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And most in the American media are not smart enough to understand or hold American sports stars to the same standards around the world that they would propagate here in the United States. Instead, we’ve heard LeBron say Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey is, “misinformed and not really educated for supporting Hong Kong democracy.”. try { Collectors were dying to get a pair, however, it wasn’t an easy task. The reason why our American women dominate in the Women’s World Cup is not just because they are more talented than most other women’s teams around the world, it’s because the women in many parts of the world that they are playing against don’t have basic human rights. The Nike LeBron 8 "Gym Red" and LeBron 18 "Empire Jade" are releasing together. Nike goes to Asia, and they pay 50 cents an hour or lower to workers in Asia to make LeBron James’s Equality Nike sneakers. Why are LeBron James’s shoes so popular for Nike because they’re made by virtual slave wages around the world by largely minority populations. Fox Business examined LeBron’s financial dealings and interests with China, and found that the NBA superstar has both merchandising and entertainment ventures that could suffer serious consequences from a prolonged rift with the communist nation. James’ signature sneaker line is one of Nike’s most prominent offerings. [LeBron] holds a lifetime deal valued at $1 billion with sports retail giant Nike, which saw its sales in China surge 27 percent to nearly $1.7 billion in its most recent fiscal quarter alone. And the same thing happens with LeBron James.”. He called Daryl Morey, quote, ‘misinformed and not really educated.’ Those are quotes for supporting Hong Kong protests. LeBron James has been very vocal about the social injustices we’re seeing in the United States but hasn’t said a word about anything going on in China. Nike to Launch LeBron’s Mismatched Media Day Air Max LeBron VII ‘Lakers’, Nike Releases Mismatched Pairs with Two Sets of LeBron 16 ‘Equality’, Nike Kicks Off LeBron Watch 2 With ‘SuperBron’ LEBRON XVI, Upcoming Nike LeBron 16 I’m King Gets a Release Date, A Detailed Look at Nike LeBron 16 ‘King Court Purple’, Nike LeBron 16 ‘King’ to Debut on Season Opener (Release Date), First Look at Nike LeBron 16 ‘We Are Family’ Edition, Nike LeBron XVI (16) 20/20 Vision – Release Date, ‘Starting 5’ aka ‘1 Thru 5’ aka ‘What the’ LEBRON 16 – Release Date. This is one of the things that bothers me about people who talk about, say, the U.S. men’s World Cup performance as opposed to the U.S. Women’s World Cup performance. A huge percentage of the unemployed are minorities in this country. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! The firm is producing “Space Jam 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to NBA legend Michael Jordan’s original film, which will seek a massive return from Chinese audiences. While branding itself as one of, if not the face of the social justice movement in American sports, Nike has closed several businesses in America and moved their operations overseas to China, and other places with throngs low paid workers. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Most of us take that for granted in this country. Your first amendment right of free speech is to prevent the government from coming and grabbing you and throwing you in prison for what you say. As per the various reports, only 600 units of the Nike LeBron "China Pack" will be available. Imagine if LeBron came out and said, ‘Hey, I have seen what’s going on in America today. The China Moon colorway originally released as a Chinese-Exclusive in 2009. The former 49er and noted anthem protester has an extremely lucrative deal with Nike as the face of the company’s “Just Do It” campaign, and has maintained complete silence on the NBA-China rift. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Yesterday, a tweet went out to LeBron James from one of the leaders of Hong Kong’s democracy protest, and that quote said as follows, this is Joshua Wong, ‘Defending democracy is vital, but at King James only talks about it in the U.S. On China, not only is he silent, he actively shuts others up. Their limited availability makes this one the rarest James shoes to ever be sold. (Getty Images) “A lot of individual appearances got canceled so it … Of course, using actual patterns from a Chinese vase would seem out-of-place, so Nike took the opportunity to give the whole porcelain vibe a more aggressive feel. The first shoe labeled as China Exclusive (actually it’s more of an Asia Exclusive) was the Zoom LeBron III. Michael Shamburger All the while knowing that those jobs won’t bring any added freedoms or free any political prisoners, they’ll only helping to buttress a ruthlessly oppressive regime. Whenever LeBron faces real stakes, he doesn’t take a stand. And Nike’s shoe sales in China doubled in the last five years, and the company has 110 factories and over 145,000 workers in China. That’s how LeBron James makes so much money from Nike. It’s no surprise that we would be a lot better at soccer than North Korea and Iran for purposes of our women’s soccer program because women in those countries don’t have basic human rights. So, not only is Nike making $6 billion a year in actual sales in China, they’re actually making far more when factoring in the money they’re saving by using slave labor in there. } LeBron wants to model himself on Muhammad Ali, but if you study Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali took stands on things that were controversial in the country and were later proven to be true. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Nike goes to Asia, and they pay 50 cents an hour or lower to workers in Asia to make LeBron James’s Equality Nike sneakers. And this happens for men’s athletes all around the world. LeBron James has deep, lucrative ties to China because of his partnership with Nike, which does considerable business there, both as a manufacturer and apparel seller. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { So, it’s a lot harder for the U.S. men to beat Brazil than it is for the U.S. women to beat Brazil because Brazilian men are found at young ages and developed into stars.

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