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qatar airways review business class

It included an eye mask, socks, some lip balm, facial mist and moisturizer. Founder & CEO - Arran has been at the forefront of digital publishing for over a decade. This blog post and review is based on our personal opinion and experiences. On the way back we splurged on a business class upgrade for the 16 hour flight from Doha to DFW. Towards the end of the flight, I was feeling peckish and ordered some dinner from the dine-on-demand menu. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Glasses were kept topped up drinks, and dishes were cleared away promptly. The staff goes out of their way to make sure you have an enjoyable flight, and their attention to detail makes flying with Qatar an exceptional experience. In terms of in-seat storage, there was a large storage bucket to the side of the seat, a smaller storage unit in the aisle armrest, as well as a table space next to the seat. The amenity kit did not include a toothbrush. Furthermore, the fake candle was a nice touch along with the fanciest silverware I’ve seen on a plane. So we were more than excited that we could travel again with Qatar Airways during our trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives and to enjoy the fantastic service of this airline once more. Your pampering and spoiling program continues the moment when you are boarding the plane: you will be welcomed by the Qatar Airways Business Class crew with a glass of champagne or any drink of your choice and you can choose between a hot or cold towel to refresh yourself. You’ll also have access to a USB port and universal plug to charge your devices, a remote control for your seat, a reading lamp, and adjustable armrests. Amenities. As soon as I boarded the flight and took my seat, my dedicated flight attendant came over to introduce herself. After every meal service, I was offered one and prior to landing, I was also offered one. Have you flown business class with Qatar before? And what can I say? Share this: Print. The cakes, ice cream, and mousses look like nothing you’d find in the economy section. The airline operates a daily service from Portugal’s capital to Doha Hamad International Airport. Your luxury holiday starts at the check-in. This meant we arrived at the main terminal within a few minutes. Hi Cristina, I’m so sorry to hear that! Check-in was painless and took less than five minutes. The screen itself has a tablet look-alike touch screen surface but you can use a remote to navigate as well. If you’ve got a longer transit time, book yourself in for a spa treatment at the Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Centre. It’s somewhere in the middle as far as lounges go, but for Lisbon Airport it’s by far the best lounge. Please Support us by turning off your adblocker. Qatar Airways Business Class A350-900 Review. The entire cabin was simply stylish, and the attention to detail was impressive. The dishes are beautifully presented and come with little extras like freshly baked bread, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. I opted for spinach and ricotta filled pasta, it tasted very fresh and was really tasty. The proximity of Lisbon’s airport to the city center is very favorable. Service. Less than 25 minutes after take off, I was served a beverage – a non-alcoholic cocktail with nuts. Seat . The ambitious entrepreneur has been featured in Virgin, Huffington Post, The Times, and more, and the combination of his extensive travels and deep understanding of digital media has combined perfectly to produce the Simple Flying magic. Luckily, the flight was very smooth despite being so close to a storm. Follow Kiersten on her adventures! The crew during the service were incredibly proactive. Overall, Qatar Airways 787-8 business class was really good. If you want to see some more footage about our Qatar Airways Business Class flights you can have a look at our Instagram story highlight. If you’re traveling solo, pick a window. Onboard this short 6.5-hour flight I was incredibly well looked after, to the point where I didn’t want the experience to end. Instead, these were stocked inside the toilets themselves. I chose their signature mint lemonade and a warm towel. Upon landing, the plane parked at a bus gate and all 22 business class passengers had a private bus waiting. Photo: The Author. Hi! Qatar is great until you have an issue like ed bugs in business class !! After a super-efficient check-in without any queue you can head right to the Qatar lounge and enjoy your remaining time at the airport there. I went to the doctor who confirmed it was bed bugs. Some cards also offer travel protection when you pay for a trip with the card. My ticket gave me access to the exclusive Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge. Guests get an amenity kit by Castello Monte Vibiano Collection containing a hydrating facial mist, moisturizer, lip balm, face mask, socks, and earplugs. The screen was large and super responsive. I was offered a bakery basket with the meal, but I declined. If I am traveling long haul from Lisbon again and heading east, Qatar Airways would certainly be my airline of choice. I even have pictures of myself in a bathing suit the afternoon before boarding the flights and right after getting home covered in bites. After check-in, I was invited to use Lisbon’s fast track security lane. It’s the best airline in the world - and that’s official. As mentioned before you will never leave a Qatar Airways Business Class flight hungry or thirsty as you can choose your food and drinks from à la carte menu. Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8. I chose not to work during this flight and instead, binge-watched holiday movies to get me in the Christmas spirit! If you want to spoil yourself with a seat upgrade for your next long-haul flight, I highly recommend Qatar! Of course, there isn’t going to be much of a queue when there are only 22 business class seats! You have a separate space right next to your seat where you can store your purse, books, phone etc. And: you don’t have to worry that your hand luggage will not fit into the overhead compartment because you have a whole compartment per seat, so there is enough space for lap top bags, duty free shopping bags or big sun hats (this would count for me ). After around 40 minutes, an appetizer of a prawn cocktail was served. When I got home, I was covered in bites. This security process took no more than a few minutes and I was expedited through to airside. It was wide and spacious, had a great view out of the window and looked very sleek and modern. It has a cold buffet of sandwiches and pastries. Our first flight with Qatar Airways has been last year when we went to Bali for our honeymoon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After the trout, I had asparagus and parmesan soup which was also incredible. There’s also a beautiful swimming pool, a full gym, and a hydrotherapy tub. So you can bring a lot of things with you or you can strain your shopping budget and buy a lot of souvenirs for your family and friends (or yourself ). Whilst eating dinner, I watched a movie on the inflight entertainment. Qatar Airways has only recently launched flights to Lisbon, beginning back in June 2019. The lounge itself is spacious and light, has plenty of seating, runway views and refreshments. Beverage. The sweet corn saffron soup was interesting and the steak was delicious considering is was served on an airplane. Do you know this feeling when you got a new toy or game as a kid and you wanted to explore every detail and how everything works? She also offered me a glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic beverage. The moving inflight map (my favorite entertainment, second only to looking out of the window) was also really good, and again, very responsive. The first 30-minutes are free and, if you need more time, it’s relatively inexpensive. The two dishes together were perfect for lunch! The entertainment options on Oryx One were endless, and there really is something for everyone. I opted for a champagne and cold towel. Unlike other airlines, there’s no set meal time. The route is operated by a “state-of-the-art Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner”. Plus, many cards offer additional points when making travel-related purchases. *Please note that we’ve been upgraded from Qatar Airways to enjoy their Business Class. It will be an unforgettable experience and you will arrive at your destination fully relaxed and ready to explore the city or country of your choice. Popular travel and lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion, food and photography from around the world. One thing I loved about the flight experience was the amount of hot or cold towels you could have. All meals come with the option of a light starter like a mixed mezze platter and a dessert. Onboard are 22 seats in business class and 232 seats in economy. It feels more like first than business class. With it being such a long haul journey, I’ve been putting all my airline miles to good use by upgrading my flights. I noticed I was itchy towards the end of the flight. There is a good range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the lounge, mostly local, which is nice. Qatar Airways offers an on-demand dining service so you can have your food whenever you like Besides the different choices of food, you can choose among a huge selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including champagne and different wines. With it being such a long haul journey, I’ve been putting all my airline miles to good use by upgrading my flights. Rituals Cosmetics: you will find some Rituals Cosmetics beauty products in all the Business Class washrooms. Home » Review: Top Quality Business Class On Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900… Review: Top Quality Business Class On Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900… by Gilbert Ott November 15, 2018 September 8, 2020. Furthermore you have enough space and privacy between you and your neighbor seat (in case you are seated in the middle of a row). Even the 787-8 business class toilet had a wow factor, as it came complete with its very own window! While there is no overhead storage above the middle seats, so everyone stores their luggage above the window seats. Each seat has more than enough personal spaces and extra legroom that you won’t find on the A330 or A340. If you’re traveling with someone, pick a middle seat, however, you’ll be separated by a divider. He started his first online publication at the age of 11 and his media properties have collectively achieved over 1.7 billion pageviews. It’s a luggage style case that I’ll definitely be re-using on future trips. You can individually and automatically adjust your backrest, armrest and legrest, so you feel comfy and relaxed every moment of your flight. Required fields are marked *, If you want to see some more footage about our Qatar Airways Business Class flights. Last week I was lucky enough to find myself on board Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner flying business class from Lisbon, Portugal to Doha, Qatar. We literally flew on the very edge of a thunderstorm, and seeing the lightning from the air was an amazing sight. Before take off, the crew came around introducing themselves by name and they explained the seat and dining options. From my accommodation in Lisbon to being airside took less than 35 minutes!

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