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qatar traffic violation fines 2019

If the motorist does not abide by the manual signals activated by the traffic police. 4. Not to increase speed while being overtaking by another vehicle. If a motorcyclist or bicyclist does not hold on the handle bar with both hands unless when required to indicate signals manually or if he holds on another vehicle while driving or if a two-wheeler drives on one wheel or tries to tow, carry, push or drag objects that can obstruct traffic or endanger themselves or others on the road. According to studies carried out by the General Directorate of Traffic, several reasons contribute to run-over accidents, including lack of pedestrian infrastructure such as tunnels and bridges, lack of traffic lights used by pedestrians, lack of lighting in a number of areas and highways, as well as lack of speed bumps that limit speed especially in front of schools, mosques and residential neighborhoods, poor traffic awareness, wrong transit and other reasons. It also seeks the strict implementation of traffic laws and regulations following the amendments in the traffic law. Means to save the Age of Ties are not longer than 1 Year. Driving a vehicle in the opposite (wrong) direction. There won't be any recording of violations on streets that don't meet the necessary conditions to enforce the law. Motorists may check and pay for traffic violations online through Ministry of Interior website. Qatar Traffic Violations and Fines. Pedestrians are reminded to use the nearest crossing to cross the road. To park vehicles or wait in the places where parking will obstruct the movement of other vehicles there. Qatar Traffic Violation Ministry of … If a motor cyclist does not ride on the lanes assigned for motor vehicles. 3. The traffic violations are charged electronically and you can check the status online. POLO to Set Up Online System for OFWs to Verify Employment... Not displaying the sticker indicating the valid date of the vehicle license at a clear place on the vehicle or refusing to show it when requested. 5. Safe driving everyone! In case the pedestrian is walking on the median (middle of the carriageway) or not using pavements (sidewalk) where available or not walking on the far edge of carriageway opposite the direction of traffic in the absence of pavements, they will face a fine of QR 100. Moi Qatar traffic violation list. a. Given this, it is important that you are also aware of certain Qatar driving rules to take note of in order to avoid fines and make sure that you and other drivers are safe on the road. © All Right reserved for Welcome Qatar - Designed by ManiaM-Corp.Com, The Public Prosecution concludes a training course for its assistants on…, His Highness congratulates the President of Austria, Thus, the UAE and Bahrain dismantled Israel’s air isolation and besieged…, Qatar Film and Film Distribution Company announces its financial statements for…, Dollar ends losing week lower on election and COVID aid concerns, HOW Mobile phones and SIM cards in Qatar?? If you and your spouse are planning to... Part of living a healthy lifestyle is taking good care of your teeth. There was a connection problem. Driving a vehicle on the road without renewal of it's license. The Assistant Director of Traffic Awareness Department Lt Col Jaber Mohammed Odeiba told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that Qatar has already achieved important milestones in road safety. To drive vehicles pulled by men or animals from sunset to sunrise or when the vision is poor due to weather conditions at daytime without using the following lights: Having a normal white light in the front and red light in the back as those lights will be fixed in a way that will inform about the presence of a vehicle clearly during its running. 2. Booking a motorist for speeding means a QR500 fine, but the driver will also have to pay QR100 for every 10 kilometres above the speed limit. 8. i had encountered a traffic fine of QR6000 FOR JUMPING traffic signal by mistake is there any any possibility of reducing this fine upon request to traffic poli ... qatar traffic violation fines is there any discount or relaxation upon requesting to police department traffic. If the owner of the vehicle does not inform the licensing authority about the loss or damage of the registration card (RC / Vehicle license) or not applying for a new one instead of lost or damaged RC or if the person who found the RC not returning it to the licensing authority. Traffic statistics reflect the risks of a pedestrian crossing. Recent News. 1) To exceed the gross weight of the vehicle on a. b. These cookies are used to improve your experience and provide more personalized service to you. Although the death percentage from run-over accidents in Qatar declined over the past years, it remains high compared to the significant reduction in the overall rate of road deaths. The pedestrians walking through the main section of