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i can't seem to forget the pain you seem to give

It’s very easy to hurt someone and then say “sorry.” But it’s really difficult to get hurt and then say “I m fine”! It was a painful experience unravelling the threads of two lives when you are so intertwined. But one day I won’t be waiting for what you have to give. I appreciate your kind words and advice and I really like the boundaries thing.. So there is a LOT going on here. On the one hand, it would be great to have an honest talk, but letting her know you like her when you work together might cause troubles for both of you. I apologize for all I have said or done Try an NLP Coach to learn techniques of changing your state of mind. Forgiveness definitely doesn’t mean tolerating further abuse or lack of respect. Thanks again! Or get one of those novelty buzzers your elementary school teachers hated and shock him when he shakes your hand. It sounds like you have tried hard to be patient. I found writing really helpful. We’re sending lots of love your way and have our fingers crossed that you’ll show yourself some love too. And Being obsessed with ‘who am I’ is also normal at your age, particularly in Western society where young people are inundated with unrealistic ideas of love and reality by social media. i know better but somehow my sister has a really strong hold on me. Not only did I not get paid, she ended up submitting my sublimation designs as her own. The post, and the book that follows, will be much stronger once I’ve done that work. I have used it with many of my clients and most have experienced an instant sense of relief. Anyway this is something that has always bugged me and inside I know it’s not working and I need to change it (want and need) I just couldn’t identify exactly what it was to be able to work on it! That’s dangerous. I met her a couple of times by accident and my reaction was cool and calm. Teasing me about very personal things. I think we can set ourselves up to be victims if we only see the good in people. Say “I am in severe pain.” This time your doctor will respond! Thanks and may God bless you so much!!! Please continue to discuss these types of topics, Rob, thank you so much for sharing a bit of your story with us. Now it is up to you to use your tools wisely as your toolbox is bigger than hers. I can’t stop blaming him for breaking me and turning me into a horrible person now, that I was never before. And people using me for my kind-heart. It will just lead to constantly feeling unappreciated and unseen. My husband is much more matter of fact but his way is to just let things go so talking with him isnt much help either. We ended up trying again and true to his word there was no physical violence and the emotional / mental abuse was a struggle – it appeared to be more habit from a learned behaviour from his dad. Or counselling just for yourself? To make this story short almost 35 years ago I had a feud with some old friends. That might help. What then helps is acceptance and compassion. Finally, we really hope you didn’t write all this out in order to forward it to him or his friends as a way to win him back. All the positive loving attachments in my life died and I was left with only toxicity. If you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready. We talked often and we expressed our love for each other. Not anyone else. Thank you, Marie, for bringing this memory to the forefront again. And I totally agree with your take on happiness… My husband calls me “the happy idiot” ( meaning I only see the good in things) and I’m very ok with the title! I had so much resentment and anger for her not being the mother I needed. Your husband has made a mistake. It’s wonderful that you’ve already taken some incredible first steps toward finding peace and forgiveness, and we’re sending you our very best wishes for continued healing going forward. Mind you this has NOT been conscious until today. Would we be correct in assuming this means the communication between you and your husband is also difficult? <3. My partner paid for his private school, all expenses and encouraged him to go to college. If we never give people boundaries they will eventually walk all over us…But no matter how much you changed or worked on yourself you can’t change another person so he would have to be willing to do his half and take his responsibility and also want to work toward a healthy relationship and accept your new healthy boundaries. That is why we avoid it. Hi I hope you can help my hubby fell out with his sister last June 2018 over a silly argument over brexit (drink was involved) and they haven’t spoken since -it’s caused such a rift in our whole family it’s hard not to involve our respective children as ocassions are marred as they feel they need to take sides although both had said not too. This friend had awful self esteem and now I understand why. Thanks Marie! At a retreat that I put on recently a guest facilitator said something that struck a chord with me. Or if I could use some help.. or someone just to talk to. This was a mistake on my part. We truly hope this all works out for you. We’d say, focus on you. I have friends with whom we have a verbal agreement that we let each other know when we’ve upset each other, so that we don’t let the resentment linger. He and her knew I wasn’t happy and wanted to go home. In summary, we think you are asking the wrong questions. It’s always important to be gentle with yourself when going through something like this, and meditating on the willingness to forgive can be a wonderful source of healing. Let them know what you are going through. I said keep your money. Wanted to mess around. Another thing that helps in the process is to imagine the situation when this person wronged you and try to imagine how they feel, what they think, where they’re at that moment…in other words, to be compassionate! I’m the only one who can lift up that pain and start creating space for love instead. Just wow. Can you reach out to a counsellor in your area? You are always there; you are everywhere. I wanted to be with him so bad that i didnt want him to know about aanything that i had previously done becuase i was scared that he would judge me for what i did and not who i now was. Reach out to a charity, a free help line, whatever you can find. With three very young children I had to find a way to forgive so I could move past the anger and frustration I was feeling. If not, and this was really only one occasion (which in all honestly seems unlikely, lying is usually a deep rooted behaviour), then perhaps best to move on as well because that would be a very inflexible friendship. Just before my second trip to see him I found out my mum was dying so I was feeling very vulnerable. I just love your weekly shows!!! I did know he was uncertain as to what he wanted and so I kept asking him if he was ok to keep the relationship going. I was once in a situation where a co-worker was extremely unbearable to work with because she had such foul language and attitude in and out of the office setting. how??? Get curious about how to feel better. They were never able to see the person he became. If trying to have an honest, open conversation about certain challenges with your mom isn’t working, what you might like to do is to spend some time carefully considering boundaries — even if it’s just something you think about or journal about on your own. to be left broke – destitute with a credit score of 425 It’s become a ‘story’, perhaps suffering a few tweaks along the way. And what could help you move forward? When you forgive others, you tear down these emotional walls and mental barriers. 6- The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts. There is an epidemic of self-hatred in our society and our inner-voice is sometimes our harshest critic. We sometimes need space and time, and as long as you’re not actually holding a grudge or not inviting them out of spite (which it definitely doesn’t sound like you’re doing). For this one to work you’d both need to take a good look at your capacity to be honest and trustworthy with each other and learn to practise good communication. Then in Oct 2017, I came in contact in my hometown,with a guy, Ishant, from my college with whom I never interacted in college. Thank you for your understanding! So all those times that you hurt me, did you close your eyes? Which is always a dangerous game. I know I eventually need to forgive him so I can move on, but I am struggling with willingness. Shifting your energy slightly from “I can’t” to “I’m willing” can radically change your ability to move forward. When I read what I’ve written I’m able to see the negativity I would be spreading by voicing it out into the world. Only praying for help forgiving was to far beyond me. I went to bed. It is Giving Up Your Need to Be Right. 5) You are addicted to the benefits of having a grievance. My husband hung on to her every word. Kathy, this sounds like something you’ll want to follow your gut and intuition on. I love what you said: “forgiveness is a practice and a process.” So true! As a junior military officer in the Northwest, I was going to be allowed to spend almost all of my time going to graduate school to earn a Masters degree. Don’t drink the poison;), Love it, thanks Marie! But this escalated when I found out he masturbated over pictures of Instagram “babes”. Willow. It’s something you do for yourself. I tried so hard not to keep thinking about you, but my heart doesn’t work that way. But now that you are gone, I feel dead inside. It requires letting go–‘of the need to be right, of playing the role of the victim, and of self-righteousness. We want them to apologize. Understanding helps, learning the story and circumstances of others, to be able to see more clearly and get some distance from our own personal issues. I think about what a toll playing Tony Soprano or Dexter took on those actors as even pretending to be a flat out sociopath was horrible.

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