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Hey Lacy, I believe so. The mixture will begin to thicken up and become more translucent. You say to use water for this laundry soap. Using six cups boiled water then eleven of room temp. Hey Cindy, You’re very welcome. Let me know how it goes. I have used a few of your recipes, thank you for sharing! So with an HE machine, do you put the liquid soap in the dispenser like normal or do you put it on top of the clothes directly into the washer? Hey Malin, Just wanted to check back in to see how your soap is performing? Terms of Service apply. I have used this soap over a year now, and so does my family and friends. Help! (Add the ingredients in the order listed; I use a 64oz mason jar.) Dr. Bronner’s offers Unscented Castile Soap that’s great for babies, young children, and sensitive skin. Down below, it’s still very thin. Privacy Policy and Awesome! I’ve personally found that many soaps, particularly a powder soap like my other recipe, work best in warmer water. That’s awesome, Megan! can you tell me if the recipe will work with replacing the washing soda with plain baking soda instead? It was bed clothes that had been wet in. Just wondering how big of a container I should buy . It will be cloudy at first, but then it will clear up. Hey Lisa, Lol, I love that little scoop. I’m making my own laundry detergent for the first time as we speak! Once the water begins to boil, turn off the burner and add the, In a large bucket (I use a 2 gallon bucket from the hardware store), combine the remaining 11 cups of room-temperature water and 1 cup. I prefer Sal Suds to wash dishes, laundry, my floors when they’re extra dirty, and other extra tough dirt and stains. Would you be able to sub out the borax with more of the washing soda? Static comes from generating energy by rubbing dry stuff together mostly plastics like synthetic or polyester in clothes. I’m looking for some help. Thank you for sharing this! Hi Kristin, I look forward to trying this recipe. Maybe you can help me. Thanks, I was just curious what size washer you use? I’ve found, for some odd reason, this soap sets (gels) better in the winter and colder months, and during the summer it can take days to gel. So can I use same amount of baking soda to replace borax in all your receipts? Place the baking soda on a cookie sheet and bake at 400F for 30 minutes, until you notice a change in composition (washing soda looks like salt–very grainy). If you have an email address I can send you the photo, I’m not sure what happened? Commerical detergents add ingredients to create the bubbles. I mix 1 cup lemon juice + 3 cups hydrogen peroxide + 1 cup white vinegar. I finally subscribed to get your emails! I’d love to hear how it goes! I came across this website and I am so happy I did!!! Here’s the salt post: I wanted to buy Dr. Bronners Sal Suds but can’t seem to find it anywhere. When using this on a front load washer, would it damage the machine if i put the soap (gel-like) into the soap dispenser? Great!!!!! At home, it was cloth diapers and diaper liners (to prevent poopie staining). Put 1 tablespoon in a bowl of steamy hot water, then breathe in the mist with a towel draped over your head. I can tell you that I get at least three batches from the borax and washing soda. natural flea and tick treatments to control fleas in your home and yard without dangerous chemicals. Thank you so much for sharing :)! You could also add vinegar to the water and soap with a load of clothes, about 1/2 cup. I don’t use it to hand wash dishes or in the laundry at my house because of my hard water. Hey Kristie, Lol, there are quite a few comments to read through ????. Once you reach this point, you can stop blending with the hand held blender, and begin to stir occasionally with a wooden spoon. Very happy I found them. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I’ve been conflicted. Help plant a tree with your purchase of this all-organic, castile soap with scents that bring you back to nature. Castile soap is very concentrated, so it’s important to dilute it. I use a vinegar+hydrogen peroxide+lemon juice combo in my rinse cycle with every load also. I actually have one from pretzels from Costco. Yes, my soap looks like that quite often, depending on the cooling process and outside temperature. Mine hasn’t gelled, but it seems to work great anyway. Hi, I just made this last night and this morning, there was about 2-3 inches of a very thick, almost glycerine type separation at the top of the container. You’ll only need 1-2 tablespoons per load in an HE washer. Then give a shake and go. I don’t think the heat will destroy the Sal Suds, just keep the heat below boiling. It will work either way. Sarah. Or is clumpy fine to use? You could also try something like this whitener (I add it directly to the washer): There was no way I was going to fess up to using chemical-ridden Tide, so I joined the cool play-date moms and made my own. Also when making this detergent can it be mixed with fabric softener for a scent? I figured my ratio of water and warmth/coolness of the water was off, since I didn’t make the full batch. Good morning The scoop came from HomeGoods. Hey Marina, I put mine in the tray dispenser. A couple of minutes later, the mixture will begin to look grainy. Thanks. Baking soda and washing soda are different so switching one of the other won’t work. soap or more. And I noticed you said you typically just go ahead and wash in warm water for stains; if the baby or kid clothes say wash in cold water do you typically just disregard those instructions and still use warm water in order to rid the stains or just in general don’t bother with cold water? Is this true and how long will this detergent safely last? Heating it to a high temperature by baking it changes the chemical structure. Thanks! Even if it never gels, it’s still super effective and ready to use in your machine. Hey Aurelie, The laundry soap will be very watery in the beginning. The only issue I’m having is after it gels and I mix it, it keeps separating. We'll assume you're okay with this, but you can opt out if you wish. I do have a couple questions for you though…the first time I made it ( I make 1/2 batch at a time) it turned into a very nice gel-like detergent. I been using my homemade laundry bar both powder and liquid with pure castile, Bastile or 100% coconut soap. However, depending on the water quality and other conditions in your home, you may want to adjust measurements accordingly. It’s not great, but not horrible (I mean it’s better than no softener). I agree, a dispenser spout container would make using this soap so much easier. I have used many types of detergents and have found Tide to be the only one to work the way I feel laundry detergent should work. To help dissolve the Soda & Borax I used my hand held blender, worked like a charm. shaved into boiling water in an ALUMINUM pot (old camp pot) to clean silver. Lol. I am trying to find a recipe for delicate clothing – silks, wools etc…Can I use this one? Can you suggest an alternative? Wool balls work fantastically in place of dryer sheets and they are all natural and not in the least toxic! any thoughts?? ~Lauren. With four simple ingredients and ten minutes, I whipped up the soap I’ve been formulating. But I just have to know where you got the cute measuring cup in the pictures! Use have those amounts for HE machines. Hey Sharon, You don’t need to use hydrogen peroxide. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Hey Carol, I’m so glad you like it and your clothes are clean! So I dumped it out and put it in the kitchen aid. I’ve spent many nap times, quietly sipping my coffee with toys scattered across the floor, the laundry pile starring me down, formulating the perfect homemade soap in my tired mommy-brain. Right now I’m debating if I should try liquid or powder. A lack of suds (or no suds at all) is completely normal.

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