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Mastercards were not recognized at all. I tried visa and mastercards. Choose the diesel lane that’s likely to open first, store your payment cards in our safe and secure mobile wallet, and activate the pump with a simple and unique code.Showers Reservations- Reserve your shower in the app when you arrive at a location. Plus you’ll receive an offer for a free meal for your birthday.- Track your Coffee Club status. Get all of your passes, tickets, cards, and more in one place. You can earn 2 points per gallon after 2 fills, 3 after 4, and 4 points per gallon after your 6th fill. Locations - Use Trip Planner to plan your route and ensure you have the fuel, supplies and amenities you need to get from A to B and everywhere in between. Not to mention, it clearly states in the “FAQ” section of the my wallet section of their app that major credit cards can be entered. We are working to expand this helpful feature to other locations soon!Profile- View up to 18 months of digital receipts in the app for all transactions.- Receive important news and information in your Message Center. We’ll send you a notification when your shower is ready! Live Parking information is currently only available at locations along on the I-5 corridor, and one location in Knoxville, TN. Add your payment card into the app wallet and safely store your fueling prompts for future use. I’ve been trying and trying to enter in other payment cards and it keeps telling me the same thing, trouble communicating with the server. We are constantly working on improving your experience. The following are the striking features of the Pilot Flying J app: Location Selection: All users can plan routes, considering the fuel, supplies, and amenities needed to travel. For every qualifying fill, you'll earn an additional .5 points per gallon. The download link of this app will be redirected to the official App Store site, thus the app is original and has not been modified in any way. The industry’s leading app for professional drivers. You’ll receive updates on store status, exclusive and limited time offers, tips & tricks for the app, and more.Learn more about the Pilot Flying J app and the myRewards loyalty program at you would like to submit a Do Not Sell My Personal Information request, please visit ID and Face ID are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Forgot to swipe your MyRewards card during a transaction? I called the main customer service number, but hung up after waiting on hold too long.For a few months, the app has said I have one notification, but nothing is indicated once inside the app. Not to mention, it clearly states in the “FAQ” section of the my wallet section of their app that major credit cards can be entered.

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