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Population. Suicide factsheet February 2017 (PDF, 674KB, 4 pages). 48.2% of people are married, 11.5% cohabit with a member of the opposite sex, 0.6% live with a partner of the same sex, 20.3% are single and have never married or been in a registered same sex partnership, 10.0% are separated or divorced. Demographics & Population Factsheet 2017/18 (published April 2019) (PDF, 628KB, 4 pages) This factsheet offers an insight to the population of the Isle of Wight, including the geography of the Island, latest population estimates (including age bands and gender splits), population change, and population projections. (2019) 37,109 Households (2018) 14,304 Median Household Income (2018) $71,376 Median Age (2018) 44.4 Education – H.S. Public Health England (PHE) publish an annual child health profile for the Isle of Wight, the most recent ones are below: Child Health Profile 2020 (PDF, 386KB, 4 pages), Child Health Profile 2019 (PDF, 214KB, 4 pages). The religious make up of Isle of Wight is 60.5% Christian, 28.9% No religion, 0.4% Muslim, 0.3% Buddhist, 0.2% Hindu, 0.1% Jewish, 0.1% Agnostic. More. The largest demographic living in poverty are N/A N/A, followed by N/A N/A and then N/A N/A. Complete demographic breakdown for Isle Of Wight County, VA including data on race, age, education, marital status, home values, rent, and more. We are moving to a new way of presenting demographic information to improve interactive functionality. Population density was 373 residents per square kilometer. N/A% of the population for whom poverty status is determined in Isle of Wight County, VA (N/A out of N/A people) live below the poverty line, a number that is approximately the same as the national average of 13.1%. QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. Sexual Health Profile November 2018 (PDF, 5.14MB, 47 pages). endobj Here is a map of the localities and which LSOA areas they consist of. Other top answers for country of birth were 1.2% Scotland, 1.1% Wales, 0.5% Ireland, 0.3% India, 0.3% South Africa, 0.3% Northern Ireland, 0.3% Philippines, 0.2% United States, 0.1% Australia. Copyright © 2020 (TM) . Box 80Isle of Wight, VA 23397, Isle of Wight Department of Economic Development |. Fuel Poverty factsheet May 2019 (PDF, 986KB, 8 pages). Health Behaviours Summary March 2016  The 'What about YOUth? In addition to the information we produce locally for the JSNA, there is a wealth of useful information published online by various agencies including Public Health England, some of these links are below. Please note: The information below forms part of the Isle of Wight JSNA for 2018-19. This factsheet offers an insight into relating to levels of breastfeeding on the Island and rates of smoking in pregnancy. In the 2011 census the population of Isle of Wight was 138,265 and is made up of approximately 51% females and 49% males. Mental Health Profile (webpage). Public Health England interactive analysis tool aimed at supporting commissioning decisions. View the Digital exclusion heat map. This factsheet highlights key information about suicide and self harm. There are 2,916 male residents living in Isle of Wight and 2,988 female residents. Print. View more about the Community Safety partnership . Community Safety Partnership 2019 Strategic Assessment (PDF, 2.9MB, 73 pages) The Community Safety Partnership produces a strategic assessment of community safety on the Isle of Wight, including crime figures, youth offending, road traffic accidents, fires, environmental health and trading standards data. stream endobj 17146 Monument CircleP.O. 3 0 obj <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Diabetes factsheet March 2014 (PDF, 401KB, 3 pages). Accessibility This factsheets covers the emerging issue of antimicrobial resistance. Answer: Isle of Wight, United Kingdom (Administrative unit: England) - last known population is ≈ 139 100 (year 2014).This was 0.216% of total United Kingdom population.If population growth rate would be same as in period 2011-2014 (+0.17%/year), Isle of Wight population in 2020 would be: 140 542*. Some estimates presented here come from sample data, and thus have sampling errors that may render some apparent differences between geographies statistically indistinguishable. The top occupations listed by people in Isle of Wight are Skilled trades 15.3%, Professional 14.6%, Caring, leisure and other service 12.1%, Elementary 11.7%, Managers, directors and senior officials 11.4%, Associate professional and technical 10.7%, Elementary administration and service 10.0%, Administrative and secretarial 9.6%, Caring personal service 9.3%, Sales and customer service 8.7%. 