the road or on the areas which are assigned only for two wheelers if there are pavements or not walking on extreme left side from the main section of the road which is at the opposite direction of the moving vehicles if the pavements are not available when they face dangers of vehicles while they are walking on the extreme right of the traffic direction or not complying with extreme edge of the road that is against their movement's direction or one person not walking behind another one whenever it is possible during their walking on the road outside the city. All rights reserved. While for talking the fine is QR300, for watching TV it is QR500, and driving in opposite direction (in direction not allowed by the traffic law) attracts a fine of QR6,000 plus six demerit points. This service portal is nothing but the “Hakoomi E-Services” portal where you can get a lot of information. Driving without insurance will be punishable with Rs 2,000 fine, while driving without helmets will attract Rs 1,000 penalty and 3-month suspension of licence. Driving a vehicle with commercial number plates or number plates which are allowed for test vehicles without fixing it properly on the vehicle as requested by the law or allowing an unauthorized person to drive that vehicle. “Seriously, 50 per cent off ‘sale’ for violations? If the new owner of the vehicle does not inform the licensing authority in writing about the change of ownership to him within 3 days from changing the ownership to him. The dream of…, Thus, the UAE and Bahrain dismantled Israel’s air isolation and besieged Qatar, The Public Prosecution concludes a training course for its assistants on cybersecurity investigation, Qatar Film and Film Distribution Company announces its financial statements for the third quarter of 2020, A Qatari industry .. Watch the video .. Your email address will not be published. Drivers using horns except when facing an imminent danger . Setting up or running a driving school or conducting driving classes without permission from the licensing authority. The bill includes penalties in the range of Rs 1,000- 2,000 for over-speeding. Get the facts on your state’s fines, points system, license suspension and more. Pedestrian not to cross when the police has allowed the vehicles to move. Phone: (974) 7703 1161 a. NEW DELHI: The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday cleared the bill to amend 30-year old motor vehicle law to improve road safety, raise penalties for traffic violations, curb RTO (Regional Transport Office) corruption and other measures to transform the transport sector. Putting the load on the vehicle without organizing, arranging and fixing it properly in a condition that will allow the loaded materials to move or fall while the vehicle is moving. Below you can find the complete list of revised traffic violations. Using any method to tint glasses of the vehicle without permission from licensing authority. Driving a vehicle on the road between sunset and sunrise or when the vision is poor due to weather conditions at daytime without using the following lights :-. Doha: The Ministry of Interior will start recording violations of traffic rules by pedestrians from tomorrow (August 1) and will start imposing fines in a move to “preserve lives and strengthen discipline in the streets.”. The dim light and 2 rear lights and light of number plate at back side and high beam / fog lights are not allowed when the vehicle is parked. From Aug 2019, it imposes fines on pedestrians violating traffic rules. 3. To park vehicles or wait at such points where parking the vehicle or stopping there will lead to hide traffic signals and traffic sign boards or vehicles from sight of some road users. Good to know the law when driving your car and other vehicles. ?Mobile phone laws in…. If the motorists do not give way to official motorcades or to similar convoys, or if the motorists or pedestrians try to get into the motorcade or to obstruct its movement or follow it at any method or getting near to it or running along it. The same amount will be charged if any-one breaks through military parades and processions. This campaign was focused on serious traffic violations such as mobile phone usage while driving, Using parking lots of people with special needs by others, stopping vehicles in the yellow box and much more. Exceeding height of load on the vehicle or things appearing from the load for more than 4.2 meters from the road level without written permission from the concerned authority . If the driver of a vehicle exits from a lane to reach a side road or to enter some point near the road or exit from it or to turn or to reverse without taking any precaution prescribed by the law. Al Aawi also referred to other projects, some of which are ready and others that are being implemented, such as increasing the area of sidewalks in crowded pedestrian roads and placing metal barriers in non-transit areas.

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