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The first of these, Gender Revolution, premiered in 2017. Vogue may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. That’s because insulin should be telling the body to use that glucose for energy, but when there’s too much it ends up telling the body to store it as fat. Nutrition activists lauded the goals of the film, while industry experts said it oversimplifies a complex problem and unnecessarily vilifies an industry that would like to be part of the solution. Charlottesville Tomorrow delivers in-depth reporting and analysis that improves local decision-making. Katie Couric and Dr. Mark Hyman responded to questions following a screening of Couric's documentary, Fed Up. Certainly awareness helps, knowing that there are four grams in one teaspoon of sugar and being more cognizant of that when you’re at the grocery store buying food. High blood sugar also creates inflammation, and inflammation leads to weight gain and being overweight breeds more inflammation, creating a really vicious cycle. This was so damaging to the tobacco industry that they volunteered to remove their content from the airwaves. 6. The Charlottesville School Board is weighing a recommendation from the school division’s reopening committee to defer the resumption of in-person learning to January, citing concerns about the continued rise of COVID-19 cases. Don't bring your kids brownies for halftime at the soccer game. A new movie co-produced and narrated by television host Katie Couric accuses the food industry and federal government of playing a major role in the nation's obesity epidemic. Sugar and other stimulating addictions increase dopamine in the short term, which is what makes it addictive. This originally appeared in the October 30, 2019 edition of Katie Couric’s Wake-Up Call newsletter. How are they doing now?Soechtig: Wesley is currently playing football for the varsity team at his school, and Maggie still stays very active with kayaking. While food nutrition labels list government-recommended daily amounts of various nutrients, today when you look on any food labels, you will not find sugar listed with a percentage for the daily recommendation. View production, box office, & company info, UTA Signs ‘McMillion$’ Filmmakers Brian Lazarte & James Lee Hernandez And Their Company Fun Meter Productions, 50 States of Fright: Sam Raimi Horror Anthology Series Adds to Cast. UTA Signs ‘McMillion$’ Filmmakers Brian Lazarte & James Lee Hernandez And Their Company Fun Meter Productions, 03 October 2019 Who changed that?Soechtig: In the 1950s, when scientists revealed a link between smoking and cancer, the public gradually began to realize something needed to be done to regulate such a dangerous product. Individually, we can all be much smarter about our food choices. And how can we reduce our sugar intake — without eliminating all things sweet? What can we make of the tobacco precedent, then?Soechtig: I think the most important thing to take away from the tobacco comparison is that it is possible to take on such a powerful industry and have success. Small disinfects Bus 47 after each trip, and by at least 9:15 a.m., he’s done with both morning trips. Join a community of over 8000 people who are staying informed about local issues. Can you tell me a bit more about personal changes you’ve made?Couric: I am trying to wean myself off sugar. Tweet 'Fed Up' … The most important thing is that we’re trying to arm people with information that will help them make more educated choices. It’s not going to be in the first or third bite that you’re going to say, “Oh, I don’t miss the sugar!” You need to give it time and give your taste buds a chance. Simply put, you get addicted, like you would be to some of the deadliest drugs on the planet, to sugar and anything that turns to sugar in your body, like white flour. After viewing this movie, writer/director/podcaster Kevin Smith cut the sugar from his diet and began rapidly losing weight. Food advertisements are everywhere now. For a true sugar addiction, I recommend going cold turkey. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. Is it all bad? All Rights Reserved. As stylistically sublime and efficient as Fed Up is, it's not new information, but, maybe like the recent NSA/wiretapping controversy, maybe we just need a friendly reminder with more bells and whistles. and for women 100 calories (6 teaspoons). Obesity is often described as a personal problem: a lack of exercise and self-control. All parents want to feed their children well, but when it's a choice between eating something cheap or nothing at all, health concerns become a lower priority, he said. We think you'll like it, though no commitment is required. Nevin Cohen, a food policy expert and professor at The New School in New York City, said poverty is also a major factor in obesity. “I thought I was pretty well-informed and had covered this issue a lot,” Couric added. Take a break or unsubscribe at any time. Some estimates say that 75% of Americans have a sugar addiction. On Saturday, November 8, 2014, as part of the Virginia Film Festival, Charlottesville Tomorrow sponsored a screening of the documentary Fed Up, which examines the role sugar plays in the modern food industry. Coronavirus cases among University of Virginia students have plummeted in the three weeks since the administration enacted a series of strict distancing rules in late September. Why there is a difference between eating an orange and drinking orange juice when it comes to the amount of sugar your body sees Eating sugar-containing foods along with fiber can slow down the body’s sponging up of the sweet stuff; overwhelming the body with sugar makes it turn more of it into fat. Give the kids bad nutrition so you can afford a new school gym? It’s very widespread. Billed as the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see, it presents an overwhelming case about the cause and state of the obesity epidemic. We’ve all heard about the sugar epidemic in America — in fact, I explore this topic in my documentary Fed Up . 