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pokémon emerald champion

The first message states: GO UP HERE. Leave your Fire Types in the bag for this brawl. AN ETERNAL PokeMON WAITS.Second row left: BUT, WE SEALED THE PokeMON AWAY.Second row right: WE FEARED IT.Third row left: IN THIS CAVE WE HAVE LIVED.Third row right: WE OWE ALL TO THE PokeMON.Final row: FIRST COMES RELICANTH. And along a reef in the northeast, you'll find a Star Piece, a trainer in the water, and another on the south face of the reef. If we really did not know then, we certainly know now. If you come back to this end section after winning the Championship,you can rematch Wally (in the spot he was located for Ruby and Sapphire). In the southeast corner, you'll find a duo looking to fight. The Pokemon Champion is not Steven, nor is it even May... in Emerald, it's Wallace. Earthquake attacks work on the majority of this team, and you can drop them all with hardcore water attacks like Surf or Muddy Water. Cooltrainer MitchellLunatone: Level 43Solrock: Level 43, Cooltrainer HalleSableye: Level 43Absol: Level 43, Cooltrainer MichelleTorkoal: Level 42Ludicolo: Level 42Medicham: Level 42. Pokemon Emerald 35: After the Champion Battle - Pokemon Emerald walkthrough and game guide // --> First -- good on ya mate! Moves with crippling status effects can also help, as will massive damage moves, though as those tend to be lower accuracy maybe not. This leads to TM29 (Psychic). Smash the rocks, then push the boulders aside (bottom one, south and top one, north) and follow the path as it curls around and heads south. Continue north to get a Full Restore. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. Once up top, you'll immediately face two trainers and will find one more to the west. If the previous opponent left you with the field under a rain effect you could be in serious trouble here, because Wallace is inclined to use Hydro Pump under those circumstances, and even the strongest Pokemon can take some serious hurt under those conditions. Steven Stone is a character in the Pokémon franchise. To savor your victory, travel around Hoenn and hear tell of your great accomplishments. Even with Wallace being the NPC you are battling here, the moves you will face are both predictable and fairly easy to counter. Soon, you'll encounter this trainer: When she goes down, continue down the path and climb the ladder, then follow the eastern bridge across to an up ladder. The one hinted at by that powerful family... Once you put him down, grab the Full Heal nearby. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. If you have any, remember to bring Leppa Berries or Elixirs to help restore PP. If you want to face the final three trainers on this floor, at the top of the waterfall,go west. Specifically I am talking about your Berry collection. Ever Grande City/ Pokémon League HallOn the other side of Victory Road (finally) follow the path to a large, beautiful building and enter. In the other games -- and in Emerald -- he is one of the Water-type Pokemon that I commonly use to good effect, but as with most he has certain weaknesses that you can exploit to good effect, and particularly his Achilles heel to Thunder/Thunderbolt.

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