philip Joseph Statistics at", "Will Jubb Statistics at", "Will Jubb Statistics at", "Ben Kavanagh Statistics at", "Ben Kavanagh Statistics at", "Kris Keating Statistics at", "Kris Keating Statistics at", "Albert Kelly Statistics at", "Albert Kelly Statistics at", "Andy Kelly Statistics at", "Jamie Kennedy Statistics at", "Ian Kirke Statistics at", "Ian Kirke Statistics at", "Chris Kitching Statistics at", "Chris Kitching Statistics at", "James Laithwaite Statistics at", "James Laithwaite Statistics at", "Jamie Langley Statistics at", "Jamie Langley Statistics at", "Kevin Larroyer Statistics at", "Kevin Larroyer Statistics at", "Jack Latus Statistics at", "Jack Latus Statistics at", "Sam Latus Statistics at", "Sam Latus Statistics at", "George Lawler Statistics at", "George Lawler Statistics at", "Kenny Lawler Statistics at", "David Laws Statistics at", "Tracey Lazenby Statistics at", "Tommy Lee Statistics at", "Tommy Lee Statistics at", "Jamie Leighton Statistics at", "Mark Lennon Statistics at", "Mark Lennon Statistics at", "David Liddiard Statistics at", "David Lightfoot Statistics at", "Rhys Lovegrove Statistics at", "Rhys Lovegrove Statistics at", "Andrew Lowe Statistics at", "Phil Lowe Statistics at", "David Luckwell Statistics at", "Shaun Lunt Statistics at", "Shaun Lunt Statistics at", "John Lydiat Statistics at", "Paul Lyman Statistics at", "Paul Mansson Statistics at", "Paul Mansson Statistics at", "Josh Mantellato Statistics at", "Josh Mantellato Statistics at", "Billy Marchant Statistics at", "Frankie Mariano Statistics at", "Frankie Mariano Statistics at", "Matthew Marsh Statistics at", "Sébastien Martins Statistics at", "Sebastien Martins Statistics at", "Mose Masoe Statistics at", "Mose Masoe Statistics at", "Willie Mason Statistics at", "Willie Mason Statistics at", "Lee Matthews Statistics at", "Troy McCarthy Statistics at", "Tyrone McCarthy Statistics at", "Tyrone McCarthy Statistics at", "Alasdair McClarron Statistics at", "Alasdair McClarron Statistics at", "John McCracken Statistics at", "Shannon McDonnell Statistics at", "Shannon McDonnell Statistics at", "Danny McGuire Statistics at", "Danny McGuire Statistics at", "Gary McHugh Statistics at", "Craig McKeough Statistics at", "Luke Menzies Statistics at", "Luke Menzies Statistics at", "Constantine Mika Statistics at", "Bruce Miller Statistics at", "Gavin Miller Statistics at", "John Millington Statistics at", "David Mills Statistics at", "David Mills Statistics at", "Thomas Minns Statistics at", "Thomas Minns Statistics at", "Gavin Molloy Statistics at", "Kieran Moran Statistics at", "Kieran Moran Statistics at", "Iain Morrison Statistics at", "Iain Morrison Statistics at", "Peter Mortimer Statistics at", "Gareth Morton Statistics at", "Gareth Morton Statistics at", "Kieren Moss Statistics at", "Robbie Mulhern Statistics at", "Craig Murdock Statistics at", "Scott Murrell Statistics at", "Scott Murrell Statistics at", "Peter Muscroft Statistics at", "Tony Needler Statistics at", "Jason Netherton Statistics at", "Jason Netherton Statistics at", "Kirk Netherton Statistics at", "Kirk Netherton Statistics at", "Clint Newton Statistics at", "Clint Newton Statistics at", "Bryan Niebling Statistics at", "Rob Noble Statistics at", "Rob Nolan Statistics at", "Steven Nuttall Statistics at", "Will Oakes Statistics at", "Chris O'Brien Statistics at", "Craig O'Brien Statistics at", "Jeff O'Dell Statistics at", "Ryan O'Hara Statistics at", "John Okul Statistics at", "Richard Oliver Statistics at", "Aaron Ollett Statistics at", "Aaron Ollett Statistics at", "Steve Olsen Statistics at", "Mark O'Neill Statistics at", "Mickey Paea Statistics at", "Mickey Paea Statistics at", "Frank Parker Statistics at", "Paul Parker Statistics at", "Wayne Parker Statistics at", "Cory Paterson Statistics at", "Cory Paterson Statistics at", "Jamie Peacock Statistics at", "Jamie Peacock Statistics at", "Dave Petersen Statistics at", "Dave Petersen Statistics at", "Paul Pickering Statistics at", "Nick Pinkney Statistics at", "David Plange Statistics at", "Justin Poore Statistics at", "Justin Poore Statistics at", "Michael Porter Statistics at", "Craig Poucher Statistics at", "Craig Poucher Statistics at", "Richard Pratt Statistics at", "Gareth Price Statistics at", "Gareth Price Statistics at", "Raymond Price Statistics at", "Paul Proctor Statistics at", "Gary Prohm Statistics at", "Tony Puletua Statistics at", "Tony Puletua Statistics at", "Adam Quinlan Statistics at", "Adam Quinlan Statistics at", "Andy