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i love it and it is totally addicting. i am Shikage, i like nature, exploring, roleplaying and plenty more, i am friendly, yet i admit i am mean when i have to be, im not so rich, yet i have many rooms, i own a cafe that's doing great with a manager, hostess, 3 cooks and 5 waiters/waitresses, you? I was obsessed with VMK as a kid so now as a young adult DMK is a very fun break from the day to day life! May be its general value based on factors like age or availability/amount in circulation, or refer to a static value placement based on odds (such as for SITS pins, chest pulls, crate prizes), DHTF = Don’t Hit The Floor! Radio Plai Broadcasting diffusion en direct de Moldavie. Country: Moldova. Rooms have a maximum of 25 people unless temporarily changed by staff for an event. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Pour continuer à écouter Téléchargez l'application Live Online Radio pour une expérience optimale sur vos stations préférées à tout moment, nulle part. While the OVMK you may remember ended in 2013, I still enjoy messing around "remaking" VMK from time to time. ?/i want to play some online thx:) Répondre Enregistrer. it isnt exactly free but it is completely worth it! Dbl cred/2x cred = Double credit minigame weekends (being every Saturday and Sunday), HnS = Hide and Seek, a referring to a host event that occurs throughout the kingdom wherein players try to find staff members hidden, Dreams/Screams = A host event in random public rooms of 5 or more players where a random person is selected to spin a wheel and possibly receive a prize or be “punished” (usually a special effect lasting 2 hours), Dupe/dupes = Duplicate(s), as in having more than one of an item. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Try Virtual Family Kingdom instead. u should play world of warcraft! I would happily pay a membership to play again, I wish they would bring it back. Most allowed uses are for room building, themed room interaction, item storage, and under-the-radar/anti-social playing time. I even had “born in park” characters. Anyone here used to play VMK? Suryan 93.5 FM Big FM Radio City Live Radio Mirchi Tamil FM Hello FM 8D Puradsifm Chennai FM Rainbow GTBC FM Palaiya Paadal Radio American Tamil Radio Thenral World Radio Tamilisai FM Tamil Panpalai Radio Jaffna Tamil Radio Radio Vaanam Lankasri FM Ilayaraja FM Varnam FM AR Rahman FM Rahmaniyam 3D FM Raajankam 3D FM Kodairagam FM Tamil FM 89.4 Online … A Pull = a pull refers to using a single use chance from SITs pins or pirate/chest keys. Hello there! There are currently a lot of new players. I loved this game growing up and spent so many hours playing. I loved it ! An example of c would be “500c”. Si la radio est très saccadée et s'arrête 5 secondes, essayez d'écouter cette radio à des moments différents. 4 réponses. It may seem like nothing is there but if you click on the first blank box in the list, it should show the blank pin for sell for 100c. I wish I'd known about it when I first started lol! (lower case), Spamming = A method in HM where players “spam shift” in front of coffins to spawn many ghosts, Friendly/friendlies = A POTC term meaning a game that both parties agree to take turns winning as to help earn keys and/or credits, aka non-competitive/friendly, C/UC/R/UR = Common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, aka the rarity or value of an item. Radio Plai Broadcasting live is one of the most famous online radio station. Useful for games such as DHTF! Rooms can be exchanged for the room pin and back into the room however many times you need! VMK was an mmo game similar to Club Penguin or Habbo.. It was a real bummer when they closed it down!! Super awesome guide! Copyright © 2020 LiveOnlineRadio.Net . I thought they just made it up for the books until my daughter who is very interested on all the facts, history, and behind thed scene disney stuff, told me it was real and wished she could have tried it. I would have played if I heard about it sooner. If you’re new, come here to make some friends!). I used to play it all the time. !roll (x) = Randomly roll a number between 1 and (x = nearly any number). NPC = Non-playable character, as in the 6 NPCs (such as the Yeti) around the kingdom, clickable for credits every 12 hours. VMK and General Game Lingo/Terminology/Acronyms . Their official website address is Radio Plai aime toujours promouvoir des programmes qui ont une valeur sociale. Online Tamil Radio Directory. They are not completely banned and up to one extra account is currently allowed, however their uses and rules are extremely limited and it’s critical to scan over the current rules regarding them before starting one up. NPC = Non-playable character, as in the 6 NPCs (such as the Yeti) around the kingdom, clickable for credits every 12 hours. Thank you so, so much! Just a suggestion: since there are no longer double credits every weekend, maybe it should be changed? Q = a line queue for a public or guest room or for a host event. Radio Plai Broadcasting live broadcasting from Moldova. Yes!! The k following numbers is a thousand, aka 2k = 2,000. Convert MKV files to play in VLC with optimized presets. online games like vmk.....? Quests, magic, chat, and adventure in a magical world based on Disney's theme parks. Also, could someone drop an invite link to the Discord server for new players? These magics are. Genres: Pop / Top 40 !sniff (username) = Sniff’s the person chosen! Clone = An alternative player account/avatar. Can we get a guide to the "secret shop" (the special clickable object in Small World Imports)? L'adresse officielle de leur site Web est They have a fan-made revival of it but it's pretty dead and just not the way it used to be. NOTE: This game has been retired. Tous les droits sont réservés. Radio Plai Broadcasting live est l'une des stations de radio en ligne les plus connues. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Yes! Inv = Inventory; … Boot = The action taken by a guest room owner to “kick” or remove a specific player from their room. If you’re reading this welcome/welcome back to MyVMK! I really miss it. Yes!!! There was an effort to have it a paid game when they decided to shut it down, but Disney was not interested. But on a sad note, VMK was just a test run for Disney. Curious if any others remember it! Some use it to refer to using them in general (“I pulled 20 keys just then, no luck on the rare”) but it’s mostly refered to “pulling” the prize itself (“I just pulled a rare prize from the chest!”). Fun for random times or waiting on events, Afk = when said in any sentence, it will put up the emoticon above your avatar’s head until you move or speak again, Holding shift down, clicking sell button = When you are in your inventory and hold the shift key down, it changes the “sell” option on your items to “Sell ALL” which is incredibly useful for selling back ash, FLC = Fantasyland Courtyard in Fantasyland (this is the public room many people socialize, trade, ride the rides, and hang out during events. I definitely needed the refresher after almost ten years away. Si vous n'écoutez pas toute la télécommande, essayez d'écouter à des moments différents car la station de radio peut s'arrêter au fuseau horaire de votre propre pays pendant minuit. This homepage is mostly the same as it was in 2013, so feel free to cringe at the source code with me.

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