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i curse you thinner

Leda Rossington An obese attorney is cursed by a gypsy to rapidly and uncontrollably lose weight. Leda Rossington Company Credits Your message will not be posted. Billy Halleck He charted a plane to take him to the Mayo, did I tell you that? : In total, over three million copies of Thinner have been sold. Thinner (1996) Robert John Burke: Billy Halleck. I am becoming a push over and extremely humble. : my subreddits. : Time is running out for the desperate lawyer as he draws closer to his own death, and grows ever thinner. I'm sorry... was I giving *myself* a blowjob when it happened? : [scoffs]  : Me or yourself? Like the movie "Thinner", a gypsy has placed a curse on you that slowly turns you to the extreme opposite of your worst characteristic. Biff Quigley Leda Rossington You would not! Prove my love to you. : YOU, NOT CARY! One word. All I ever think about is... food! Leda Rossington Has he lost weight? There's my ride. Eat your own pie. This thread is archived. Official Sites Billy Halleck Billy Halleck "Thinner" is a hard film to rate because critically it's awful, but then again I had a ball watching this film and would happily watch it again. Web. YOU TELL ME! Curse you Chinese food! Why wasn't you watching, white man from town. : A fat Lawyer finds himself growing "Thinner" when an old gypsy man places a hex on him. You need something to latch onto, and it’s not there. But why you don't do right? Billy Halleck Billy Halleck The fat suit is hilariously bad, not a patch on the one that Eddie Murphey wears in "The Nutty Professor". Billy Halleck, a successful, arrogant, and morbidly obese lawyer, is distracted while driving across town by his wife Heidi giving him a handjob, and he runs over an elderly Gypsy woman as a result. : : : That's all. His skin was plating, turning into scales, his evolution in reverse, a sideshow freak. Linda Halleck After the secret of King's pseudonym was revealed, sales of Thinner increased tenfold. : Linda Halleck Later, Billy discovers that the judge who passed his acquittal is covered in scales, and the policeman who committed perjury on Billy's behalf has been struck with severe acne. Leda... there's no such as, uh... gypsy curses. I can't tell if we're meant to be taking this film seriously or not.And then there's the awful screenplay that always seems to fight for the chance to see Mr.Lawyer literally stuffing his face with food. A demon? Oh, it's no trouble at all... Dr. Mike Houston Billy calls for help from Richie, who sends a mob doctor to treat Billy's hand and then arrives in person to terrorize the Gypsy camp. That big old black cancer right in the middle of his face? What? Firstly when I saw it in the "What's On TV" magazine I thought of it as a serious horror film, that sounded quite eerie. I become so hard working and diligent that I work myself to death. ",, Fictional representations of Romani people, Articles to be expanded from January 2014, Articles needing additional references from December 2015, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 June 2020, at 19:02. Our business is done. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Use the HTML below. After Richie finishes with the Gypsies, Lemke agrees to meet with Billy. That is what I am to you? Billy Halleck Keep only enough possessions to survive, give any surplus of possessi…. Leda Rossington Heidi Halleck Being... Erased! Leda Rossington I heard. Leda, is uh, is Cary in? Richie Ginelli : And his nose...! You know, a man slowly getting thinner and thinner, and then of course it's Stephen King which is never a bad thing, and then it had 4 stars and so i thought that this film could have potential! [gulps]  A film like "Thinner" relies on the make-up effects. edit subscriptions. Tadzu Lempke : Tadzu Lempke It could've been a chilling fable of greed and the price you pay for it. Billy Halleck Meme poems of the type "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Insert joke image here and you have a Boot". | Care to join me? Hol ihn der Teufel! [pulls up his shirt and shows his belly]  : Billy Halleck [spitting between fingers]  Even when he's eventually thin, he still wears those awful eyes and smile. After 10 years of correct use, it may happen that the fiberlayers have become thinner, so you don't have the desired comfort anymore. Look at me. And we have no business with you.

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