Raleigh Statistics at", "Andy Raleigh Statistics at", "Michael Ratu Statistics at", "Michael Ratu Statistics at", "Lee Richardson Statistics at", "Steve Richardson Statistics at", "Leroy Rivett Statistics at", "Leroy Rivett Statistics at", "Connor Robinson Statistics at", "Connor Robinson Statistics at", "Ian Robinson Statistics at", "Steve Robinson Statistics at", "Paul Rose Statistics at", "Paul Rouse Statistics at", "Chris Rudd Statistics at", "Glenn Ryan Statistics at", "Liam Salter Statistics at", "Liam Salter Statistics at", "John Sanderson Statistics at", "Matt Schultz Statistics at", "Matt Schultz Statistics at", "Stuart Schultz Statistics at", "Paul Scott Statistics at", "Nick Scruton Statistics at", "Nick Scruton Statistics at", "Ryan Shaw Statistics at", "Ryan Shaw Statistics at", "Louis Sheriff Statistics at", "Louis Sheriff Statistics at", "Lee Sibary Statistics at", "Mark Simpson Statistics at", "Gary Sims Statistics at", "Ken Sio Statistics at", "Ken Sio Statistics at", "Tony Sissons Statistics at", "Richard Slater Statistics at", "Richard Slater Statistics at", "Aaron Smith Statistics at", "Aaron Smith Statistics at", "Andy Smith Statistics at", "Andy Smith Statistics at", "Gordon Smith Statistics at", "Mike Smith Statistics at", "Michael Smith Statistics at", "Richard Smith Statistics at", "Richard Smith Statistics at", "Steve Smith Statistics at", "Bright Sodje Statistics at", "Scott Spaven Statistics at", "Scott Spaven Statistics at", "Paul Speckman Statistics at", "Paul Stanimeros Statistics at", "Ray Stead Statistics at", "Jonathan Steel Statistics at", "Jon Steel Statistics at", "Francis Stephenson Statistics at", "Sam Stewart Statistics at", "Lynton Stott Statistics at", "Lynton Stott Statistics at", "Adam Sullivan Statistics at", "Adam Sullivan Statistics at", "Anthony Sullivan Statistics at", "Whetu Taewa Statistics at", "Whetu Taewa Statistics at", "Ryan Tandy Statistics at", "Ryan Tandy Statistics at", "David Tangata-Toa Statistics at", "David Tangata-Toa Statistics at", "Latham Tawhai Statistics at", "Latham Tawhai Statistics at", "Ross Taylor Statistics at", "Scott Taylor Statistics at", "Scott Taylor Statistics at", "Alex Thompson Statistics at", "Alex Thompson Statistics at", "Andy Thompson Statistics at", "Dave Thompson Statistics at", "Iain Thornley Statistics at", "Danny Tickle Statistics at", "Danny Tickle Statistics at", "Dane Tilse Statistics at", "Dane Tilse Statistics at", "Joel Tomkins Statistics at", "Joel Tomkins Statistics at", "Andy Tosney Statistics at", "Evarn Tuimavave Statistics at", "Evarn Tuimavave Statistics at", "Wayne Ulugia Statistics at", "Wayne Ulugia Statistics at", "Taioalo Vaivai Statistics at", "Taioalo Vaivai Statistics at", "Paul Vannet Statistics at", "Michael Vella Statistics at", "Michael Vella Statistics at", "Adam Walker Statistics at", "Adam Walker Statistics at", "Chev Walker Statistics at", "Chev Walker Statistics at", "Jimmy Walker Statistics at", "Jimmy Walker Statistics at", "Jonathan Walker Statistics at", "Jonathan Walker Statistics at", "Elliot Wallis Statistics at", "Elliot Wallis Statistics at", "Jordan Walne Statistics at", "Jordan Walne Statistics at", "James Walsh Statistics at", "Michael Walsh Statistics at", "Danny Ward Statistics at", "Danny Ward Statistics at", "Joe Wardill Statistics at", "Joe Wardill Statistics at", "Neil Wardrobe Statistics at", "David Watkinson Statistics at", "Dave Watson Statistics at", "Dave Watson Statistics at", "Kevin Watson Statistics at", "Liam Watts Statistics at", "Liam Watts Statistics at", "Jake Webster Statistics at", "Jake Webster Statistics at", "James Webster Statistics at", "James Webster Statistics at", "Pat Weisner Statistics at", "Kris Welham Statistics at", "Kris Welham Statistics at", "Michael Weyman Statistics at", "Michael Weyman Statistics at", "Scott Wheeldon Statistics at", "Scott Wheeldon Statistics at", "Brendan White Statistics at", "Sam Whittaker Statistics at", "Loz Wildbore Statistics at", "Loz Wildbore Statistics at", "Mark Wildbridge Statistics at", "Jon Wilkin Statistics at", "Jon Wilkin Statistics at", "Dave Wilson Statistics at", "Richard Wilson Statistics at", "Richard Wilson Statistics at", "Rob Wilson Statistics at", "Rob Wilson Statistics at", "Phil Windley Statistics at", "Lincoln Withers Statistics at", "Lincoln Withers Statistics at", "Jon Wray Statistics at", "Wally Youngman Statistics at", Hull & Ouse XV versus Northern (Yorkshire?)

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