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Ours is about the people of Saskatchewan. It was a beauty. Though the party was originally established with a pro-independence stance, in recent years it has focused less on separatism and has instead advocated for strengthened political power at the federal level for Saskatchewan, to combat the perceived notion of Western alienation. It’s left a lot of hardship and it really didn’t make any sense. He’s saying that we can’t afford what we announced today [Sept. 21]: to invest in the mental health of our kids. What are some of the impacts closing the Saskatchewan Transportation Company had? It’s nonsense. Besides being the leader of a political party, you’re a doctor. What does that even mean? Add your voice to the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. What do you bring to the table with that? Some of these cuts have hurt rural people even more than folks in the cities, and STC is one. There are a lot of anti-Ryan Meili commercials. That’s something we can debate, but that’s not what he wants to do. The party was established in 1997 by a coalition of former provincial Progressive Conservative and Liberal party members and supporters who sought to remove the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party (NDP) from power. It is a global problem and we’re part of this globe. But climate change is real. The party nominated eight candidates for the 2007 election, two in the 2011 election, and four in the 2016 election. I’ve talked to so many farmers who lose days in the field because either they can’t get a part or they’re having to take a loved one into the city for an appointment. Why would we limit our opportunities here, and avoid expanding and diversifying our economy? It doesn’t rebuild an economy, it slows down economic growth. It should be our companies and our workers on the job. This is absolutely a government that makes decisions on ideology and on what will benefit their friends and the people who give them money. The way that I’ve tried to use that in recent months is to call on the government to take action that protects us, and to some degree we’ve been successful. Party’s slogan, “Strong Leadership, Strong Saskatchewan”. And that’s where I come back to our Renew Saskatchewan program. I would say it really is an Old Boy’s Club approach to governing: the things that will help out their buddies are the choices they make. What do you think will happen if Saskatchewan ignores climate change while other jurisdictions act? What’s going on in Jason Kenney’s Alberta? Party and the Republican Party, and international right-wing parties. “Our ideas are based on creating a better ... Dear Mr. Rudachyk, Dementia is a very important issue for me and for my community. The party has its roots in Alberta separatism. Sounds like something a caveman would belch out in monosyllables: “me strong, strong good. Join us to keep Saskatchewan strong! Over a half-hour or so we discussed issues that don’t seem to be priorities for Scott Moe’s Saskatchewan Party government but matter a lot to those of us who want Saskatchewan to be somewhere people love to live, as opposed to a worksite handing out resource paycheques that get cashed in other provinces. If we get after an election, what’s going on in Doug Fords’ Ontario? The WIP of Saskatchewan was formed on July 12, 2003, and nominated 17 candidates for the November 5, 2003 provincial election. SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Liberal Party has released their platform for the 2020 provincial election, focusing on four key themes: Building a strong and diversified economy, supporting families and communities, leadership in education & health care, and ensuring fair and efficient government. How do you have a conversation with Saskatchewan about it after decades of conservative nonsense and hot air? The WIP of Saskatchewan also has no ties with the Separation Party of Alberta, the Western Canada Party, or the Alberta Independence Party. The WIP of Saskatchewan's platform is libertarian and secular in nature, a distinguishing feature from some of the other separatist parties in Western Canada. You’re right that there’s a goofiness to them where they’re saying both we want to invest and we care about health care, but somehow we’re also going to close schools and hospitals. Ideological folks like Mr. Moe still think it’s the road to go down, but nobody who actually looks at the evidence would agree. Saskatchewan is known for its world-class fresh water fishing and during the province's centennial in 2005, Saskatchewan Environment held a Provincial Fish Emblem Contest. The hallway medicine, where people are waiting days on end; the lack of supports for mental health and addictions; and in particular supports for seniors, where we have a plan to bring in the best home care in Canada. Also, he isn’t afraid to talk about climate change which, despite some apparent confusion, I can assure readers is both real and a matter of pressing concern. Especially farmers. Scott Moe was first elected to the Saskatchewan legislature in the 2011 provincial election. Since 2007, it has been the province's governing party, currently led by Premier Scott Moe. The former party president was Frank Serfas, and the former deputy leader was David Sawkiw. It's a plan for a strong recovery. Yeah, I remember Brad Wall saying that. We wanna go the other way. He wants to change the channel to ancient history — and decisions made when I was in high school — away from recent history and the cuts that he has made in health and education, the elimination of STC, and efforts to sell off SaskTel and SGI. The disappointing cold and grey weekend was over, the sky was blue and clear, and the park and its content visitors basked in sunlit warmth. One of the arguments against a carbon tax is that since Saskatchewan’s carbon emissions are a very small part of the world’s total, we shouldn’t even bother. More than any election since I’ve lived in Saskatchewan, Meili’s common-sense policy platform embodies the NDP at its best: practical ideas that work and make regular people’s lives better. That people in Saskatchewan aren’t worth a $15 minimum wage. We can’t afford accessible childcare. That’s what we can’t afford. People who are hitchhiking, people who are having a hard time getting home to see family. The cuts to schools, the sell-off of public goods like parks, here the Crown corporations that [other provinces] sold off long ago, they will be under attack. We still live in the province with the worst rules when it comes to political donations, and you see the Sask.

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