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(New York City) | Louisiana | This place located in city of Athens in Greece, it covers the surface about 3 hectares. Das Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien ist im Register und zusätzlich als National Historic Landmark eingetragen. National Register of Historic Places NPGallery Database: [4] Handlungen Raum bieten, etwa Häuser, Ställe, Scheunen oder Kirchen, aber auch zum Beispiel Theater oder Bahnhöfe. Both contain direct links to the files that have been scanned. This is one of the most visited sites in Mexico. Favorite Historical Site #1: Machu Picchu Located in southern Peru, this ruined city lies on top of a mountain that’s only accessible by train or a four-day trek. • First Ladies National Historic Site, Ohio (National Park Service) Das National Register of Historic Places (NRHP, deutsch „Nationales Verzeichnis historischer Stätten“) ist die offizielle Liste der Kulturdenkmale in den Vereinigten Staaten.Die Denkmalliste verzeichnet Gebäude, Bauwerke, Anlagen und andere bedeutsame Objekte sowie historische Bezirke (Historic Districts), die von der Bundesregierung als erhaltenswerte Denkmale eingestuft werden. Use the finding aids for each state and territory in the National Archives Catalog. Ward Building in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places . Iowa | Tajmahal is one of the seven wonder in the world and UNESCO Heritage Site. Arkansas | The site is also best preserved of any Mayan structure. Kansas | • Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, New York (National Park Service), Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary, George Washington Birthplace National Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial National Memorial, James Monroe Museum & Memorial Library (James Monroe Law Office), Martin Van Buren National Historic Site (Lindenwald), Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, President Lincoln's Cottage at the Soldiers' Home (U.S. Military Asylum; The Old Soldiers' Home), Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site (White Haven), Spiegel Grove (Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center), James A. Garfield National Historic Site (Lawnfield), Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site, Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial, William Howard Taft National Historic Site, Calvin Coolidge Homestead District (President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site), President Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover's Rapidan Camp, Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, Warm Springs Historic District (Roosevelt's Little White House State Historic Site and Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation), Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial National Memorial, Little White House (Harry S Truman Little White House), John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site, Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac, Bill Clinton Birthplace (President Bill Clinton's 1st Home Museum). It is situated in Agra in India. And e-mail the request to us at: Reference e-mail. Minnesota | Car No. DOEs have not been scanned yet. This is the place of coolest attraction that carved in Arabah of Jordan it was discovered by a Swiss explorer in 1812. Post category: History; Machu Picchu. Tikal. (It is famously referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas,” though that is actually … reference number, property name, reference number, if it is restricted, state, county city, address, date listed, NHL designation date, architects, federal agency, other name, NPS Park Name, significance person(s), level of significance, and if the file has been scanned the there is a link to the file. In 1979 UNESCO declared Perspolis is a World heritage site. It is identified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1985. When this is the case the Secretary of the Interior can only designate a site as eligible for … My preferred tour company for that is Intrepid. This is voted continuously for Seven Wonders of the World and still standing in the List. Föderierte Staaten von Mikronesien | Indiana | Great Man made structure of all time and famous all over the world with deep history of over 3000 years. (National Park Service) • Roosevelt Campobello International Park, New Brunswick, Canada (National Park Service) • Warm Springs Historic District (Roosevelt's Little White House State Historic Site and Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation), Georgia Die individuellen Einträge in das Register im Rahmen einer MPS unterscheiden sich nicht von anderen Einträgen. The sites may or may not be owned by the church. [10], Bevor der Ausdruck Multiple Property Submission 1984 eingeführt wurde, verwendete man für solche Sammeleinträge die Ausdrücke Multiple Resource Areas (MRA) oder Thematic Resources (TR). Hierzu zählen beispielsweise Getreidesilos, Brücken, Leuchttürme, aber auch Fahrzeuge wie Schiffe oder Flugzeuge. Oktober 1966 durch den Historic Preservation Act geschaffen. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. • U.S. Objekte, Bauwerke, Gebäude und Stätten innerhalb eines historischen Distrikts bilden historisch oder ästhetisch eine Einheit, entweder durch Auswahl oder aufgrund ihrer Entstehungsgeschichte. Vermont | This is the lost city of incas, Situated in the remote place on the top of the mountain which is stands 2430 meters above sea level in Cusco Region of Peru. Mississippi | Alaska | Puerto Rico | • Little White House (Harry S Truman Little White House), Florida, William Jefferson Clinton (1993-2001) Tikal is the ruins of the ancient city of Maya Civilization found in rain forests of Guatemala. List Ranking the Best History Websites 2019 Aelieve's Rankings are Calculated by the Total Number of Unique Visitors from a Variety of Constantly Updated Traffic Statistic Sources. Washington, DC, Travel Itinerary List of Historic Places. Von den mehr als eine Million im Register verzeichneten Objekten sind lediglich rund 80.000 Kulturdenkmale als Einzelobjekt erfasst, die große Mehrheit hingegen als Teil eines Historic District. Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site, What It’s Like Traveling as a Plus-Sized, Black Solo Female Traveler, Retirement Travel: How to Get the Most Out of Senior Travel, filled with mind-blowing man-made historical sites and wonders. There are many the major archaeological in this place. Rhode Island | Die Verwaltung des National Registers oblag bislang zeitlich überwiegend dem National Park Service (NPS). This place covers more than 3 million visitors yearly. Extension of "Biertan and its Fortified Church". Tennessee | This is a list of the lists of World Heritage Sites. The "Convent Ensemble of San Francisco de Lima", which was previously inscribed on the World Heritage List, is part of the "Historic Centre of Lima". District of Columbia | It built sometimes around 1200BC as the Capital of Nabataeans. Virgin Islands, Listen von assoziierten Staaten: Der Cobblestone Path in Kentucky als Beispiel für ein Bauwerk[9]. South Carolina | Amerikanisch-Samoa | Oklahoma | A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as having special cultural or physical significance. Some files that are not on NARA's website are in NPGallery. Historic Districts (Historische Distrikte) besitzen eine Konzentration, Verbindung oder anderweitig einen Zusammenhang zwischen mehreren der vier anderen Typen von Eigentum. This has seating capacity of 50,000 spectators. Petra is famous for its rock cut architecture and water conduits system. Als Objekte („objects“) werden entweder überwiegend als Kunstwerk einzustufende Werke oder im Vergleich zu Gebäuden und Bauwerken vergleichsweise kleine und einfache Konstruktionen betrachtet. The Total Elevation is 810 metres. If you know the reference number or found it in the searchable table below or from our spreadsheet then follow this link to NARA and just replace the reference number with the one you want or the property name. Utah | Rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911, it was an important cultural center for the Inca civilization but was abandoned when the Spanish invaded the region.

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