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saharan dust cloud today

Lower concentrations of dust are forecast to spread up the Plains states. A plume of Saharan dust is forecast to reach the western Gulf Coast and Lower Mississippi Valley on Tuesday. Another Saharan Air Layer —a mass of very dry, dusty air that forms over the Sahara Desert—is headed toward the Gulf of Mexico and southern … (CNN) Dust lofted into the air by a few dust storms across Africa has made the 5,000-mile journey across the Atlantic, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, … The Saharan dust storm is part of a regular meteorological phenomenon that sends dust from the Sahara Desert to the Gulf Coast of the United States, the … A massive cloud of Saharan dust is heading our way. [Image: courtesy of CIRA] By Christopher Zara 1 minute Read A massive plume of dust from the Sahara desert in northern Africa has been traversing the atmosphere, thousands of feet above the tropical Atlantic Ocean, and … Here’s how to track the great 2020 plume as it crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

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