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jive turkey synonyms

Used predominately in 1970's man of straw and jive turkey. Over time however, it began to be associated with meaningless banter. The juicier, the better. Sure, this expression met its heyday in the ‘80s from the television show Full House, but long before DJ Tanner was spouting out how chill her legumes were, cool beans was a popular fixture in ‘70s lingo to express one’s delight and agreement. For a word whose meaning has such a positively simple vibe, its origin is nothing short of baffling. A jive turkey is someone who is unreliable, makes exaggerations or empty promises, or who is otherwise dishonest. Ha! Synonyms of jive 11 synonyms for jive: banter, chaff, joke, josh, kid, rib, ride, rag, razz, swing music, swing. Which of the following is a fruit named after a Moroccan seaport. Whenever you lay down an insult for which there really is no comeback, it's best to let people know their bridge back out of shame has been burned to a crisp. On its own, the term jive was slang all the way back in the 1940s for, among other senses, actions that ranged from foolish and frivolous to vile and deceitful.It was in the 1970s, though, when calling these shady fools jive turkeys became a thing.Turkeys are known to gobble, adding to the sense of jive, and have been variously used to insult someone as “dull” or “worthless.” Learn a new word every day. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Catch you on the flipside, it’s been real, check you later, and catch you on the rebound—the ‘70s were all about parting ways with hip style. The Most Viewed Emoji On Do You Know What They Mean? . In fact, they boogie oogie oogied til they just couldn’t boogie no more. Unfortunately, it fizzled out once the show ended in 1979. If you wanted someone to cover for you while you snuck out of school or while you were in search of a doobie, you’d be asking them to do you a solid. Nglish: Translation of jive for Spanish Speakers, Encyclopedia article about jive. The skinny was gossip, gossip, gossip. You're some beans in a bar-fight.” Furthermore, that phrase may itself have sprouted from an even older version, full of beans, which was horse-racing slang for a spry horse. Explore releases from Jive Turkey at Discogs. In the ‘70s, people went to clubs to boogie all night. Accessed 26 Oct. 2020. overview; mutual synonyms; The terms man of straw and jive turkey are synonyms (terms with similar meaning). While there’s no concrete evidence for where the term came from, one of the most convincing theories is that getting the skinny was like getting to the skin, the bone, the barest of the bare of the issue. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Copy the code below and paste it where you want the visualization of this word to be shown on your page: Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Jive builds upon social business platform, AppFusions Launches JIRA in Jive and Attensa in Jive at JiveWorld11 -- Bringing Together Key Enterprise Systems for Advanced Productivity, Easter Seals chooses Jive to support century-long mission, Cinepolis picks Jive to unify company culture, Jive strengthens external community platform with next cloud release, Jive improves task management with latest Producteev, Jive Software total revenue increases 21% in Q4, Jive Software names new executive vice president of strategy and chief marketing officer. And, being called a turkey has never been a compliment, so the combination of the two really did make one out to … Find another word for jive. Over time however, it began to be associated with meaningless banter. Cool cats were around since the ‘60s. Far out. Jive carries multiple meanings, and is another one originally rooted in the African-American jazz music scene. Whether it be disco, funk, or even psychedelic rock, if the music moved you, you’d definitely boogie (or get down) on the dance floor. Many purport that it derives from the African-American community in the early 1900s (made famous by tap-dancer and performer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson), while others claim it has roots in Hebrew, Native American Chinook, or French. Since then, the saga has been seamlessly forcing its way into all facets of pop culture, from Disneyland to Stranger Things. The 70’s heralded a rise in (some) recognition of black culture on TV.Good Times was the first African-American sitcom introducing a character, J.J. Evans, who made a bang right from the start due to his infamous catchphrase, Dy-no-mite!

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