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queensland government regulator performance framework

Queensland Government regulators whose regulatory activities impact business, particularly small business, are required to publicly report annually on their regulatory performance. The OBPR publishes all regulator performance reports, or links to them, below. The department notes that its 2018-19 RSH Performance Accountability Framework Self-Assessment Report meets the requirements of the Framework. In 2019–20, performance for each of the department’s five main regulatory activity areas has been assessed against each of the five model practices and supporting principles (shown in Table 1). Provide appropriate information and support to assist compliance. Advised the Victorian Government on its planned system of registration for engineers to promote consistency between the two states. Decisions are provided in a timely manner, clearly articulating expectations and the underlying reasons for decisions. Reviewed the requirements for renewal of registration, updated the form and sought approval from the delegated authority for the updated form. The Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019 (FPMS) (section 46 (2)) mandates the disclosure of information as detailed in the annual report requirements. All Queensland government agencies are required to report annually on how their regulations are implemented, administered and enforced. The Framework is supported by the Queensland Productivity Commission. Updated and implemented new Board delegations. Developed new website that is easy to use and navigate and allows for creation of educational tools and content for engineers and the public. Board members and BPEQ staff attended and presented at 31 industry. 2 0 obj These documents are a key accountability mechanism subject to public scrutiny and form the basis of questions during the parliamentary estimates processes. To the extent possible, reform of regulatory activities is prioritised on the basis of impact on stakeholders and the community. BPEQ complies with all government reporting requirements and those contained in the Professional Engineers Act 2002. The OBPR is the key point of contact for regulators seeking clarification of the Regulator Performance Framework’s (the Framework) requirements, and for external stakeholder enquiries or issues in relation to the regulator performance reports. Exhibited and presented at industry events and conferences. Be transparent and accountable in actions. %���� The Queensland Government has endorsed a Regulator Performance Framework to ensure that regulators report their performance against five model practices, with a focus on making sure that the policy objectives of regulation are achieved while balancing any regulatory … Produced a monthly e-news which features case notes, when available, and also a legal article covering elements of the. Weapons Licensing undertakes this administration in accordance with the Weapons Act 1990, Weapons Regulation 2016 and Weapons Categories Regulation 1997. A proportionate approach is applied to compliance activities, engagement and regulatory enforcement actions. Decisions are made within the timeframes outlined in the legislation. endobj Regulator Performance Framework The Queensland Government’s Regulator Performance Framework (the Framework) is a key element of the Better Regulation Strategy. The department has included their self-assessment against the Framework in its 2018-19 Annual Report (pp 21 – 22). The Framework is an important part of its commitment to reduce the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations by at least $1 billion a year. . The Queensland Government has published a new Regulator Performance Framework which requires regulators to report the extent which they are implementing model practices included in the Framework. or issues raised in relation to the regulator performance reports. Queensland Government regulators are required to prepare an annual performance report in implementing the Queensland Government’s Regulator Performance Framework. Staff have the necessary training and support to effectively, efficiently and consistently perform their duties. BOAQ Report on the Queensland Government’s Regulator Performance Framework – 2018-2019 Regulator model practices and supporting principles Alignment of BOAQ’s regulatory practices with the regulator model practices during 2018‐2019 Highlights of alignment with regulator model h�bbd``b`�3��D �j The Office of State Revenue is responsible for collecting state taxes and royalties and administering the Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant. Prepared and published case notes covering the prosecutions and disciplinary outcome for a range of factual scenarios. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is Queensland’s independent building and construction regulator. This report has been prepared to meet the Board of Architects of Queensland’s (BOAQ) reporting obligations the under the Queensland Government’s Regulator Performance Framework, which is a key element of the Better Regulation Strategy. QFES has included their self-assessment against the Framework in its 2018-19 Annual Report (Appendix extract). endobj %PDF-1.5 %���� The Office of Industrial Relations (OIR) undertakes compliance and enforcement activities related to Queensland’s work health and safety, electrical safety, industrial relations and workers’ compensation regulatory frameworks. BPEQ is committed to continuous improvement and Board members and staff discuss and identify relevant environmental factors impacting the organisation and undertake skills and development training. Environmental Services and Regulation- Queensland’s environmental regulator, with responsibility for a range of legislation that manages the impact of human activity on natural systems and processes, and on Queensland’s built heritage. Office of Industrial Relations (Department of Education), Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (Department of Justice of Attorney-General), developing a responsible liquor and hospitality industry, regulating the sale and supply of liquor and gaming products though probity, licensing, proactive and reactive compliance strategies, implementing initiatives which minimise harm associated with the consumption of liquor and gaming activity, and. The Queensland Government’s Performance Management Framework Policy (PDF, 337 KB) (PMF) provides a structure for agencies to meet legislated performance management requirements.. Exhibited and presented at industry events and conferences. Queensland Government regulators whose regulatory activities impact business, particularly small business, are required to publicly report annually on their regulatory performance. endobj Relevant policies are available on BPEQ’s website. Conducted 451 audits of registered professional engineers for compliance with BPEQ’s continuing professional development policy. State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning has three areas which undertake regulatory functions. Regulatory activities include granting approvals and licences, compliance monitoring and enforcement under the various pieces of public health legislation. The Queensland Government PMF provides a mechanism to help strengthen public sector accountability, adopting a holistic approach to performance management directed at a whole-of-Government, ministerial portfolio, agency and individual level. Please contact the Performance Unit in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet on or (07) 3003 9192 if you have any specific queries. The department’s self-assessment against the Framework includes the activities of Translink. 456 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<652D64E85E8CCC48B47EF66F3F7D2BA3><5D36B6BD6534C94B82AA043F5EFC295D>]/Index[436 40]/Info 435 0 R/Length 96/Prev 331976/Root 437 0 R/Size 476/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Decisions taken by BPEQ balance the public interest with the need to enforce the PE Act and standards of professional engineering practice. h�b```f``�������� Ā B@1V �� ����� ����hp�G�mI�ݻ��8�:��d��j [��fz��I;`�d�����*J��� ���� ^�����X��#s 2L ��@�X2����; ��g�c``Z�`Ơq�K�)�a:��� Board members undertook governance training. Regulator Performance Framework Reporting 201819- Regulator model practices and supporting principles OIR response 1. BPEQ proactively engages with its stakeholders and provides various touch points for stakeholder to offer their feedback to BPEQ. Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training has a role in, regulating apprenticeships and traineeships in Queensland under the.

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