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lavish used in sentences

The Mexican authorities even gave them a lavish reception at a swanky hotel. The stunning actress was cosying up to Jamie at the lavish bash. His father has decided to be lavish in having the house repaired. Eventually rich Romans built lavish houses in the narrow streets of Trastevere and the poor were relocated. Organic towels are often considered a lavish item because many people still view organics as exotic and pricey. Lavish: A shoe this special deserves its time in the spotlight. Hindu weddings are often lavish affairs, the bride has had her skin rubbed with turmeric powder, this gives it a glowing quality. When it comes to lavish retirement living, some seniors settle for being able to kick back and relax while someone else takes care of maintenance issues and lawn care. Yet, the bezel setting also works for more lavish designs with accessory stones in the mounting. Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings. Grouped together on the council of affairs, they managed to control the policy of the common council, with its too mixed and too independent membership. Centuries later, wealthy families built their homes atop the hill with lavish gardens and magnificent views. O, flowery be the paths they press; And ruddiest human fruitage bless Them with a lavish loveliness! Then, out of the blue, your empty-handedness is met by a. To establish the new channel's identity and draw viewers to it, the BBC decided that a widely promoted, To be perceived as scholarly is to pile on the well-researched minutiae, and to, One such put-on that was reported to us plays off of the tendency of non-disabled students to, Artisans fashion Powell's antlers into all sorts of products, everything from, Some city wards were literally filled with open public playing fields or the backyards of, It is a memorable sunset venue for first-rate mezzes or the most, They understand that the best takeaways from any healthcare business trip should not be measured in terms of its warm location, limitless schwag or, Life for the Indian Rhino at the Bewdley park is a, Strict standards developed for ambassadors, requiring they have large residences, host, In the 1540s king Henry VIII began a campaign of excessive overspending of government money on his, The pair were married at Canterbury Cathedral in January 1236, and Eleanor was crowned queen at Westminster shortly afterwards in a, The wardrobe mistress from Wicked showed the kids where the nooks and crannies are hidden in the show's, Precision Water Jet has been in business since 2004 and has built its reputation on designing and building custom slab counter tops from the simple to the, At Windsor, a huge overhaul of the castle produced a, Ministers are frightful windbags and should only put in an appearance when invited or have something useful to say other than, Set towards the end of the 19th century, this, On the plans to rationalize spending in the state budget, the minister said that the planned measures focus on ending the, Henry finally retired from jousting in 1536 after a heavy fall from his horse left him unconscious for two hours, but he continued to sponsor two, Chef Peter Roelant's sit-down brunch is a, We attend ritzy private schools and spend our nights at, On the other hand, let's say you've assumed the two of you aren't on gift giving terms yet. The rest of the movie is a lavish recitation of Max's search for revenge. This indicates that the custom of taking out these organs and wrapping them separately was already in vogue in the most lavish form of burial. Pacha is always ultra glam and tonight was no different with lavish décor and dancers flamboyantly dressed in bondage style outfits. The French feudal romance, Li Romans d'Alexandre, was written in the 12th century by [[hero, making him especially the type of lavish generosity. So, it's only natural that celebrities tend to choose large and lavish rings with unusual details. Connolly's expertise is in lavish, large weddings where no expense or luxury is spared. While lavish sundresses are easy to find, it may prove more difficult to dramatize those basic shorts-and-tops combos. These suites may contain one or more of the following: lavish glass chandeliers, pianos, dining rooms, living rooms, and sleeping areas that will amaze even the most seasoned of travelers. Bright colors and lavish decorations are hallmarks of an Indian wedding. Because I have lavish tastes, I work hard to earn a salary that allows me to buy fine things. Chroniclers lavish on him the titles of "archipirata," "vir flagitiosissimus et nequissimus," and poets made him an associate of the devil. He was a polished businessman who would be as disappointed in her rustic lifestyle as she would be with his lavish way of living. The treasury was exhausted by lavish expenditure on gladiatorial and wild beast combats and on the soldiery, and the property of the wealthy was confiscated. He doesn't mind spending money on a lavish meal as long as you're grateful and show your appreciation for such artistry in food. Whether you opt for a stark, neutral invite or a more lavish style, you'll find it here. Their chief men, he adds, were specially lavish through their desire of good report. The ballet company is putting on a lavish production of Swan Lake to celebrate its tenth anniversary. quick-fire dialog, a pinch of cinéma verité, and a smattering of lavish camera work. He earned $350,000,000 selling his first IT company, and a further $225,000,000 with his second.He lives a lavish lifestyle complete with cars, lavish homes, and elaborate vacations.

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