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Why does everyone on this sub have such vitriolic views on these leagues? In my 20s MLL came around and with the explosion of youth/ HS lacrosse it became easy to envision professional lacrosse becoming the 2nd biggest sport behind the NFL in 2050. MLL teams have begun camps in prep for their season. My belief is the expectations they are making investors believe will set back investment in lacrosse 30 years once it bombs out because the Rabil’s have too big of ego to step aside and let professionals run the league. Paste as plain text instead, × Use this page to learn how to convert between milliliters and picoliters. I still support the PLL. Until the MLL couldn’t get out of its own way to help itself. by hooligan88 » Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:12 am, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. If PLL outlives MLL, I can definitely picture the PLL shifting to a traditional home team model. Pushes the other league to up their game. That's just traditional business thinking (seek out underlooked markets for potential profit) updated for The Current Year. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. History- MLL Management- Neither- Both seem to drop the ball. The way I see it,  MLL is limited to the 6 cities where it's teams are located. Powered by Invision Community.   You cannot paste images directly. Both games scheduled for July 19 and the championship game on the 26th. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I have worked on buy-side to identify distressed assets and for the last 5 years to present- currently working on full restructuring of acquired companies. SN: The MLL uniforms remind me of football uniforms from the early 2000's. It doesn't quite have the carnival atmosphere I would love to see from it (i.e. I could easily turn it off, should the hypocrisy and lack of real content continue. I think PPL isn't going to hold onto being exclusively touring cities if MLL keels over. The N word...these guys are the ones you go to to promote your league? The investment horizon for PLL is uncharted right now. Clear editor. Games to be aired on ESPN+ and ESPN2. Finally took a competitor to push the MLL to start doing something new. I don't know if the NLL or MLL even have that in their plans. Any exposure of the game is good for the growth, just don’t see how long it lasts. They are the defending champs though, guess I shouldn't be too surprised. And it's from 2015-16. Very reasonable perspective, definitely agree with example 2a. However, given my sense that most people are (like me) most used to the city-based team model, I think the novelty of constant touring will wear off at some point. MLL using a lot of mics on the field now too, not sure if this is new for this season but still entertaining. The PLL's deal with NBC helps in that there's four games on traditional television (including the Championship game). Every time the whistle blows, there is at least one camera crew on the field doing an interview, getting a live reaction, etc. Everything about the new team Waterdogs just comes across as incredibly juvenile and illogical. Many people in this community have accused me of being anti-PLL. PLL is setting unrealistic expectations for the success of professional lacrosse. That gets us back to the neutral site game approach. That is also something that drives MLL teams and MLL players crazy. . They have 99.9% of the talent. This is some of the best modern content they've ever produced. Pro lacrosse is a niche sport and putting it on a streaming service like ESPN+ is the best option they could have in the MLL. From a design POV, new buckets for almost every team in the PLL. by TheodoreTugboat » Wed Sep 30, 2020 1:57 pm, Post At all. In terms of talent, the idea that everybody with the Premier Lacrosse League uses is “the best players”. I'm sure that PLL will get some success with non-traditional lacrosse markets so more power to them if it works. The team name, the mascot/logo choice, the ridiculously inauthentic motto “every game is a revenge game” just scream childish and non-professional to me. The league, although not very diverse in terms of players, is pretty progressive. I’m young and literally everyone I know including myself is primarily a fan of a team first. Display as a link instead, × The season was played in 10 different cities, with a doubleheader (usually on Saturday) and a single game (usually on Sunday) each week. Especially if you watch the preseason team vids on YouTube.I always have to preface the videos, when sharing the league with my non lax friends. I think the touring model may have been a good call on PLL's part. This year, however, the most interesting time — especially for fans in New England — comes a week later, when the Boston Cannons open the Major League Lacrosse season at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Quincy, Mass., while the six teams of the new Premier Lacrosse League take the field for the first time at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Don’t think I’d ever consider “rooting” for them. See, this is where an alternative league can get some traction. This is primary mechanism for gaining traction via social media. And now are invested in it. The PLL needs to create their own successes and this can be “easily” done through social media analytics. Great stuff! Supposedly you have all subbed here because you like lacrosse. I have no investments in either league and do not have holdings in any MLL company, Raine, or Chernin. There's an untapped market for lacrosse that the PLL is actively trying to reach out to. I am not entirely familiar with the model, but I would have to imagine that it is exhausting for the players. PLL or MLL? But the recent clips I’ve seen, I’m not impressed. Especially, given their League stance on equality and diversity.

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