11,275 people did not state a religion. Email. This factsheet contains comprehensive information relating to the health and wellbeing of children on the Isle of Wight. The average age of people in Isle of Wight is 44, while the median age is higher at 46. The Social Mobility Index provided by GOV.UK (PDF, 10MB, 39 pages). (PDF, 134KB, 2 pages). These reports look at the local findings from the 2016 to 2017 and 2017 to 2018 NCMP programmes which measure levels of primary school children in Reception and Year 6 who are underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese. �1��K��κ� F���ig���=�\��:R32�>� $�x� 6ϩ8��U����/g������b$�6��6IA����]#�I؜=+^O�:���b�VbS[7�jU�mz�'��m݂�srS W���&��TPp;��`��,h� This factsheet covers the four most common forms of cancer; breast, lung, colorectal and prostate. 92.2% of people living in Isle of Wight were born in England. Newport Learning Disabilities Profile (webpage). – Celebrating Businesses Inside the Isle, Residential New Construction Avg. The mission of the Economic Development Department is to facilitate the attraction, retention and expansion of new business investment in Isle of Wight County and provide quality employment opportunities for County citizens. This factsheet highlights key information about mental health, dementia and depression. Between the 2001 and 2011 censuses, the change was as follows: Number of Isle of Wight Residents 132,925 2011 Census 138,400 Absolute change (2001-2011) 5,475 % change (2001-2011) 4.1% Source: ONS, 2011 Census By mid-year 2017, the estimated population has Sport England have an interactive tool for interrogating the Active Lives survey data, down to local authority level. Isle of Wight Council Workforce Profile 2017/18 (website). The population of the Isle of Wight shows steady growth year on year. (WAY) survey is a national lifestyle study of 15-year-olds in England, and the report summarises the responses from the Isle of Wight, it is not a direct comparison to the Children's and Young People's survey data above, but is a useful part of the overall picture. Births & Healthy Start to Life factsheet June 2017 (PDF, 1MB, 5 pages). Housing and Accommodation factsheet February 2019  (PDF, 814KB, 10 pages). Cancer factsheet June 2015 (PDF, 570KB, 5 pages). For up to date demographic information please visit our beta site. There are 8,907 widowed people living in Isle of Wight. QuickFacts Isle of Wight County, Virginia. The previous year's factsheet is here: Education & Skills factsheet (2016/17 results) June 2019 (PDF, 1.03MB, 9 pages). Copyright 2015 Isle of Wight, VA | All Rights Reserved | Website Services by, Isle Biz Rocks! Sales Price (2019), Residential Existing Home Avg. The interactive dashboard below displays the mid-2018 population estimates produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Demographics Isle of Wight County Size 319 square miles Population Est. The Isle of Wight will host the first tests for a Government-fronted coronavirus contact-tracing app, which will form part of the official response to the disease once they ease lockdown measures. The other top languages spoken are 0.3% Polish, 0.2% Tagalog/Filipino, 0.1% German, 0.1% French, 0.1% Spanish, 0.1% Romanian, 0.1% All other Chinese, 0.1% Hungarian, 0.1% Portuguese. Sales Price (2019). Question: What is the population of Isle of Wight? Isle of Wight Geography The Isle of Wight lies off the south coast of mainland England and covers an area of 146.8 sq miles (38.016 hectares, or 380.16 km2) The major towns of the Isle of Wight are: Ryde c. 18,700 persons Newport (the County town) c. 17,200 persons … Population density was 372 residents per square kilometer. This factsheet covers smoking prevalence on the Isle of Wight. Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Clear 1 Table. Stat-Xplore provides a guided way to explore DWP benefit statistics, currently holding data relating to Housing Benefit claimants, the number of National Insurance Number (NINo) registrants entering the UK from overseas, Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) sanction decisions, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Universal Credit (UC). Education & Skills factsheet (2017/18 results) June 2019  (PDF, 0.98 MB, 9 pages) This factsheet highlights the 2017/18 results for Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, GCSEs and A-Levels.

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