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Shivonne: Neither. Lauren: Welcome to Lingthusiasm, a podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics! This discussion took in a wide range of areas –  including returning to older data, the kinds of projects that can be undertaken when revisiting existing corpora and the realities of building a corpus during a documentation project. Adjectives: they’re big, they’re fun, they’re…maybe non-existent? In this discussion though, we looked at the topic of crowd-sourcing specifically within the domain of endangered language documentation. Get access to this and 43 other bonus episodes at Do men and women work differently? “Universal translation” apps, gizmos and gadgets from small startups and even heavyweights like Google have been mushrooming recently. Jonathan and the Alexes discuss the pros and cons of plane vs. train, hot chocolate vs. coffee, travel iron vs. water spray and a ton of other absolutely crucial travel aspects that will make your professi…, The Troublesome Terps are all in their feelings with guest host Caroline Lehr. We will report back on the Lingthusiasm fashion statement. ), in time for them to arrive via the internet, if you’re ordering for the holiday season. Lauren is on Twitter as @superlinguo and blogs at Superlinguo. Together with a dedicated live audience and a lot of previously collected input from our listeners, we discuss the trials and tribulations of starting out as an interpreter, what's different in 2020 compared to when we kicked things off and what some challenges, but also some oppor…, Inspired by Jonathan's very own survey on bullying, both Alexes and Jonathan discuss the issue of bullying within in the interpreting space, with the help of our very own short survey on bullying filled out byaudience members, sharing very personal experiences. Continue reading ‘Why document endangered languages? Links to studies mentioned and further reading can be found on the Episode 48 show notes page. This month’s discussion focused on the ways in which we engage with the speakers of the languages that we study. Listen in to learn more about the pros and cons and - most importantly - about how we as interpreters can shape the developments that are happening now. Early next year my blog Superlinguo will turn 10, which means I’ve been blogging about linguistics for almost a third of LINGUIST List’s life. Lauren Gawne is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Linguistics. One of the delightful things about blogging for almost as long as I’ve been a full-time linguist is that the blog now acts as an external memory device; I wrote a detailed post about how I got into linguistics back in 2012. Links: Why I only offer on-site interpreting — It is a trend that is both incredibly promising and incredibly controversial. Special Guest: Lauren Gawne.…, Special times call for special episodes. Studies Epistemics, Evidentiality, and Computer Mediated Communication. Shivonne: Sure. A LIPIL discussion’ ». language discrimination faced by Black people. Joining us on this exciting crossover episode, are the two hosts of the "Speaking of Translation" podcast Corinne McKay and Eve Lindemuth Bodeux to talk about just that! Making choices from among these various factors is a big way that we assert our identities as we’re growing up. The Research Data Alliance accomplishes its mission primarily through Working and Interest Groups. If you tag us @lingthusiasm on social media in your recommendation post, we will like/retweet/reshare/thank you as appropriate, or if you send a recommendation to a specific person, we won’t know about it but you can still feel a warm glow of satisfaction at helping out (and feel free to still tell us about it on social media if you’d like to be thanked!). She has completed a part-time MA in translation studies and written a dissertation about public service interpreters in health settings, particularly emotional difficulties and…, The three troublemakers have invited interpreting student Hugo Menendez to discuss social media and how interpreters should or should not use it. We’ll have a link to their channel in the show notes. Endangered Language and Cultures is a multi-authored blog about linguistics, language documentation, research technology, and generally everything to do with endangered languages and cultures. You can help keep Lingthusiasm advertising-free by supporting our Patreon. A new collection archived with Paradisec (LAN1) provides documentation of the language of Langtang in Nepal. Lauren: I know this because you have been messaging me for weeks about how we have to talk about Beowulf. Lauren teaches linguistics in Australia and co-hosts the Lingthusiasm podcast with Gretchen McCulloch. Our International Phonetic Alphabet scarves and masks, notebooks, mugs, and socks are now available in Raspberry, Mustard, and Lilac with white IPA symbols. Alex D invited voice and dialect coach Rebecca Gausnell to chat about voice, body and mind during an all-encompassing pandemic. I’m not just interested in how language works, but also how linguists work – which is why I’ve helped run Linguistics in the Pub in Melbourne on-and-off over the last decade, and why I’ve enjoyed working with the Linguistics Data Interest Group of the Research Data Alliance to publish the Austin Principles of Data Citation in Linguistics and the Tromsø Recommendations for Citation of Research Data in Linguistics. Latest was Episode 52: Dont be a Bully. What is the opposite of – I don’t know what the opposite of “afloat” is. that explore different topics in this area. Lauren: Today, I’m joined by Shivonne Gates who is a Senior Researcher at NatCen Social Research. We got started doing linguistics communication when we were both broke grad students. I did A level English language. I met Shivonne at LingWiki events while I was living in the UK. Lauren Gawne is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. We have a whole 12 great main episodes. I like it. If not, they should be! Twitter: @AnansaBenbow. “OK, I had an evening of being grumpy, I want to share a bit about not getting a DECRA funded so that I can get back to my work today. Our first LIPIL will be: Fieldwork in multilingual communities (Guest participant Dr. Ruth Singer). Josh Goldsmith - UN and EU accredited tech enthusiast (and longtime collaborator to one Alexander Drechsel) - is joining us to discuss these exact questions and talk about fascinating insights, from SimConsec on an iPad, to a new techno…, In this episode, the TTs - including new host Sarah Hickey - are joined by special guest, BSL interpreter and professional interpreting supervisor Hannah Watson. We’re coming up on Lingthusiasm’s fourth anniversary! The issue of what makes urban fieldwork specifically urban was also examined. Links: Article: Emo…, Why should conference interpreters care about joining an interpreting specific association? But in this second season we feel the necessity of Gretchen: We now also have annual memberships on Patreon. Gretchen is on Twitter as @GretchenAMcC and blogs at All Things Linguistic. twitter: @superlinguo, Thanks for reading and if you want to donate to the LINGUIST List, you can do so here:

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