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latest snowfall on record

A general snowfall of around 4” occurred from northern Virginia to southern New England. Here’s who’s running. There is a 60 percent chance of snow in the metro area, tapering off after 4 p.m. Montana’s state record for such was an amazing 48.0” at Shonkin on the even more amazing dates of May 28-29, 1982! The June 1816 Snows of the “Year without a Summer”. On June 11, 1842, widespread snow fell over northern New York and New England and snowflakes were observed in Cleveland, Ohio; Boston, Massachusetts; and even Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Sacramento, California’s capital city, received a record two-day rainfall of 8.37” during this event. Sunday’s overnight low will be 19 degrees. NEW YORK (WABC) -- The winter that wasn't showed up almost 60 days after the season officially ended! Take control of your data. The westernmost report we have came from Vincennes on the Illinois-Indiana border with an 11” accumulation, but it was in Pennsylvania, New York, and New England that astonishing snowfall was reported, including: 52” at Montrose, Pennsylvania, near Scranton; 54” at Utica, New York; 52” at Lunenburg, Vermont; 60” at Danville, Vermont; 48” at Montpelier, Vermont; and 42-48” at Norfolk, Connecticut. It’s interesting to note that Atlanta’s latest measurable snowfall occurred only a few days earlier than that of New York City’s (April 25 versus April 29). All Rights Reserved. THIS WEEKEND – The snowfall amounts continue to trend lower for later tonight through Sunday. KUDOS: Thanks to Brian Brettschneider (University of Alaska Fairbanks) for the maps reproduced above. By continuing to use the site, you accept our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. This interactive map shows the latest day for which measurable snow (accumulations of greater than 0.1 inches) was recorded for thousands of U.S. weather stations during their period of operation (up through April 11 of this year.) 'Rising Risk' docuseries examines alarming NYC flood predictions, Double trouble: No record of 2 simultaneous Gulf hurricanes, Jan. 2020 was the hottest January on record, NOAA says, Famed NY theater won't reopen from COVID shutdown, Hurricane Zeta could bring a taste of winter to NYC area, COVID Updates: Hospitalizations rise in 37 states, Woman killed, man dead in apparent NYC murder suicide, 5-year-old boy dead, adult woman critical in NYC apartment fire, Lawmakers introduce bill to help communities overcome with rats, Halloween zombie display causes dispute in NJ neighborhood, U.S. stocks see severe drop Monday as COVID-19 cases surge, NYC sets single 'opt-in' period for remote students to switch to in-person learning, COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Here's New Jersey's distribution plan, Susan B. Anthony's gravestone gets plastic shield from voter stickers, George Floyd protesters who say they were roughed up by NYPD suing.

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