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In the musical production of Lestat, Claudia was given two solos: I Want More, her "plea" to Lestat and Louis that she was sick of being a sweet little girl, revealing her hidden desire to hunt, and the somber lament I'll Never Have That Chance, sung when she realizes she will never get to grow up and experience a normal life. The attempt failed and, with Claudia near death and Armand seeing that he could rid himself of her and have Louis to himself, he simply locked her in the air shaft with Madeleine and left them both to die. Being incredibly young when made into an immortal vampire, Claudia remembers very little of her previous life as a mortal girl. And later in the book, when Jesse was in the hotel, she found Claudia. Long dead. Obsessed with finding out the origins of vampires and finding "her own kind", Claudia questions Lestat on his maker and about creating other vampires and even about the creation of the very first vampire. Jesse did survive the event. The track is about the immortal child, and was released in June 2019 on their album, 'Sea Creatures and Sky Pirates'. Santiago, a prominent figure among the vampire coven, suspects Claudia and Louis of killing their maker, which is strictly against the rules of the vampire lifestyle. Over time, Claudia grew increasingly resentful at her maker Lestat for giving her the Dark Gift, trapping her in the body of a little girl, never to be a woman, and for his refusal to tell her and Louis what he knows of the history of their kind. It soon becomes clear to Jesse that Claudia's ghost, or at least a psychic imprint left behind after her violent death, is haunting the townhouse. For sixty-five years, Claudia, Louis and Lestat lived together as a vampire family. She is found by Louis de Pointe du Lac, the protagonist of Interview with the V… When Jesse Reeves, at the time an investigator of paranormal activities for the Talamasca, received the assignment to purchase and uncover the townhouse of Lestat's coven in New Orleans, she finds Claudia's room as well as a diary kept in secret by Claudia, revealing more of her inner thoughts about her love/hate relationship with Lestat in particular, as well as hints of her growing rage and confusion at being an adult woman trapped forever within a child's body. Eventually, Claudia and Louis meet Armand, a charming and handsome vampire who Louis becomes enchanted by. When Jesse is turned into a vampire by the end of the novel, she loses the ability to see and communicate with spirits, as is usually the case with vampires, and thus loses the ability to see Claudia. They are embittered and disillusioned when the only vampires they come across are mindless, unintelligent beasts who have no moral compass and are a far cry from the sophisticated vampires that Claudia and Louis are. Armand falls in love with Louis, and Claudia hears Armand telling her telepathically to leave Louis as a companion. Claudia is a fictional character in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series. Director Neil Jordan believed a nine-year-old was highly unlikely to understand the necessary emotional depth to play a complex character as Claudia, so an older actress was cast instead. More of Claudia's relationship with Lestat is revealed in Lestat's eponymous autobiography, where he describes her fondness for playing with her victims as he did, and his sorrow at the turn their relationship took. In Merrick, the eponymous character Merrick Mayfair – a powerful witch and one of the descendants of the opulent witchcraft family described in Rice's Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy – is contacted by Louis to seek out the ghost of Claudia. Interview With The Vampire - 'Claudia's Death' Scene - YouTube The punishment for any vampire who attempts to kill their own kind is immediate death. After years of failing to find other vampires like them, they meet Armand and his coven at the Théâtre des Vampires in Paris. He escapes the scene with Armand and the two vampires leave together. In The Vampire Armand, Armand tells his own story of what happened in the Théâtre des Vampires leading up to Claudia's execution: Claudia offered to leave Louis if Armand could give her the body of a woman, no matter how painful or violent this effort would be. She desperately wants to physically mature into a full grown woman but will never have that chance, and that she never asked to become a vampire in the first place, therefore she hates her two fathers more than she ever thought possible. Claudia is repulsed by these vampires and what she considers to be their cheap theatrics. Lestat in his search for powerful old vampire blood to help restore his damaged body, goes to Paris where he knows Armand's blood can help him. Lestat knows all these answers, but refuses to say a word and give Claudia any insight. Claudia attempts to drive a stake through Louis's heart and kill him. Louis never recovers from the death of Claudia and eventually leaves Armand for his involvement. Concerned citizens brought the girl to a make-shift hospital for orphans of plague victims. Claudia's ghost again makes her presence known to Lestat in The Tale of the Body Thief, where she haunts him mercilessly in an attempt to make him feel the pain she believes he inflicted upon her when he turned her into a vampire as a child. She takes out her frustation by killing the housemaid and her daughter, leaving Louis and Lestat no choice but to kill the housemaid's husband and son who were frantically searching for them. Her frustration leads her to kill an innocent mother and daughter and leave their corpses to rot in the kitchen of the townhouse. Claudia (her last name is never given) was a young girl who lived in the very poor, plague-ravaged quarters of 18th century New Orleans. The Vampire Chronicles Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. American symphonic metal band, Bastion's Wake, released a music video single is titled "Claudia". Claudia's ghost realizes that Jesse can see her, and haunts her all the way back to the Motherhouse when Jesse is taken off the assignment. Knowing Lestat will never let her or Louis go, she secretly plots to be rid of him so she and Louis can be free. Everything changes when the two find the Théâtre des Vampires, a group of vampire mummers disguising themselves as humans playing vampires in a theatre onstage for a mortal audience. Although the three vampires spend many years in happiness, luxury and comfort, Claudia slowly but surely begins to grow more and more detached, insisting on self-sufficiency and even gaining her own miniature coffin so that she does not have to sleep with either Lestat or Louis during the daylight hours. "An orphan of nine or ten years old, brought into the Blood around 1794 by Lestat and Louis in New Orleans. In 1794, Louis finds a little girl whom he estimates to be barely five-years-old, grieving over her dead mother's plague-stricken body. Armand is instantly attracted to Louis who does little to discourage him. When Louis survives, Claudia disappears, apparently put to rest by taking revenge upon both of her vampire "fathers." Shortly after this, the Parisian vampires abduct the three of them and take them to the Théâtre des Vampires, where it is revealed that Lestat is alive and has sought revenge for Claudia's crimes against him.

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