1. Fed Up, a new documentary on the cause and state of the U.S. obesity epidemic, opens today. Sugar is sugar is sugar High fructose corn syrup, raw sugar, cane sugar – the body treats them all the same, turning most of it into fat. The amino acid dopamine triggers this response. “One of the things I learned making this film is how early this education has got to start for children,” Couric said. A Silent Killer Hiding Behind a Cloud of Smoke. The film features top food experts like Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, Robert Lustig, and Mark Bittman arguing that the food industry’s supposed “solutions” for fighting obesity and disease are not only making the problems worse–they’re creating the problems. All types of sugar and refined carbohydrates act the same in the body. When we eat too much sugar and our bodies keep pumping out insulin, it becomes really easy to gain weight. Insulin resistance usually comes with increased fat storage, high blood pressure, and a poor cholesterol profile. The number of active cases within the student body dropped... Health District OK with reopening Charlottesville schools prior to January, COVID-19 pressures Orange schools to increase routes, UVA's COVID cases plummet in weeks after officials enact stricter rules. Conflict, anyone? It might be intimidating, but it’s easier and less mentally painful than trying to moderate if you are biologically addicted because you’ll experience rapid improvements. But when it comes to really wrapping our heads around this pervasive problem, it can all get a bit muddled: What does sugar really do to our bodies? You can take steps locally—in your own kitchen and in your own grocery store. Who was in charge of that? This is because food contains not just calories or energy to fuel our cells; food contains information.   |  This should give us great hope that we can dramatically change the food environment, we just have to keep pressuring our government to stand up to these powerful food companies. Yogurt contains as much sugar as some candy Food makers know that we tend to buy sweeter things, and they’re adding sugar in almost everything, including presumably healthy foods like yogurt. By signing up you are agreeing to our, Exclusive: Alleged Hunter Biden Emails Circulated in Ukraine, Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health and more, © 2020 TIME USA, LLC. Bush and Bill Clinton, argues in his 2009 book The End of Overeating that people are biologically programmed to crave sugar, salt and fat. However, it bothers me that reviews of the documentary praise the film as something groundbreaking and that its discoveries and examination of the food industry is shocking. Elevated blood sugar and insulin promote inflammation and cause a hormonal cascade that makes it hard to think clearly, maintain a healthy weight, stay in a good mood, have a healthy sex drive, and so much more. Co-produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David, producer of An Inconvenient Truth, the film explores how not just food manufacturers, but law makers and physicians have allowed sugar to infiltrate almost everything we put in our bodies. Ad Choices. Remember when fat-free products were taking over grocery shelves in the 90s? I feel that is still far too much and we should limit added sugar — the stuff that is not naturally occurring in those healthy foods I mentioned earlier — to a bare minimum in our day to day lives. | Look to the Stars "We're not going to be able to change the way our brain responds to food," he said, "so we're going to have to change our environment or our social norms. Produced by Katie Couric, who is also the narrator and Laurie David, producer of the climate-change documentary An Inconvenient Truth, the film compares awareness of the true causes of obesity to the decade's long campaign informing the public about the danger of … High blood sugar and high insulin also impact leptin — a hormone that is part of our energy regulation and should normally signal we’re no longer hungry — then we get leptin resistance and feel hungry all the time and continue down the path of overeating and obesity. Unfortunately, when we are overweight and have blood sugar imbalances we are also craving a quick energy boost, and often turn to sugar, worsening the problem and packing in food without any nutritional value but plenty of calories. The director, Stephanie Soechtig, said that she followed some of the families struggling mightily with obesity, diabetes and other health issues for more than two years during the making of the film. Follow the money Soda and food manufacturers often fund studies on nutrition, as well as pay doctors, so not all scientific-sounding studies or experts may be objective. If I feel like my immune system is fighting something, I’m extra stressed, or my brain isn’t as sharp as I’d like, I avoid sweet foods overall and focus on healthy fats, high-quality proteins, and complex carbs from veggies to get my system strong again and either way I always consider sweets an occasional indulgence. 7. Katie Couric Gives Us A Wake Up Call On The Evils Of Sugar In 'Fed Up' by Jean Trinh in Arts & Entertainment on May 10, 2014 12:00 AM. The number of active cases within the student body dropped... My Doctor Mistook Food Poisoning for Period Symptoms, Leaving Lockdown: A COVID Guide to Dining. These foods have other nutrients and fiber that help to ease the impact of sugar on your bloodstream and can make them healthy foods to include in your diet, but should still be consumed consciously (choose low-glycemic berries and antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes, for example) and enjoyed with healthy fats for an added blood-sugar buffer.

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